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I really like the idea of most subscription boxes – things arrive at my doorstep with no effort from me, at reasonable intervals so I don’t need to think or put any effort into them. But not all subscription boxes are good enough to make me want the subscription part of it, which is kind of key.

But here’s one that’s great: Dollar Shave Club.

I’d heard of Dollar Shave Club and thought it just sent you razor blades every month so you’d never run out. It does do that – but it turns out to offer a lot more than just that. They’ve got shower products, hair products, skin care products, oral care products … and yes, a whole bunch of shaving products.

And the products themselves are high quality – award-winning, in fact – and really affordable, especially compared to how much you’d pay for this stuff at the drugstore. None of them are tested on animals, which is important to me, and they ship right to your house.

Right now, they have a great offer where you can get their Ultimate Shave Starter Set for only $5. The Ultimate Shave Starter Set comes with the Executive Razor, four razor cartridges, and three one-ounce tubes of Dr. Carver’s Shaving Products (Prep Scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells; Shave Butter, which is a gentle shaving lotion that fights razor bumps; and Post Shave Dew to moisturize and which I have grown quite fond of).

That trial box will last you a couple of weeks, and after that a restock box will ship regular-sized products to you every two months (but you can change that interval to whatever you want). It’s super easy to cancel if you want, but if you like the products, it’s really nice to have them just show up right as you’d otherwise be about to run out so you’ve got one less thing to think about.


To try it yourself, click here to join the Dollar Shave Club with one of their Ultimate Starter Sets for just $5. That’s a really low-cost, no-risk way to try it out and see what you think. (And buying from Dollar Shave Club lets them support Ask a Manager, so thank you to both you and them!)

This post is sponsored by Dollar Shave Club.


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  1. MusicWithRocksInIt*

    Just want to say that Dollar Shave Club is a great way to not pay the pink tax. My husband and I each have an executive razor handle and we have one subscription and spit the blades. It is so much cheaper than buying in a store – and I actually change out my razor blades when they are dull now, not try to keep using them far past when I should because I don’t want to track down blades that will fit my Gallet Ladies quantum handle that is no longer available so now you have to buy a new handle.

    1. sleepytimetay*

      I second this! And I have mine set to ship every other month. I have the mid-level blades (so, like $7) and they work great! It’s also…..razor, so I don’t really care if it looks “cute” and is pink–I just want it to work.

      1. Bunny Girl*

        Yeah I’ve never had a guest use my bathroom and comment on how lovely my razor was. I love Dollar Shave Club.

    2. DSC customer*

      I was already a DSC customer but I listed to the ep of How I Built This where the founder mentioned the locked box of razors at the drug store as specifically being a barrier/discourager to buying them (and I totally agreed).

      I also am a woman who loves this product, sometimes add other items to my cart (shaving cream, toothpaste – my dad was visiting me and thought he needed to go to the drug store because he forgot to pack shaving cream and I specifically said “Oh, I have a non-women’s shaving cream and you can totally use some”), and I referred my sister who also likes the service.

      Also, I have actually purchased more blades because I hated that the “name brands” were behind a lock or too expensive.

      1. The Man, Becky Lynch*

        Ooooh it pleases me that I’m in good company with the “Dude, I’m not going to buzz an associate to get into this locked box.”

        My favorite thing in stores now is that they have cameras that activate around the lock boxes. It’s so awkward and I don’t even like to go down that aisle. You’d think we’re talking about diamond rings and not just razors! I get it…but at the same time I don’t, they’re expensive due to the shrink involved, so why aren’t they lower in price with this system? They’re still so costly…it’s so much cheaper to be part of DSC and have them shipped to you with all your other toiletries.

    3. RubyMoon*

      Same here! Also, their shave butter really is WONDERFUL. You can customize your box, how often it is sent, contents, everything.

  2. The Man, Becky Lynch*

    It’s my favorite subscription box. This is the only way I have ever gotten myself broken of the habit of just using the same blades forever (I’m aware that’s gross but I’m #theworst).

    The toothbrushes feel luxurious, I have huge hands for a woman and the ones from the store feel flimsy and weak. These are heavy duty and actually get the job done.

    Not a fan of the shave butter, I broke out with it and prefer my basic shaving cream but that’s one thing I never forget or dislike buying regularly, so no big deal.

    It’s nice too because I live in an area that locks up razor inserts (due to theft issues) and I’ll go without just about anything before I buzz for assistance with that.

  3. Anna*

    My husband does this and he loves all of their products. They have great cologne as well and the prices are super reasonable.

  4. Spartan*

    Have it, use it, love the flexibility. I have a beard so I go through blades less frequently then many. But they allow me to have it sent every other month instead of forcing a monthly subscription like most box services require. It’s working g great for me.

  5. Seifer*

    YES. I get the one that’s a step below the top level (think it’s $7 a refill now) but I only use one set of blades a month so I can get all of my razors for the YEAR for SO MUCH LESS than what I would’ve paid for a pink piece of crap that has three dull razors. I’ve tried some of the other ones like Harry’s and… Harry’s, but uh, when I was trying to shave my legs, the razor head just booped right off and fell on my foot. In that moment I decided to never cheat on DSC again.

  6. BelleMorte*

    $5 and free shipping is not available for Canadians, just for those Canadians who are interested. Need to buy min $30 to get free shipping it seems.

  7. Larry Nyquil*

    I second this. I went back to electric razors because of personal preference, but DSC has legit good stuff.

