here are animals taking over home offices

In the comments on last week’s post about working from home with pets, demands were made for a post with photos of pets taking over people’s workspaces. I sent out a call for them, and you delivered, with a ton of photos readers submitted of their pets in their workspaces — mostly home offices, but not entirely. (Click photos to enlarge. And if you’re reading this from the home page, you have to click through to see the photos.)

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      1. MN HR Newbie*

        Yes! Love spotting the Current in unexpected places! Good musical taste, even if the bugs are a little less my style!

        1. A.J.*

          The lobby radio at my workplace is usually on KDWB or some such but I went upstairs today and someone had swapped it to The Current and I was so happy.

    1. Raddest*

      I confess, I was looking for rats–the other favorite traditional ‘gross’ pet. Older boy rats are kind of like having a very small, lap-oriented cat who can’t yell at you when you put them away for a while. They are a social species, but it’s easy to have a very happy mischief of 3-4 entertain each other when you’re busy. Ideal home office pets, really.

    2. Jessica*

      I love the roaches! As a former insect zoo worker (maybe my best job ever), I can confirm that Madagascar roaches are great.

    3. Connie-Lynne*

      A friend modeled in a fashion show where the designer had decorated, tame roaches as jewelry. I got to let one run around on me. It was truly bizarre, but very neat.

      1. TassieTiger*

        Let’s be thoughtful with our words…the cockroaches are someone’s loved pets, we do t really need to share if we think their pets are gross, I feel.

    1. Sylvan*

      I like the cockroaches! I used to see hissing cockroaches in a museum when I was a kid. They’re very different from the household pest kind.

  1. Myrin*

    This is a delightful post, thanks so much for inlcuding things like this in your blog, Alison!
    Also, the bird!! And the cockroaches!!

      1. hermit crab*

        Those are my roaches! They are very pleased to be featured here. :)

        (And I apologize if they freaked anyone out, I definitely didn’t mean for that to happen!!)

          1. hermit crab*

            Alison, I just sent you an email but I am happy to spread the insect love here in the comments too. :)

            I volunteer as a zoo/museum educator, teaching people about invertebrates. Hissers are a really great “ambassador species” for that kind of work, plus they are just downright fun, so after a while I got some of my own. I love fluffy pets too, but my spouse is allergic so I have to get creative with my choice of pets! My hissers live in a terrarium and eat scraps of fruits & vegetables.

            1. Hey-eh*

              My dad works in the pest control industry and used to have these cockroaches at the office – they’d bring them to trade shows and public events to get people to come to their booths. He would sometimes bring them home to take care of them and as kids we got to play with them. They are SURPRISINGLY fun to pet and play with. At the museum in my city they keep them in the ‘kid zone’ and sometimes they’ll have volunteers out letting people hold them.. my husband gets weirded out by how excited I am when that happens!

              1. hermit crab*

                That’s fabulous. Some of my favorite visitor interactions at my volunteer job have been with people in the pest control industry! I’ve had fascinating conversations with them about the education/outreach component of pest control.

                1. hermit crab*

                  Tassie, they mostly his when they are mad, though males do have a special hiss that is basically “heyyyyyyy ladies.” If they are feeling relaxed/safe, they will sort of sit up and wave their antennas around though, which is fun to watch.

              2. Coalea*

                I used to work in the office of a pest control company and the owner had a terrarium full of them. Occasionally he would lift the lid, “tickle” them, and true to their name, they would hiss. It was not my favorite part of that job! :)

            2. KR*

              They’re much nicer looking than the ones that I find on my patio and in my garage during the spring and summer!!

            3. Elizabeth H.*

              When I was in third grade, we had Madagascar hissing roaches visit us as class pets for a month (part of outreach by someone with a job like yours, I think). They were SO COOL – I loved them, they were so clean seeming, they didn’t smell at all, and they felt so smooth and nice to pet with a finger down their backs.

          2. paul*

            Not HC but I used to have hissers, dubai and death’s heads roaches. They’re actually really neat to watch; hissers can climb glass though, and the nymphs are small enough to get through most lids, so it’s good to coat 2″ or so of hte top of their terrarium in Vaseline.

            They’re fairly active when the lights low, and you’ll occasionally see the males butt heads with these little horn projections–they’re really neat. I fed mine a mix of fruit and veggie table scraps and decent quality dry dog food.

            1. hermit crab*

              Yes, that’s my experience too! One of my males is really vocal and often sits around in the evening rotating through his various hisses. So I will be watching TV and he’s making color commentary.

              1. Tassie Tiger*

                I can’t reply above, for some reason, but just wanted to say the idea of a “heyyyyyy ladies” hiss is hilarious! Does your vocal male ever practice his “heyyy” hiss while you’re watching tv?

        1. Murphy*

          I was mostly joking with my comment! They’d freak me out in person, but they were simply unexpected here.

