here’s a massive discount on the Ask a Manager job-searching bible

how to get a jobLooking for a job?

For the next few days, I’m offering a discount on
my e-book, How to Get a Job: Secrets of a Hiring Manager. Use this discount code today for a massive 40% discount off the regular $24.95 price: newjob

If you’ve ever wished that you could look into the brain of a hiring manager to find out what you need to do to get hired, this is for you. Written from my perspective as a long-time hiring manager, this e-book gives you step-by-step guidance through every stage of your job search … explaining at each step what a hiring manager is thinking and what they want to see from you … from getting noticed initially, to nailing the interview, to navigating the tricky post-interview period, all the way through your offer.

You’ll learn things like:

  • what hiring managers are looking for when they ask common interview questions
  • how to talk about sensitive issues when you interview — firings, bad bosses, and more
  • how to avoid companies that aren’t a good fit
  • 6 ways you might be sabotaging your job search
  • 2 ways you can turn rejection to your advantage

Here are some things readers have said after purchasing it:

“Thanks to following Alison’s advice in this book, I’m about to start a new job in a stretch position. The director of HR kept complimenting my professionalism through the entire process, and really loved the questions I asked during my interviews. My new manager is so excited he was vibrating when I signed the offer last week. And partly due to selling myself well, and partly due to changing from clerical work to network administration, I have a 50% salary increase and room to grow.”

“Thanks to the tips, tricks, and advice in this book, I landed an incredible new job in a new-to-me industry doing something I love. I was also able to negotiate a great hiring package including a big jump in salary and benefits. I’m sure I would have found a decent job without this book, but I absolutely feel that I was able to find something incredible with it.”

“This morning my husband had an interview. I bugged him for over a week about reading your guide and he ignored me. Yesterday, I twisted his arm and finally got him to read it. He liked the advice so much he read it a second time. He really took it seriously and followed all of the advice you gave … He just called me to tell me the interview was done and that it had been the best interview he had ever had.”

“I used to have 50/50 luck getting past phone interviews and into the actual in-person interview. Once I read your book, I went 100% in getting past the phone interview, and I was ALWAYS in the top running for every position since then. I absolutely know it was because of your advice in the book. I could just feel the quality of my interviews go up exponentially after I read it.”

Get your copy with this 40% off discount code (newjob) now!

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  1. Laura

    Hi! I’ve really loved the free interview guide and would really love to buy this one too – but I’m not in the USA and wanted to check if the content is also directed at international readers? Cheers!

    1. Blue Anne

      I found it very applicable to me when I lived in the UK, although I guess business standards aren’t very different between US and UK!

    2. Ask a Manager Post author

      I think the biggest difference is cover letters and thank-you notes, but those are pretty small portions of the guide. From the feedback I get from readers, the rest seems to apply in the UK.

  2. Just Employed Here

    A couple of possibly stupid questions (that I didn’t find the answers to by clicking Add to Cart):

    1. Which format is the book in?
    2. Does it matter what country I’m in?

    1. epi

      I purchased it today.

      It comes in a ZIP file that contains the book in EPUB, MOBI, and PDF formats so you’re probably covered. I’m in the US so I can’t say for sure if there are any rights or compatibility issues that might affect you, but format-wise, you’re probably covered.

      1. Ask a Manager Post author

        Yes! You’ll get it in EPUB and MOBI, which will cover you for any e-reader or tablet you use, and PDF in case you don’t want to use one of those. Should work in any country.

        1. Just Employed Here

          Done! :-)

          (I was a bit unpleasantly surprised, though, that it seems I had to open a PayPal account (or, in my case, dig out a decade+ old one) to be able to buy the book. I thought “PayPal, credit, or debit card” meant just that: that I could use a card and not have to (re)start an account somewhere. I’m trying to simplify my life at the moment…)

          1. Ask a Manager Post author

            Nope, you don’t need to open a Paypal account! It will take you to a Paypal screen because they’re the payment processors, but you can just pay with a credit card.

            1. Just Employed Here

              It didn’t let me through without filling out those fields (after having filled out my name, credit card details, and address). I had to either give my existing PayPal info or open an account to get further in the process.

              1. Ask a Manager Post author

                Hmmm, it may have been a fluke! I just tested it and it’s offering the “pay with credit card” option starting from the first page of the shopping cart.

                1. Just Employed Here

                  I just tried it again, just to check, with two different browsers, and I didn’t have a “pay as guest” option.

                  I’m in the EU, which might explain why we’re seeing different things.

  3. BRR

    I would 1,000% recommend this book. I know how fake this sounds but I actually had the pdf open when this posted to reference some common interview questions.

  4. TheAssistant

    I got so excited I just bought it without the discount code! Ha. I’m sharing this with my partner, who is awesome in every way and takes rejection SO PERSONALLY that it is causing a strain in our relationship.

    Even full price it is way cheaper than couples’ therapy! Here’s hoping she gets out of her toxic job soon.

  5. k.k

    I purchased this book a while ago and highly recommend it. I found the section on interviews most helpful. I often struggle with coming up with useful questions to ask my interviewers and this has really helped.

  6. Just Jules

    Help! I’m sure it’s user error on my end, but the download button wouldn’t work. I tried refreshing the page and now that page went away. I promise I’m usually very computer literate, but I can’t find a download link on my Paypl receipt and I’m at a loss on how to proceed. Any suggestions? I’m so excited to read the book!!

  7. Lisa B

    Any issues if I buy it but send it to someone? I mentor someone trying to break into a new field and I think this would be excellent for them! I went up to the payment screen but don’t see an option to give her e-mail address as the recipient instead of mine as the purchaser.

      1. Gumby

        I did the same thing – ordered two so I could give one to a friend. Is there any problem with just forwarding the email with the link to her? Or should I provide her email separately?

  8. Hopeful

    Been thinking about this for a while and am excited to have just purchased my copy! Looking forward to reading it and using it as part of my job search post-maternity leave.

  9. vr larson

    Thanks for the coupon code on this ebook! I had actually looked at this book a couple of weeks ago when I was interviewing and considering accepting a new job offer but didn’t quite want to pay $25. I do a pretty good job of interviewing, and I will start my new job in about a week and a half. But I’m still curious and it’s always good to learn more directly from a hiring manager! I know my new job will not be my last!

    The table of contents look great–just the topics to which most people want answers!

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