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photo 1Holly Worton recently interviewed me for her Socially Holistic podcast. We talked about what good management is, how to move into a management role, why it’s important to have difficult conversations, and much more — including how I started Ask a Manager, how I started working for myself, and how Ask a Manager has helped me screen out clients I don’t want to work with. You can listen to it here.

Also, as you can see by the photo on the left, I’ve been in Arizona. At a dude ranch. It was awesome.

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  1. I Love Books*

    I’m a long time lurker. I just had to say- is there a transcript of this? I’m deaf, so I’d love to know what’s being said!

      1. Aunt Vixen*

        Would it be okay if one of us transcribed it and sent it to you (or to the podcaster) for posting alongside? (Someone else will surely beat me to it, but.)

        1. Holly Worton*

          I Love Books…I’m so sorry, but I don’t usually do transcripts of my podcast episodes, though I have thought of it.

          Aunt Vixen, if you or anyone is happy to transcribe it, I’d truly appreciate it, and I’d be happy to post it along with the main show notes. Thank so much!! :)

  2. Finbar*

    I spent six weeks in Tucson about 20 years ago. It was AWESOME! Those saguaros are much bigger than you’d think! Right, Alison?

    1. Gene*

      I misspent my youth in Phoenix, drove PHX-TUC at least monthly for years, now in teh Pacific NorthWet.

  3. JustMe*

    I just finished listening, and it was awesome as expected. I aspire to become a manager one day so I’m so happy I found your blog. I’ve learned so much from you on how to handle varied situations. Thank you for posting the link to the podcast.

    On another note, I noticed there is someone else with my moniker. My gravatar should help to distinguish between us two. I may change my handle because of this.

  4. Rev.*

    Downloaded for later listening (prolly while my wife watches her Lifetime Channel Tearjerker of the Week “My Husband’s Dark Secret”); hit the Twitter link.

    You’ve become one of my go-to resources, along with Miss Manners, Dave Ramsey and others, when I do counseling sessions/life classes.
    You’re changing the world, one person @ a time!

  5. I Love Books*

    NO PRESSURE at all. It’d be wonderful to see what one of my favorite advice mavens talks about, though!! :-)

  6. ms*

    Bookmarking this for later…I just found out I am going to be getting a coordinator and will be managing someone for the first time ever!

  7. Holly Worton*

    I just wanted to say a huge thanks to Alison, for being a guest and for sharing the episode here. I’ve been a longtime fan of this blog, and I was so happy to have her sharing her expertise on my podcast.

    I hope you all enjoy it!

    Again…I’m sorry about the lack of transcript.

  8. Alicia*

    I loved it. I listened to it while I finished my weekend wrap-up at work. I’ll admit your voice wasn’t the voice I use in my head when I read your letters. :) but what are the odds of getting that right?

  9. rev*

    Just finished listening (while beating the IRS deadline…neener neener, AND while Ms. Rev watches a Dr. Phil rerun…double neener to 3rd Power)!

    Good stuff.
    “Make sure you and your employee both understand the definition of success…”

    My new mantra.

    (Valley Girl accent? Really? The word “management” has 5 syllables, not 3.)


  10. Sophia*

    Oh man, listening to the “wimp or tyrant” bit and remembering being a section leader in high school band, doing that whiplash of “wimp isn’t working! I’ll be a tyrant!” and making people cry.

    I hope that when I work in management as an adult, I’ll do better!

  11. Holly*

    Hello everyone! Thanks to Alison’s awesome community here (where I’ve been silently lurking for a couple of years now), this is now one of the top downloaded podcasts. I’ve decided to hire someone to do a transcript, so once that’s done I’ll upload it and then post the link here. Thank you so much for listening. It was such a pleasure to interview Alison…and to finally hear her voice!

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