          1. heatherskib*

            Agreed! They’re not the nasty german ones. They’re cool in person, but I wasn’t expectig them on this thread!

        2. EddieSherbert*

          I have so many questions! Can you tell them apart? Do they need heatpads/lights in their cage? Have you ever lost one in your house letting them roam like that?!

          1. hermit crab*

            Yes, Yes (just the heat, they don’t like light), and unfortunately Yes (but we found him again and, being a cockroach, he didn’t seem any worse for wear).

              1. hermit crab*

                Yeah, pretty much! He was chilling out under a cabinet for an embarrassingly long time (weeks) and when he decided to come out he was just thirsty.

                1. EddieSherbert*

                  Haha, wow! That’s crazy. I’d be worried about vacuuming him up or squishing him. I’ve heard the whole “they’ll survive anything” thing… but still!

          2. Your Weird Uncle*

            Our local Natural History Museum told us that they would escape from their cages all the time! Having looked at those cages, I have no idea how they would get out….there didn’t appear to be any cracks or large seams in the cages, and they were quite big! Impressive bunch, those cockroaches.

            1. Red Reader*

              I was about to ask my housemate if he’d considered them as pets. But not if they’re escape prone. Hah.

              Right now as the landlord, my pet ruleset is no more free-ranging animals – we have two dogs and four cats already – maximum of four legs (with potential negotiation up to six, but eight is right out), and nothing that eats live crickets, because if THOSE guys get loose, they’re in the walls forever. :-P

              1. hermit crab*

                The way to avoid escapes is to smear some Vaseline around the top of their container. They can climb glass walls, but they either can’t or won’t climb up over a strip of Vaseline. The nymphs are super tiny, but hissers only reproduce when temperatures are high enough, so you can (usually) prevent population growth through temperature control.

          1. hermit crab*

            Nope, just a fan of the Current. My husband used to live in Mpls and I got hooked when I visited him there!

        3. Nita*

          They’re adorable! I’ve seen hissers live at a museum once. Somehow they don’t provoke the same instinctive response as pest roaches, at least for me. Maybe it’s the lack of wings. Maybe it’s the size – hard for a critter that big to just sneak up on you :)

          1. hermit crab*

            Nah, they’re pretty tough. You could kill one by stomping on it, but it would be hard to squish them accidentally. It’s not like tarantulas where they could probably get injured by a stiff breeze.

        4. Mockingjay*

          Much nicer than the Palmetto Bugs (American cockroach) that keep trying to squat in my house! Bless South Carolina!

  2. Comms Girl*

    This is adorable – can’t believe I missed your call! Will you do another another one of these? I would love to share a picture of my cat and her plans to ruin my WFH Mondays :)

    You all have lovely pets, I wanna cuddle them all!

    1. Froggy*

      I know – how did I miss your call for photos?!?!? This is great ! I can say that having my dogs with me in my home office definitely helps reduce some stress. Love my furry co-workers!

    2. The Cosmic Avenger*

      I know, I missed it, too! Although my cats tend to sleep all day so they can better frantically charge around at night.

  3. strawberries and raspberries*

    I’m glad this was all one post and not a series of posts, as it would have been extremely hard to resist my compulsion to type BABY on every single one. (98% of the time when I tag my boyfriend on a Facebook or Instagram post, it’s a picture of a cat and it says BABY)

    1. Adlib*

      Ha, yes! I call them all babies too. I missed the call on this one, but I’ll look out for the next!

      1. strawberries and raspberries*

        As contentious as it became, a small part of me was incredibly delighted by the raging “are cats babies” debate that generated a four-digit number of comments a few posts ago. (FWIW, #catsarebabies)

  4. Kat Em*

    Aw, so nice to see invertebrates getting some love too!

    I don’t have pets (and if I did, cockroaches wouldn’t be on the list), but I love folks that have nontraditional animal friends. :)

  5. Red Reader*

    Angua and Alannah would like to thank you for contributing to their Worldwide Fame and Fortune. Alannah is working on renegotiating her contract to get more bacon – Angua, having turned ten on Sunday, has announced her retirement, but decided she wants emeritus status so she can keep access to her office pillow. ;)

      1. Red Reader*

        Both my girls are named for kick-butt literary women – Angua’s is from Discworld, aye, and Alannah’s from the Lioness Quartet.

          1. Red Reader*

            I didn’t name Angua – so, she’s got a funny story. I adopted her when she was 3.5 from a friend who was planning to move overseas, and he’s the one who named her. (The actual Angua was a blonde, in the books – the first female captain of the guard of the city of Ankh-Morpork, in the books, and also a werewolf.) He only ended up being overseas for a couple of months, then came back. I told him he couldn’t have my dog back.