  8. Environmental Compliance*

    My hubs and I use DSC. We both like the handles & blades. I really like the shave butter, Hubs doesn’t much care one way or the other. The blades & handles are very sturdy, fit well in the hand, and have a nice rotation to the head. Also forces us to remember to change out the blades, which is a good thing. I don’t think we’ve purchased any razor things at a store in…. 2 years?

    1. The Man, Becky Lynch*

      No shame in buying in bulk if you prefer that! I don’t have the storage space in my studio apartment bathroom for all my “stuff”, so it’s not practical. Also the minimum order would last me probably 20 years. For a man who shaves every day or shaves their head like my brother does, or a large family/lots of teenagers, etc. it would make more sense to go the bulk route as well. Whatever works best for you and your situation!

    2. Skyenet*

      That’s exactly what I just did. I’m not a fan of companies that offer big discounts in the US and not Canada so I did a bit of research and now I have razors delivered to my door for $30 and the refills will last me a year easily.
      Just remember folks, if you take your razor out of the shower, dry it with a cloth, and maybe oil it a bit if you’re feeling fancy the blades will last a Very long time and stay sharp.

  9. Drew*

    Another happy DSC subscriber here! I don’t often use hair goop but their line of hair goop has varieties for everyone. I love the body bars and shampoo. And I can’t believe no one is talking about the butt wipes, which are cooling and soothing and have a nice mint smell. Highest recommendation.

    1. SaffyTaffy*

      Drew, do you get their toothbrushes? It looks like they cost $5 a piece and I’m trying to wrap my head around why.

  10. R2D2*

    I used DSC for a long time, but recently switched to Billie ($9 per month for Venus-like razors) and like it so much more. Check it out. :)

    1. Julie*

      Delurking to say thanks for this. In the summer I shave my legs in the shower several times per week and there’s no way I’m messing around with shaving cream every time. It’s been frustrating that Dollar Shave Club doesn’t offer products similar to the women’s razors I can get in the store, so I’ll definitely check out Billie.

  11. Hallowflame*

    I’m a big fan of DSC. The razor handle feels good to hold, the blades are great (and I actually change them out regularly because they don’t cost a fortune), and their other products are great, too. I keep a tube of the Good Shake Hand Cream on my desk at work, and another in my purse at all times, so I can use it throughout the day.
    Their customer service is great, too. The shipping company lost my latest box, but as soon as I let DSC know they shipped me a new one immediately, no charge and no hassle.

  12. Daphne Moon*

    I used to be a fan of DSC but got impatient-it took more than 2 weeks to get my box even if I pushed up or ordered again. Cancelled my subscription last month.

  13. RUKiddingMe*

    I’ve been using the Intuition for a number of years. I really like the size/weight and the shave soap…the price not so much. Does anyone happen to know how any of the shave club razors/blades/size/weight compare to the Intuition?

  14. West*

    I got a box and liked the product a lot actually, but felt the advertising failed to realize that many women subscribe to their box. I got frustrated with my inbox being filled with “made for men” marketing for products that are unisex (literally anyone can use a razor). It was a minor thing, but it started to really grate on me. But I loved the shave butter and the blades and handles were solid. Just felt like they didn’t see me as a client they wanted, so I left. But again, a good product if that does not bother you.

    1. The Man, Becky Lynch*

      Have you thought of giving them this feedback directly? It’s always worth a shot.

      I may be whimsically thinking of the time Meagan Markle got the dishwash soap ad changed from indicating only moms’ do the dishes to “people” =-)

      This kind of consumer feedback is critical but of course, we don’t owe it businesses to do that kind of legwork. But sometimes it just takes a few people saying “You’re souring me because of this advertising technique.”

      1. West*

        When I unsubscribed I did this, yes because they sent a survey asking why I was leaving. I compiled a list of all the male gendered marketing I got over the period of a month and listed out each time I felt like I was being told with their choice of marketing that they did not want a woman to use their services (there was one single email that month that didn’t have at least one “real man” product description in it). I didn’t hear back, but I hope someone read it and considered my point of view. I made sure to mention that I wasn’t wanting them to make pink themed products, just that there’s a way to not alienate half their potential clientele.

  15. Sunny Librarian*

    I wish they had safety razor blades! (I try to minimize waste, so plastic disposable razor heads are not for me) My husband subscribes though and seems happy with it :)

  16. Wren*

    I’m a woman who does not generally shave, so this still isn’t for me, but for some reason, I assumed dollar shave club was for facial hair (typically men.) So I learned something new, even if I’m still not a potential customer.

    1. Moose*

      I don’t think the scent is very over-powering. Fresh, but not fragrant, if that makes sense. I have really sensitive skin (I have to use non-scented detergent, Dove soap, Aveeno lotion). I didn’t have an issue with any reactions to the shave butter.

  17. mkaibear*

    I love their shave butter. I use a safety razor myself (Astra Platinum blades) but every other product I’ve used has made me break out or given me horrific razor burn. Or in one case given me horrific razor burn two days after I used it which was a pain to figure out!

    I’ve never used their actual razors so for me I suppose it’s closer to a “dollar butter club”.

    Which, actually, given how much I love butter I would also gladly pay for. New business idea!

  18. Cathy*

    OMG I love DSC! The shave butter is wonderful. I’ve also tried their lip balm, facial cleanser, and several of the hair products. The Boogie’s Bold hair gel and Boogie’s True Fiber are the only products I have found that actually add some fullness to my fine, stick straight hair.
    And, oh yeah, the razors are good too LOL

  19. Moose*

    I’ve had a DSC membership for years. I love it. The razors are really really good quality and because of the low cost, I feel like I can change my blades a lot more frequently without wasting money. It’s also nice to get free samples every once in awhile.

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