I want your updates … and an interview with me

Two things —

1. Listen to an interview with me about internships

I’m interviewed on the latest episode of The Money Jar podcast, talking about how to be awesome at your internship — or any job, really. (And this is timely, because I’m hiring an intern. Details coming tomorrow.) You can listen to the interview here; my segment starts at 16:05.

2. Where are you now?

Every December, I publish “where are they now” updates from people whose questions I answered here in the past year. It’s time for 2013’s version, so …

If you’ve had your question answered here in the last year, please email me an update and let us know how your situation turned out. Leave no juicy detail out!  I’ll post updates as they come in. (Don’t post them here though; email them to me.)

And yes, I know we just had a round of these in October, but there are plenty more to be had and we can’t break this end-of-year tradition.

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  1. Anon Accountant*

    I really want an update on the coworker who was putting magic curses on her coworkers.

    No matter how bad it gets with 1 particularly awful coworker, she’s never tried to place a magic curse on us.

      1. Anon Accountant*

        How true. I wouldn’t say my coworker wouldn’t try to put a magic curse on any of us…

        This definitely was 1 of the oddest questions I’ve ever seen on AAM.

  2. NylaW*

    It might be too soon, but I want an update from the person who was getting locked in at work overnight.

  3. periwinkle*

    Another set of fingers crossed for an update on the magic curses.

    But I really came here to post because I just saw a commercial for the Hello Kitty Chia Pet. My first reaction: “I wonder if Jamie has seen that yet?”

    1. Catzie*

      lol I saw that over the holiday weekend, and I thought the exact same thing. Then I wondered if I was slightly crazy for thinking that. since I’ve never actually met her. But I guess I’m in good company either way!

  4. Interviewer*

    There was a professor leaving her dogs in her car, back in late May. I’d love to hear how that ended up.

  5. some1*

    I don’t suppose we’ll get an update from the guy with the “Fat Girls Can’t Jump” decal on his car?

    1. Lee*

      Oh my goodness, my old neighbour (I just moved yesterday!) had this sticker on his truck! My fiancée had never heard that saying before and I was able to explain it to him after reading that post. Such an awful sticker.

  6. Ali*

    I wish I could transport myself back to college and be AAM’s intern though! We even have the same first name!

  7. IronMaiden*

    I want an update on the receptionist that was moonlighting as a prostitute on work time. Please.

  8. Chocolate Teapot*

    Was there ever an update on the person whose boyfriend asked her boss for a day off without her knowledge?

  9. Ruffingit*


    Loved the interview, especially the explanation regarding why an intern should take seriously the more mundane tasks such as copying and filing. Every task is a showpiece for your ability to take responsibility and get things done. So true and I don’t think many people think of it that way.

  10. Zelos*

    I’d love to have an update about the one where the LW was in a legal battle with her employer over the employer forcing the employees to work in a bedbug-infested office (and her consequently bringing the bugs back to her apartment).

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