            We got married in September, and joke that he married me for the dog :)

            Alannah was almost Aoife, but I decided that I didn’t want to have to spend her life spelling and pronouncing it for vet staff – I have to do that with Angua as it is. (I think we technically pronounce it wrong anyway – we say it an-joo-ah, like Angela but with a u. I think it’s supposed to have a hard g sound like good though.)

            1. Boop*

              “Crown Duel” was my first of her books and I love it. Also really enjoyed “A Posse of Princesses” – the naivete of the characters was both charming and very relatable.

              1. kitryan*

                I love Sherwood Smith too – so I’m seconding the recommendation. None of the descriptions/summaries of her books has grabbed me, but after the first couple pages I’m always hooked – each and every time. While I love the Inda books, Crown Duel and A Posse of Princesses are great starting points. I’ve only read the first one (Stranger) of the series she wrote with Rachel Manija Brown but that was good too.

            1. MaureenS*

              I knew it was coming, but didn’t know when. Thanks for the reminder, must go to Amazon & Audible now.

              I first found Tamora Pierce when I was in university – wish they’d been around when I was younger!

            2. Becky*

              YES. I have it preordered and it will arrive on my Kindle next week. My friend pointed me to an Author event in my area for Tamora Pierce on Feb 10. :D I’m an adult, I don’t care I am GOING.

  6. Matilda Jefferies*

    +1 on the best post ever! I love all the cats going “Yeah? What are you going to do about it?”

    Also sending love to Tino’s people, and I will definitely scritch my cats from you tonight. <3

    1. Your Weird Uncle*

      It’s a hurt that never goes away, just decreases a little bit. Thinking of Tino’s people too and will definitely give snoogles and belly rubs to our fur babies in Tino’s honor when I get home from my non-cat office.

      1. Samata*

        Isn’t this the truth? It’s been 5 years and I still miss my girl on the daily. This post really brightened my day – and because the internet is forever I can revisit!

  7. Diego's Mummy*

    Diego is so pleased to be with such great company, including the cockroaches!

    My 10th grade science teacher kept hissing cockroaches in the lab and we always took them out during class and just had them roam around our hands and arms and desks during lectures.

  8. heatherskib*

    George is mine. We also have a dog, but she’s much less of an intrusion when one is trying to work. Unless it’s the “Let me outside” stare down….

    1. heatherskib*

      Although I just realized I could have sent pics of our Aussie Shepherd at work with my husband. She recently got sick and had to be on a specifically timed diet for a week, so she went to work with him every day. Now everyone wants her to come back and gets sad when she doesn’t go to work with him. But George and Lilly are so closely bonded that her being gone for a week made George sick.

  9. Bostonian*

    All of these pictures are AMAZING. Thanks for posting!

    I love the picture of Andy. My dad has a big desk like that, and uses a pull-out shelf for when his big Maine Coon wants attention.

    1. Journalist*

      He isn’t a Maine Coon, but he’s still a big strapping fellow. At the time this photo was taken, he was probably 14-16 lbs, which takes up a lot of real estate on one’s desk.

  10. Lady Blerd*

    I have questions about those roaches!

    I wish I had submitted pics of my cats stealing my spot on the couch when I was home on sick leave for a few weeks. Every. Single. Time I would get up, they would do this.

  11. CatCat*

    Oh my heart, Jadzia looks like a twin of my little tortoiseshell kitty, Ruby, who passed away earlier this year.

    Sounds like they could have been personality twins too. Ruby had loads of tortietude!

  12. JDusek*

    It’s interesting. I’ve been WFH for over 8 years and my cat only bugs me when my son comes home from school. My desk is too cluttered for her to get on it and she can’t climb up into my lap unless I allow it. She sleeps the day away in front of the heat vent and ignores the futon in my office.

    1. Bostonian*

      Yup, my cats mostly ignore me, too. They sleep all day. Once in a blue moon, my orange tabby will try to commandeer my chair when I get up to go to the bathroom, because it is a prime sleep spot for him. But they never go on my desk.

  13. Discordia Angel Jones*

    Love them all (except the roaches, that must be an acquired taste!).

    Makes me broody for the dog I’ve been hankering after since I moved to my new job and could potentially afford to have a pet.

  14. k.k*

    All these adorable little jerks <3 I very much recognize those faces that say "Can I help you? This is my spot I don't know what you're talking about."

  15. motherofdragons*

    This is so delightful.

    Can I just say, if I was on a video conference call with someone at home, and their pet cockatiel wandered onto their shoulder, I would be SO EXCITED!! That is awesome.

    1. hermit crab*

      One of my coworkers works from home and has a pet bird who likes to announce her presence on conference calls. You can always tell if that coworker is on a call because you can hear the bird cheerfully whistling away in the background! I love it.

  16. Admin 4 Life*

    You could totally make this a mini series! Today it’s pets, tomorrow small children! I swear my child is part cat; he likes to sit on my laptop too.

