here are your animal coworkers

With so many people working from home with animal coworkers, obviously we need to see photos of your new colleagues. When I put out a call for pictures last week, I received more than 450 of them … so I’ve divided them into two separate posts. Here’s part one.

Click photos to enlarge. And if you’re reading this from the home page, you have to click through to see the photos.

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    1. Elie A.*

      Aww, thanks. That one’s mine. He whines if I don’t pet him with my foot while I talk to students.

  1. The Man, Becky Lynch*

    I knew were heavy on the cat people! But OMG the smattering of puppers and birdies and the Guinea piggy *sobs* All the beautiful babies.

  2. Myrin*

    Guinea pigs! Mice! Hedgehogs! Parakeets! What an utterly wonderful post yet again, and much longer than the last one, too!
    (And I’m always especially delighted by pets who have surnames. There’s just something about that that is… good. Really Good.)

    1. The Man, Becky Lynch*

      OMG I missed the mouse and hedgehog at first in my haste because that’s what happens when you’re lapping up all the prefect companions too fast. *_____*

    2. Red Reader the Adulting Fairy*

      The more names, the better. My girls are going to be in round two, so I will save the majority of my name discourse for then, but all the pets in my house start out with a first and middle name, and then over the duration of their life they just pick up more names and titles. Then they eventually get promotions. :)

      1. Quill*

        My dog got a middle name on accident. There’s a middle name that runs in the family (my dad has it, my brother has it…)

        So the first time the new puppy got in trouble mom scolded him with his “full name” including that middle name and our last name.

        That’s probably for the best though, because previous pets (a fish named Neptune, frogs named Aristophanes and Glass, a crayfish that lived in a defunct shower stall named Craymena,) didn’t need names that they’d actually answer to. :)

      2. Damn it, Hardison!*

        I feel that middle names are important, as how else will they know when they are in trouble? The cats know I mean business when they are called by their full names.

        1. MayLou*

          My dog is called Benjamin Dougal Surname, because he’s a dug (I’m part scottish). My late kitty was called Paige Catherine Surname, because she was a cat. Not sure what I’d call a pet bird or hamster.

        2. NotAnotherManager!*

          Yep. Cats get into enough trouble that they need one – our first pair of boys had joke middle names. one’s was an oblique Monty Python reference, and the other’s was a jokey extra middle name my spouse’s best friend gave him in college. We said we named him after his dad (his favorite human from the day he shot out of the carrier and into our house). The current pair is still in flux, nearly five years later. We settled for turning one of them’s short but silly name into a long and absurd name.

        3. JessaB*

          My cat’s name is Parker Dot McGonagall and like all my cats has a middle name starting with a D, so I can yell “Dammit Dot, don’t DO that!” at her.

        4. PhyllisB*

          All of my previous (female) dogs had the middle name of Belle. It started because our first dog’s mother was named Lucy Belle and it just went from there. All but one, we had a chihuahua named Lola. I called her Lola Louise. Our current dog was named George already when we got him as a rescue. My grand-son added George Phillip Last Name. (His middle name is Phillip.) And like Hardison, when any of them heard all three of their names, they tucked their tails and gave me pathetic looks.

      3. old curmudgeon*

        Yes indeed! My two coworkers that I submitted (one or both of whom will be in the Wednesday post) are Peanut Napoleon McDammitcat and Smudgely Hoover McDammitcat, known collectively as the Cuddlebeasts.

        They are littermates, so of course they have the same last name. And trust me, McDammitcat suits them.

        Peanut’s first name is due to the fact that he was the runt of the litter and about half the size of his brother when we adopted them. They’re closer in size now, but he’s still smaller.

        Peanut’s middle name is the result of his Napoleonic complex; even though he is the smallest of the three cats in the household, he regularly picks fights on and tries to beat up the other two.

        Smudgely’s first name comes from a little brown patch on his nose that looks like a smudge of chocolate.

