resume reviews are coming tomorrow

Resume reviews are coming soon!

When I’ve offered limited-time resume reviews in the past, slots have filled up quickly and I’ve closed the offer pretty fast (once after only 10 hours).

Last time, people asked for a heads-up before the next offer so that they wouldn’t miss it. So in case you want to be ready, here’s an announcement that I’m going to be offering it again tomorrow morning.

Plan to sign up then if you want to be sure you get one!


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  1. Manny*

    I got one of Alison’s reviews last time and it was so, so worth it. I’ve gotten a much better response from job postings as a result (along with a good cover letter, of course). If you’re having trouble with your job hunt, do it!

  2. Christy*

    Do you review federal resumes, or are they too far outside your wheelhouse? Similarly, do you review academics’ CVs?

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      I have no expertise in either, and they have different conventions from regular resumes (although they also have some similarities). So I’m probably not the ideal reviewer for those.

        1. Honeybee*

          Since Alison doesn’t do them, if you want someone to look over your academic CV you might be interested in Karen Kelsky at The Professor Is In. She offers a “quick CV review” and gets back to you in 48 hours. I’ve used her before to review my cover letter and I really liked the service a lot.

      1. Ask a Manager* Post author

        (I will add that if you want a resume-style review of your CV, I’d be glad to do it, but I’m not sure that would be strongly enough targeted to what you need!)

        1. MsMollyD*

          I had Alison review my resume in the last batch for a transition from academia back to corporate work. I haven’t had a chance to implement and field-test the suggested changes yet, because I’ve been dealing with some unfortunate medical stuff that’s kept me from starting up the job search, but it all was very well-written, helpful advice. So I can’t (yet!) say it got me job, but I definitely feel that I got my money’s worth.

  3. Spooky*

    Another endorsement here: I had Alison review my resume right before I moved across the country to a city where I had no connections or contacts whatsoever (I also got her ebook, which I can’t recommend enough.) I was planning on job searching for months, and ended up getting multiple offers in just three weeks. Seriously, it is WELL worth the money.

    1. Honeybee*

      I didn’t get a chance to get the resume review, but I am definitely seconding the eBook. I purchased her eBook at the beginning of my job search and I had a job in 2 months, and that’s because the process for my job took a few weeks to get through. The interview advice on there is just spot on – it helped calm my nerves a LOT before the interview. So I can only imagine how awesome the resume review is :D

      1. Another HRPro*

        I can also recommend the eBook. I bought it for a friend that was doing a job search. She found it very helpful and quickly landed a job using the guidance and tips in the book.

      2. Kyrielle*

        Yes, this! I debated the resume review and debated long enough that I missed my chance – I figured if I was still looking when it came ’round again I would do it.But meanwhile I applied the advice in the eBook, and 1) it did me a world of good and I got great responses to my cover letters and resumes (including landing a new job), 2) it was clear and easy to read, and 3) it made sense and was relatively easy to apply. :)

  4. Hatsune Miku*

    If I buy tomorrow, can I send my resume to you in the future? I’m happy now, but…

  5. Liza*

    I too did this and recommend it! Two years ago Alison pointed out a number of things to change in my resume; some were easy to change and some took a lot more thought, but my resume is much stronger now as a result–though I haven’t had to use it in a while because shortly after making those changes I got a job I still love. :-)

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      My expertise is in U.S. hiring conventions and I can’t hold myself out as knowledgeable about anywhere else — although I’d say that making your experience and skills compelling to a hiring manager is something that translates pretty easily, and if you generally find the resume advice on this blog applicable to you (which I do think Canadians have said is the case), then yes.

    2. CaliCali*

      I work for a Canadian-owned company, and in regards to resumes, I haven’t seen any differences between Canadian and U.S. resumes. Our corporate resumes all look the same; the only differences are in spelling.

  6. Elizabeth*

    How soon will we receive feedback on the resume I am currently in the beginning stages of my job search. Just wondering if I would get a response back in time for it to help this time around.

  7. landscape architect*

    Following up on the previous, I usually submit a 1 page resume and slightly shortened CV to jobs (including representative projects, publications)–25 years experience–can I pay a bit more and have you review both?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      For this offer, I think just stick with one, since I have limited slots. But the advice for one should be translatable to the second.

      Thanks for asking!

  8. Hermoine Granger*

    Perfect timing! I worked on my resume over the weekend and had a supervisor at my temp job look it over. He was able to provide some useful feedback on making it easier for hiring managers to skim. I spent today working on customized versions for a few positions I’d like to apply to and think I might finally be getting the hang of it. However, I’d really like to have someone else look over by baseline content to make sure that it has the right level of detail and is presenting my experience in the best light.

    I’ve got my alarm set for tomorrow!

  9. I am now a llama*

    Do you have a limit on how many times we can do this? I did this before but just reworked my resume to have a summary/key achievements section and was hoping you can review updates.

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      Good question, and thanks for asking! Since there’s usually more demand than I can accommodate and I’d love to get to as many people as possible, maybe hold off for the first … 36 hours? And then if it’s still open, get one without qualms?

  10. Anonymouse*

    You are so nice! First the blog and free advice but now resume help! Thank you for all that you do, Allison!

  11. Not Going to Say*

    I know that law frequently follows its own rules and it isn’t usually your specialty – have you reviewed legal resumes in the past/how do you feel about that idea?
    Thanks for all the great work you do here with the blog!! :)

  12. Nobody Here By That Name*

    I tailor my resume to the types of jobs that I apply to. (i.e. I have a list of bullets for all of my jobs, and then edit down that list to stress the things being looked for in the jobs I’m applying to.)

    If I wanted a review, should I pick one version of the resume and send it, or make a resume which combines all of the bullet points of each job and send that?

    1. CC*

      Likewise. Unfortunately^2, it’s above my budget because I don’t have a decent job. Catch-22…

      On the plus side I recently got a local hiring manager in my field to comment on it, so I’m thinking about how to apply that.

      1. Mephisto*

        Also above my budget, but I really need to get past the post-entry-level funk I’m in. Decisions, decisions.

  13. Bee*

    Oh dear, $125! Would this be helpful as I work in Canada and am targeting policy jobs in the government?
    If it will be helpful, is this offer over? I don’t see any link to sign up.

  14. NinaK*

    Hi, I keep refreshing my screen and the the offering is popping up. It is a few minutes after 10am eastern. Has anyone else been able to access it?

  15. ITChick*

    Have you reviewed IT resumes, specifically for very technical roles in development and application support? I have found that those types of resumes tend to run counter to what you say a resume should be which is why I’ve struggled with rewriting mine.

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