    Thank you for the smiles :)

  17. ArtsNerd*


    I am seriously considering leaving early to work from home just to get my some cat intrusion time.

  18. AllDogsArePuppies*

    On the day of the post, I was thinking how lucky I am that my kitty lets me work most of the time without disturbing. Apparently cats can read minds because she climbed on my lap/laptop 5 times that day (instead of the usual 0-1)

  19. SleepyTimeTay*

    Omg, I can’t handle the cuteness!! Saving this post for when I need a smile. And glad to know I’m not the only one with this happening!

  20. Mimmy*

    Aww such cute pictures!! I could never work from home with a pet in the house, but I totally understand the companionship and relaxation these fur babies provide during a busy day :)

    My condolences to the person who’s cat passed away after posting their picture.

  21. Just Peachy*

    I just love this post. Especially the dog pictures. :) Thanks for making our day a little brighter!

  22. Amber Rose*

    I envy people who can take a picture of their cat being intrusive. My cat has disdain for sitting on anything merely near me. If he isn’t trying to physically merge with my face, he isn’t happy.

    1. Valkyrie*

      Thanks! He’s a Silky Terrier, and an absolute joy. He’s turned me into one of THOSE dog people…he has an instagram

  23. Snark*

    I unfortunately lack pictures or video of this, but I have a collie named Maria. When she whimpers, she says “yoop” and “yeep.”

    This is our routine.

    Maria: Yoop.
    Snark: No. You were just outside. Go ‘way.
    Maria: Yoop yoop.
    Snark: No. Leave it.
    Snark: NO!
    Maria: YEEP YEEP *bangs me with paw.* YOOOP. *stares intently*
    Snark: LEAVE IT. GO AWAY.
    Maria: *stare that matches Death Star in intensity*
    Snark: This shit again.
    Maria: *stare with the intensity of 9,000,0000 suns*
    Snark: *effortfully ignores buggy dog*
    Maria: *nudges arm with cold nose, followed by slurp.* Yoop. *wag wag wag*
    Snark: *melts* Oh screw it. *lets Maria out to commune with rodents.*

    Repeat every 15 minutes all day.

    1. Ella*

      Lol! Thank you for this. I have a dog that actually lives downstairs with my roommates. I wake up at 4am, before anyone else, and he comes upstairs and yoops to be let outside…and wakes up my roommates if I don’t respond promptly enough.

      1. Snark*

        Yep. If I’m not opening the door no later than 5:15AM, a nose comes and finds me in the dark. *snuffle snuffle slurrrp*

          1. Snark*

            Sometimes we talk about Nose as if she’s a different creature than the rest of the dog. “I’m taking Maria and Nose for a hike, smell ya later.”

        1. Red Reader*

          My whole household will regularly vocalize for the bloodhound that “I was poorly brought up by people who starve me.” (The only food that will induce her to tip over the trash can and go digging is Brussels sprouts, of all damn things.)

          1. Snark*

            The weird thing is, Maria is the least food-motivated dog I’ve ever met. She lives for ear scratchies and staring at squirrels. Food? Meh.

      1. Murphy*

        OMG hilarious!

        This is nowhere near as funny, but it reminded me of my two dogs. The bigger one is generally very well-behaved. I accidentally left the back door open once and she just lied down near it, didn’t go anywhere. She suffers from “I must follow you around and generally be all up in your business all the time” but otherwise very good. The smaller one is not. He stole the bathmat when I was in the shower once. Another time I found him wearing one of my bras (around his waist, not properly or anything).

        Generally they don’t steal food, though they hang out nearby whenever food is happening. (Especially now that the baby gets food and she’s learned that she can share it with them.) If you undo any plastic wrap anywhere in the house, the smaller one comes running. My husband and I were eating dinner in the living room, with food set up on the coffee table. It included my husband’s attempt at sweet potato wedges/thick fries. They weren’t that great. We only ate a few.

        My husband started on the dishes in the kitchen. I brought our plates to the kitchen and then went back to collect the rest of the sweet potatoes. I was gone 10 seconds. The tray was on the floor. It was empty. The smaller dog was in the middle of grabbing the last one and the bigger one was nowhere to be found. I chastised the smaller one, but it wasn’t dangerous and it was already in his mouth, so I let him keep it. I called out my bigger dog’s name, because I figured my well-behaved girl couldn’t possibly have participated in this thievery.

        I found her hiding in the closet. I called her again, so she came out. And burped.

        1. Red Reader*

          Oh dying. Before I had Alannah, Angua one night stole an entire pumpkin pie off the counter where it was cooling. I came back to find the pie tin laying on the kitchen floor, crust licked clean without so much as a tooth scratch in it, and every single scrap of the custard gone.

          And when she lived with toddlers, her favorite day ever was when the toddlers learned that they could shove the broccoli off their high chair trays through the little cup hole to feed her gaping maw below.