        Smudgely’s middle name of Hoover is because he is a four-legged vacuum cleaner who will eat anything edible (and some things that aren’t). He and I had a pitched battle just yesterday over the bag of raw green beans in our groceries, in fact; raw green beans are one of his favorite treats, to the point that he’ll steal them right off the cutting board when we’re prepping them for supper, and he can smell them from the opposite end of the house when we bring them in with the groceries.

        And the reason they are called the Cuddlebeasts is that whenever they are not stealing green beans, wrestling around my feet, or chasing each other through the house, they are cuddled up together, usually on top of me.

        1. Red Reader the Adulting Fairy*

          My husband’s cats are collectively “The Thunderbeasts.” No points for guessing why. :)

    3. Destroyer of Worlds, Empress of Awesome*

      Very recently, I acquired a Maine Coon kitten. Her name is Princess Francesca Luisa Zamboni.

      1. The Man, Becky Lynch*

        Our mini schnauzer came from one of those “pedigrees” and we were told if we registered him he needed 3 names. And therefore his name is Simon Richie Ramone and anyone who asks about it gets told “He’s a show dog, dude!” [He is not a show dog, he is anything but a show dog…]

      2. WantonSeedStitch*

        This reminds me of a former high school classmate of mine, who had a chinchilla named Chintzy Linguini von Fettuccini.

    4. Claire*

      For the record: Ella the hedgehog’s full name is Eleanor Sophia Margaret Camilla. She was the tiniest, silliest little thing when she was a hoglet, so I thought she needed a name with same ~gravitas.

    5. Salsa Your Face*

      Our cat’s full name is General Count Reverend Doctor Yoshi Shoulders von (LastName) Esquire, III. He mostly answers to Yoshi, which is what his name was before things spiraled out of control.

      Of course even with all those qualifications, he barely contributes to household funds. He just keeps going back for more degrees instead.

    6. Turtlewings*

      My girl is apparently going to be in the second post, but her name is Dolce Dagger Destiny, best delivered to the tune of “Camptown Races”, i.e. Dolce Dagger Destiny, doo-dah, doo-dah, Dolce Dagger Destiny, oh doo dah day.

    7. Pomona Sprout*

      Agreed on the surnames. Georgiana and Fitzwilliam Darcycat are my favorite cat names ever!

  3. AnonAnon*

    Clearly the cats are taking over the home offices! As they should :)

    Love the Chocolate Teapot mug!

  4. Sullen Choirboy*

    This is terrific;
    I’m so glad to see these babies and enjoy their wonderfulness. My girls are Veronica the Shop Steward and Bebe, Esq. Bebe recently got past a kidney infection that scared us so much–we were very afraid we would lose her but she has pulled through. Many thanks to those working in animal care and staying open at this time :)

  5. Red Reader the Adulting Fairy*

    The Chaos Beast: Somewhere, from when I first started working at home five and a half years ago, I have several pictures of The Sir (also a black cat, who has since gone on to disapprove of everything from the Great Beyond) reclining in the business end of that exact same printer. :) (He managed to disconnect it from the network at one point, somehow.)

    1. No Tribble At All*

      I saw Chaos Beast and thought that was somehow a picture of one of my kitties! Then again I think that of every picture of a black cat. :)

    2. Alexandra Lynch*

      We often refer to our nine-month old black kitten, Nyx, as the Daughter of Chaos.

      She is why the dining room table is shoved off-center (so she will stop attacking and detaching pieces of the chandelier) and why the bamboo plant in Boyfriend’s office looks….pruned, at the tips. I also suspect her involvement in the foil balls all over the floor.

  6. NYWeasel*

    OMG, so adorable!!!!

    Alison, can we have some fun one day by playing the “Coworker Game” (Saying something our pets do, but referring to them as “My coworker” instead) and having you answer them like they are real letters? I am dying at the thought of you giving a serious answer to “My coworkers expect me to scratch their butt when I’m on conference calls”.