      2. hermit crab*

        hahahahahahaha wow

        I am hysterically silent-laughing at my desk and the silent part is beginning to fail

      3. bkanon*

        Oh, god, I thought it was going to be Dogs in Elk. But this is just as death-by-hilarity inducing.

      4. SarahKay*

        Thank goodness the office is empty except for me. I laughed so much that I not only cried, but tears were actually dripping off my face. That is the funniest thing I have read for about ten years. Thank you so much for the link!

    2. Rocketship*

      I have a very similar conversation with my cat Manny! Something along the lines of:

      Manny: Meyooow
      Rocketship: Oh?
      Manny: Meyowwww
      Rocketship: Is that so?
      Manny: Meyoowoow. Mow.
      Rocketship: I see.
      Manny: *stares* *tentatively grabs pant leg with claw* Mowow?
      Rocketship: Dude it’s 6 o’ clock, it’s not even close to dinner time.
      Manny: Meeeeyyaaaahhhhhhh!
      Rocketship: I know!! Do you need attenchums? Is that what this is?
      Manny: *jumps on back of couch, stares, arches his back until his tail twitches uncontrollably* Myeaaaaah! Myeaaaaooow!
      Rocketship: *pet pet pet*
      Manny: *purrs like a freight train, all is well with the world*

      Then his sister Wyo follows me into the kitchen and glares at me until I let her jump into the fridge. Pretty sure she thinks it’s Narnia in there.

  24. Arya Parya*

    This is so adorable!
    Thank you for featuring my cat Arya. I blame my boyfriend for teaching her to do this. He thought it was a good idea to show YouTube video’s of birds. She loves them and now finds any screen (tv, computer, tablet) interesting.
    Luckily I did train her and her brother Hobbes not to walk on keyboards. Hobbes fortunately is not interested in screens, but will drop by every now and again for cuddles.

    1. Snargulfuss*

      What is it that makes one cat riveted by things on screens and another not care one iota? The cat I had growing up didn’t seem to recognize herself in the mirror and was never interested in what was on TV. My current cat LOVES watching TV – even talky shows with not much motion. I’m convinced she completely understands the dialogue.

  25. JS*

    Cuuuuuute! I learned a while ago that a nicely placed box beside a keyboard can be a welcoming place for a cat to sit, rather than *on* the keyboard!

    1. Your Weird Uncle*

      We’re not so lucky – both of our cats have a thing for eating boxes. (Luckily they spit out the cardboard, but it’s messy and probably not very good for them!) They don’t do cat beds, either, the little weirdos!

    1. Al Lo*

      That’s Oswin. She’s absolutely indifferent to her moment of internet fame.

      And when I posted that pic on Instagram, I also had friends who thought she was a stuffie.

  26. NewBoss2016*

    Aww dang, I missed the call for pictures. I have a really great one of my cat Tyson eating a RFQ because I kicked him off of my keyboard. I also had to bring my 3 cats to the office with me a few weeks ago while I had a home inspection, and my boss texted me a picture of my kitten Ben trying to eat the office fish when I stepped out of the room. Love all your pictures!

    Also, my condolences to the reader who lost Tino. I lost my kitty Rocky this past May, and my coworkers got me a Willowtree angel holding a kitty for my office. It is still really hard to look at. I am sorry for your loss :(

  27. DogG*

    The best office mate ever is a pit bull!!!
    Would love to hear everyone’s stories about their sweet office pitties :)

  28. Mananana*

    Much love for Tino’s family. It’s so hard to lose a beloved member of the family; I hope that fond memories of your beautiful cat will comfort you through your grief.

  29. Hey-eh*

    So cute!!! Love that a cockatiel was included! I have a parrotlet (imagine a parrot the size of a finch) and when I work from home it’s well known that I work with only one hand because the other hand is busy holding the little guy up to my face where he can snuggle and be warm. He also enjoys perching on my laptop and talking to my fingers (he likes the sound of typing).

  30. Not So NewReader*

    Oh, my. Such wonderful animals.
    Thanks for putting this together, Alison, it’s a really cool idea.

    I have a question for Digby’s Guardian. How old and what kind is s/he? There is way too much cuteness going on there.

  31. mskyle*

    Haha, love this post. I don’t have any pets but sometimes in nice weather I work from the back yard, and if I bring a snack I tend to accumulate an entourage of squirrels on the table. It’s very hard to get a good photo of them though!

  32. SuspectedDragon*

    I love these! Hate I missed the call – I’ve got a good pic of my rabbit trying to commandeer my laptop :-)

        1. Former Employee*

          One of my all time favorite dogs is a maltipoo. He is the quietest, best behaved little creature. Never comes at anyone, but will sit by your side as a gentle little presence. He was rescued by our local shelter and adopted by someone I know.

  33. Boop*

    I don’t work from home, but I have many, many, many pictures of my little kitten-pie “helping” me with jigsaw puzzles. He likes to lay in the box holding all the pieces while I’m trying to sort them.

  34. Stormy*

    I am working from home, and just enjoyed freaking my husband out with the photo of the cat on the sound board. Our cats aren’t even allowed on the floor of the house where he keeps his recording equipment.

  35. nep*

    What a treat. I’m saving some for later — want to savour.
    Oh, Tino’s companion. Thanks for that beautiful post.
    The kitty mixing tracks. And slacker Digby.
    So many great posts. Thanks for sending, all. And thanks, Alison.

  36. MechanicalPencil*

    The timing on this is impeccable since I’m working from home today. Ironically, I just snapped a photo of one of my creatures being a bit of a pest while I was trying to work. ALL THE BABIES.

  37. KR*

    I just realized I have so many pictures of my Jerry boy at work with me – I thought the post was specifically for animals on desks. Oh well! Love all these and so sorry to hear about Tino. I will be hugging and kissing my fur children at home today.

  38. LeRainDrop*

    Fabulous post! I especially laughed at the comment, “Sometimes I even give them papers I no longer need so they can lie down on them instead of the ones still in use.” I use decoy papers for my kitties when I work from home, too!

    1. Kit(ty) Marlowe*

      That’s my cat, Milton!

      Decoy papers are definitely a great trick. Though sometimes not-in-use papers just aren’t quite as comfy to lie on as in-use papers, apparently…

    2. Trig*

      My dog is my shredder. I give her that mail that isn’t sensitive enough to need secure shredding, but should still be shredded somewhat. She tears it to bits, leaves it scattered all over the carpet, and looks at me like she wants more.

  39. fposte*

    These are so wonderful; I am especially enjoying the names. My personal favorite name is Ramona Quimby, Age Cat.

  40. Close Bracket*

    I have a mostly foolproof way of keeping my cat off my lap and out of my way while I work: I put a pillow down in a corner and put a heating pad on top. She sleeps the day away on it.
    When she wants a treat, though, she bugs the heck out of me, climbing up on my desk and standing on the keyboard tray.

  41. chocolate tort*

    OMG, my cat (the job-stealing Lexi) has started doing the same thing as Moo up there! From the desk she puts her front paws on my shoulder, boosts herself up my chest, walks along the back of the chair, and then stumbles down my other shoulder/side of my chest. When she keeps her balance and I have a sweater/sweatshirt on it’s fine, but things can get dicey when she loses her balance or just when I’m wearing a lower top. This is a new trick and I’m still not sure whether it’s more endearing/funny or annoying!

  42. EddieSherbert*

    I own the dog and cat bed hogs (Thomas and Tito) – having my office double as a guest bedroom has been helpful because they aren’t allowed on my bed, so I imagine they feel like rebels laying on the guest bed…

    The dog really does love sitting in the cat tree, but I almost never can get a good pic of it! He’s so odd!

  43. Miss Mary M*

    I think this is my favorite AAM posting ever!!!

    My condolences to Tino’s human; thank you for sharing your sweet kitty with us. I am so sorry for your loss. Such a sweetheart, as are all the beloved pets here.

    1. Trig*

      Haha, oh man, my cat would love one of those! I use a blanket to fend off her claws, but it gets toasty in the summer!

  44. ArtK*

    Great pictures. I’m sorry that I missed the original post, because I’m here reading this one with a cat draped across my chest and shoulder. Yes, it’s very uncomfortable, but she grabbed the arm of the chair, hauled herself into my lap and then settled in and is now purring quite happily. How could I refuse?

  45. Annie Moose*

    I should’ve submitted a pic I took this summer of me working from my parents’ back deck… with their chickens coming up to see what I was working on! They’re sweet girls and I couldn’t resist stopping every once in awhile to sneak them snacks and pet them. I don’t have any pets myself, so it’s just when I’m at their house that it’s a problem!

    If you ever get a chance to snuggle a hen, by the way, do it. They are soft and smooth and very cuddly if they’re the friendly type. Even if they do like to peck at freckles.

  46. Cheesesticks and Pretzels*

    Thank you for including Bob. :) He is a horrible pen thief and will steal all of my pens.

  47. Trig*

    Aww, what a fun post!

    My cat likes to sit on my lap and knead my thighs. I oblige her by putting a blanket there to protect myself from her claws. She can be very insistent, but at least she’s happy on my lap and doesn’t get up on the keyboard.

    My dog has learned that when I stretch, it means I’m about to take a break and OMG TIME TO PLAAAAAY. And when my computer makes its little *ding* shutdown noise, it’s TIME FOR A WALK! Either of these things will jolt her out of a dead sleep. If I stretch and then resume working (rude!), her nose is there, under my hand, nudging it off of the keyboard, and her hopeful little face is staring up at me, while her tail wags obligingly. It is my fault, because I can’t resist that, so I’ve basically trained her to do it.