    1. Wendy Darling*

      My coworker won’t get out of bed even when I tell him it’s time to go outside to pee. He only gets up for meals. What a bum.

    2. McGruff*

      My coworker screams like a train whistle every time someone opens the refrigerator in the breakroom and it’s disturbingly distracting.

    3. Salsa Your Face*

      My coworker has taken to burrowing completely under the covers during the day, to the point where I nearly sat on him while putting on socks before a lunchtime walk.

    4. Pipe Organ Guy*

      My coworker goes to a far corner of the house and yells piteously that she can’t find us, in a totally different tone of voice than when she’s talking directly to us.

    5. Third or Nothing!*

      My coworker insists on hiding under the table at my feet to avoid another coworker who won’t leave her alone.

    6. NYWeasel*

      My coworker insisted on me handing him one single cashew. He then carried it into the other room and left it on the floor bc he doesn’t like nuts.

    7. Sandra Jellicoe*

      My coworker thinks he is my boss. He is constantly yowling to me about things that are not part of my job (ie late lunch time, birds at window, etc). Whenever I’m working on a big project he feels left out of, he will insert himself by standing in front of my monitor, or even laying on my keyboard.

      1. SnapCrackleSloth*

        My coworker keeps pawing at my crotch until I let him cuddle up between my legs. Alison, should I talk to HR??

    8. kw10*

      My coworker bites my ankles when he thinks I’m spending too long on the phone. Alison, these phone calls are 100% work related! Biting is so inappropriate but he gets defensive whenever I try to raise it.

    9. TypityTypeType*

      Two of my co-workers regularly chase each other around the office, even getting on top of the furniture and knocking things over — and sometimes one of them actually hides under a desk and spits at people! I want to say something, but they’re both super defensive.

    10. Queer Earthling*

      My coworker keeps following me into the bathroom. How do I address personal space without making it an HR issue?

    11. JobHunter*

      One of my coworkers has no volume control. NONE.

      She yells at us that the mail has arrived, that someone is at the door, that she wants a snack, that the neighbors are home, that the other coworkers are hogging the couch, to throw the toy…We tried quietly suggesting that she use her indoor voice, but she retorted THIS IS HER INDOOR VOICE.

      Earbuds/headphones aren’t working. Any suggestions on other workarounds?

      1. Loubelou*

        My coworker manages to get into my bedroom every morning and jumps up and down on the bed until I make her breakfast.

    12. Thankful for AAM*

      That viral pets as coworkers thing inspired my pic of my Flappy Dog!
      He is a very awkward coworker bc he always sits in my chair with me.

  7. Destroyer of Worlds, Empress of Awesome*

    Whose blue-front Amazon and Cockatoo? Beautiful birds!

    I’m so enjoying seeing everyone’s furkids….errrrrrr, co-workers. So many smiles…..!

    1. Animal worker*

      Mine! I also have an African Grey you should see Wednesday and the newest addition is Tortie cat who was in today’s as the ‘cat colleague’ that I got last summer.

      I’m currently splitting time WFH and days at work (a zoo, so lots of essential employees hard at work). At home I’m going to try rotating one critter in the office at a time. But no parrots during conference calls, they can’t help themselves but try and contribute.

  8. mananana*

    Thank you SO much for doing this, Alison. And Murphy thanks you too, although he wishes I would have submitted a picture that better captured his 123 lb glory…..

  9. Nervous Nellie*

    Oh, Alison, thank you! Bookmarked. I will go back to this one plenty over the next several months. Nothing is so cheery as critters. Thank you, AAM friends, for sharing with everyone.

  10. juliebulie*

    Thanks… I needed that!
    And so impressed that so many pets are actually looking at the camera. When I had a dog, she’d look at me all the time EXCEPT when I was holding a camera.

    I’ve been so, so tempted to take on a pet – but then when we go back to our offices, that poor pet would be alone all day.

    (Unless I got two pets to keep one another company… hmmm…)
    Don’t want to derail but it sort of seems on topic?