  48. Tino's Human*

    Thank you to everyone for your thoughtful comments about our kitty Tino – very much appreciated :)

    1. heatherskib*

      I lost my sweet elderly dog Tino a few years ago. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I’m glad that Tino had your love for as long as he did.

  49. Erin*

    I love this so much. I really, really wanted to submit a photo but my cat actually does leave me alone when I work from home. I searched through hundreds of cat photos to see if maybe she got on the keyboard at some point that I’d forgotten about, haha.

  50. Headachey*

    I see a couple of piebald kitties with maekings like my Frankie J. Cat – so cute!

    And I have a question about George the calico kitty – is George a boy? If so, then you have a special kitty! One of my favorite books is “Cats Are Not Peas,” investigating how the author’s male calico is genetically possible.

    1. heatherskib*

      George is not a boy. We bought a house in a neighborhood where a former neighbor had gone into foreclosure. SHe had several unspayed female cats and set them all loose. As we were rehoming the 4 litters of kittens, this one made her way into our affections. My husband asked if we were going to rehome the sweet tortoiseshell. I asked him if he wanted to “squeeze her and love her and call her George.” He said yes. We have a female cat named George. Ironically enough, our new Brother in Law also has a female cat named George. Same story.

      1. Headachey*

        Props to you for rehoming four litters – wow! I’m impressed that you escaped with just one :) And love the name origin, too.

      2. TheNotoriousMCG*

        I have a female dog named George! Although mine was a subterfuge against my husband who said no more Pride and Prejudice names for pets. Little did he know about Lady Georgianna Darcy

  51. Sam Yao*

    I’m delighted that I’m not the only one who likes to give long elaborate names and titles to my completely ordinary house pets.

    1. Red Reader*

      They are excellent, aren’t they?

      My husband’s cats (who are not permitted in my office, but love to help him in his) are Captain Kyna Whitepaws, SCOURGE OF LAND AND SEA – she only has one eye, zero brain cells and is totally fearless, though she regularly loses fights with her paws, the floor, and a catnip pickle – and her sister Princess Kiara Scaredyfluff.

      One of my Christmas gifts was a story about Angua Bloodhound and Alannah Whippet teaming up with Captain Kyna and her trusty first mate to get back all the Christmas presents stolen from the puppies and kittens at the orphanage. (They all have D&D-esque character sheets from a RPG called Pugmire. Mine is a houseful of gaming nerds.)

      1. Former Employee*

        This is so adorable and I have zero to do with D&D, other than that one of my favorite episodes of TBBT is the one in which Howard took over as Dungeon Master and totally ruled!

  52. Philly Redhead*

    I love this post! My 65-pound pit bull loves to sit in my lap, directly between my face and my computer screen when I work remotely.

  53. OlympiasEpiriot*

    Ya know, I’m convinced the large NY waterbug type of cockroach has personhood. I have seen them stop and >regard< me all too often. I get the feeling I should introduce myself to them.

    I don't want them in my home, but, they are individuals, I think.

  54. Mikasa Ackerman*

    I have a mild phobia of cats. (Ironic because I own 3 pitbulls). I love to look at them in pictures and what not. I think they are adorable and fluffy. However, if I am in the same room as a cat, I get bad anxiety. If I’m sitting down and one approaches, I jump/run. Maybe because I was scratched as a kid? Not sure. Does anyone have any tips on how to be friends with cats when you’re scared?

    1. EddieSherbert*

      You should check out Jackson Galaxy, Animal Planet’s “Cat Daddy” and some of his advice! I’ll post a link.

        1. Mikasa*

          Aww! I use to watch him on Animal Planet all the time! Brings back memories! The guy in the video reminds me of myself.

    2. fposte*

      Former only-dog person now a cat lover here. What made a huge difference to me was knowing some “doggier” cats and then learning a lot more about cat behavior so that what they did made sense to me.

    3. Sylvan*

      If ignoring a cat is easier for you than interacting with one, most of them are fine with a visitor to their people’s home doing that. They read that as “relaxed, safe human.”

      1. Mikasa*

        It’s difficult. I’m trying to win the affections of my bf’s cat, but she hates me! I was laying in the bed and I finally got the courage to pet her. She was purring so cutely. And then I realized… if I stop she’ll attack me. So I kept petting her, BUT then I think I overstimulated her because she stopped purring mid-pet and dug her claws in my shoulder. Bf woke up to me saying, “OW OW OW” and had to pry her off. Aaand then I was back to square one with battling the fear.

  55. Lady Russell's Turban*

    Loved the peek of Bev the papillon! We’re not allowed dogs in the office but when I need to work on the weekend I will sneak my little guy in.

  56. periwinkle*

    Brigette would say thanks for her moment of fame, except that would be expressing a positive emotion. She only ever “helps” when I’m working on school stuff, oddly enough. On my WFH days, she snoozes elsewhere and never comes near the office.

    Two of our other cats are WFH-interruption specialists; one hones in on the headset whenever I’m logging into a conference call, but both are skilled at standing (for full-body blockage) in front of the monitor. In fact, I had to pause in the middle of writing this so I could shoo one of them out of the way.

  57. Pathfinder Ryder*

    This post was such a gift on a slow Friday morning.

    How about a post of service animals in your workplace? From people who went and got their dogs to people whose job it is to train them to, well, I’m mostly suggesting this because the hospital ward I work on gets visits from a service dog to cheer up patients and sometimes he skateboards down the hall.

    1. fposte*

      The nomenclature is seriously confusing, but it sounds like what the ward has isn’t a service dog but a therapy dog.

  58. The Other Dawn*

    I notice how a majority of the pictures are of cats. I’m thinking it’s because they have more of a tendency to take over.

    I wish I’d seen the call for pictures! Since I have 11 cats, I have a lot of cats-on-computers pictures.

  59. Elizabeth H.*

    These are SO WONDERFUL! And there are so many of them! I just kept scrolling thinking “ok, that must be it!” And they are all so adorable. I wish I had sent in my picture of the cat I live with helping me work from home, but we were both sitting on my bed so I didn’t think it qualified as a home office. (Helping me work from home: ) She does also like to sit on the ironing board which I use as a standing desk (lion pose:

  60. molliekay*

    So many cute cats and dogs. And then the roaches. You need to have a trigger warning or something (partly kidding).

  61. saminrva*

    Best post ever!

    I can’t believe I forgot about this on the post where the person was asking for work-from-home cat advice — we had a cat (RIP) who LOVED to sit on the top of our keyboard and push all the F keys while we were working, so my brilliant spouse made a little perch for him out of cardboard and coathangers that fit over the keyboard so you could still type while he was sitting there. I think we could probably patent and sell those!

    1. Espeon*

      Oh my goodness, my cat bides her time then makes a mad dash over the F keys and manages to turn my mouse-touchpad connection off every. single. time. I’m thinking of sending her to work in IT and pay her way with skills like that.

  62. Julianne*

    These are great! Reminds me of my cat in Peace Corps (I’m a dog person, but the cat had been adopted by my PCV predecessor’s predecessor and thought he owned the house), who used to nap on top of stacks of student work I brought home to grade. No matter where I set myself up in the house, he would come curl up on piles of English essays, and he really only had any interest in me when I was working.

  63. This Daydreamer*

    As, I missed the call for pictures. I had a cat who literally invaded my not-at-home workplace. She was a stray who was desperate for love, food, and shelter. Unfortunately, she picked the wrong kind of shelter – a domestic violence shelter with a few residents who were seriously allergic to her.

    I worked the night after she arrived and she trapped me good and well. I had no real choice and was forced to take her home. We had her for a wonderful year until she succumbed to feline leukemia virus. I still miss her, but I’m grateful she adopted me.

  64. Monica Green*

    Have you ever done a post about pets AT the workplace? My dog comes to work every day with me!

  65. Arconcyl*

    What adorable pets! I wish my office let me bring my dog to work or that I could work from home for my day job instead of my freelance job.

    @whomever owns Link – is that a Maltese? My dog is a Maltese and he loves to lie on my lap while I’m working!

    @whomever owns Frankie – that dog is TOO CUTE, please snozzle him from me.

    1. ThatGirl*

      Hi Arconcyl,

      He’s a maltese-poodle mix, we believe. (Shelter rescue.) Definitely looks a ton like a maltese but a little bigger and curlier. Ain’t he adorable? :)

      1. ThatGirl*

        oh my goodness, my work mode is creeping in here, I am so used to addressing people when I reply. :::sigh:::

  66. Looby*

    This was an especially horrible work day so I can’t tell you how much this post has improved my evening!
    Thank you to all who shared their furry assistants with us.

  67. Casual Fribsday*

    “Ramona Quimby Age Cat”

    I will never be able to name an animal greater than that. Well done.

  68. bohtie*

    confession time: my favorites are the non-dogs-or-cats (which is funny because I am definitely a dog person). The cockatiel made me cackle.

    1. Brittasaurus Rex*

      Ok, why do dog people always say that? I don’t know any cat people who go out of their way to say how much they prefer cats.

  69. Former Employee*

    I love the pictures*, but can’t have any animals for various reasons. So, I donate to my local no-kill shelter and to various rescue groups and organizations that are working to save animals who are endangered due to hunting, poaching, environmental issues, etc.

    *I had to ignore that last group of creatures; I can’t even stand to type out what they are (shudder).

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