    1. AnotherAlison*

      We have 1 dog and an outdoor cat. Tried to convince my husband that it would be a great time to get a second dog since the teenager will be home till mid-August to train it. That didn’t fly.

      Anyway, my one dog is a very people-friendly dog (English Setter), but she does not seem to mind being home alone all day. Our old Lhasa didn’t, either. With everyone’s varying schedules, our pets normally don’t have more than 8 hrs alone, so that helps with the potty aspect of it. The dog is happy to have us home now, but I do get the feeling that she wishes she could have more uninterrupted naps again.

    2. Quill*

      Honestly my primary hangup about potential animal aquisition is that I am currently in housing limbo (living in my parent’s house that they’re in the process of selling, but obviously there aren’t going to be buyers until this is over) more than anything else.

      Time to text my brother, who’s teaching remotely, and demand pictures of his new cats.

    3. Ada*

      Have you considered fostering? That way you could have company while stuck at home and not have to worry about leaving an animal alone after the going back to the office.

      1. juliebulie*

        I am not sure how to get involved in fostering, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find out. Thanks for the idea.

        1. Ask a Manager* Post author

          Contact your local shelter or local rescue groups. They really need foster homes right now because most shelters are closed for adoptions.

    4. AppleStan*

      That is how I ended up with 3 cat owners after never having been owned by a cat. Best decision I ever made. ALTHOUGH if you don’t want to take on multiple pets, a shelter will happily show you to some of their cats who prefer to be solitary (usually these are not the kittens), if you’re truly worried that leaving a pet home alone would be worrisome for you.

      I would not try it with a single dog…dogs tend to want to have at least one other being for company.

  11. The Rafters*

    With all of the bad/sad news out there, this literally brought happy tears to my eyes. Now I have to actually scroll slowly through them to really enjoy them.

  12. Mid*

    Thank you all for this! I forgot to send in pics of my furry coworker, but I’m so glad that everyone else didn’t!

  13. Lena Clare*

    Oops I think my attempt at an emoji made my comment disappear!
    I’m loving this gallery.
    Smokey & Bandit are my faves but the moocow is a close 2nd!

  14. hermit crab*

    Carl looks just like my foster dog, Chester! I forgot to submit a photo of him, but the one I would’ve sent looked a lot like Carl’s picture.

  15. SubjectAvocado*

    Serious question: how do you get cats to leave your laptop alone??? Mine is driving me insane. I’ve tried the towel-with-a-heating-pad trick and he isn’t biting.

    1. OrigCassandra*

      One of mine wouldn’t rest until he had marked my laptop (since I took it home from work the last day we were allowed there — it’s not my personal laptop). So I let him… and now he’s a lot less interested in it. Worth a try?

      1. Slow Gin Lizz*

        Marked??? Like, peed on? That seems like a bad thing to do to an electronic device….

        1. OrigCassandra*

          LOL, no, via facerubbing!

          My bad, I should have realized that interpretation was possible!

    2. Candi*

      Repeatedly moving him (them) with a stern “No!” every. single. time. No pets, no scritches. Pick up and put on floor.

      It worked with all four, Blitz, Gritz, Fritzi, and Ritzi. Blitz was the hardest. (I did NOT pick the names -these guys started out as my dad’s cats before we moved in with him back in 2007.)

      Three, including Gritz’s mother Fritzi, have gone over the rainbow bridge. I didn’t want to submit pictures of them. Fritzi is a story in why you ALWAYS fix your cats -she wasn’t supposed to get out, she had an appointment to get spayed the day! But she did, and had one very bright orange kitten. Then got spayed.

  16. New Jack Karyn*

    Thank you for sharing your Rainbow Bridge kitty. We lost one recently, too, and I didn’t have the heart to go through pics of her to submit one.

    1. Lyudie*

      Same…we lost ours about a month ago. He made appearances on all video calls, occasionally IMed coworkers, and parked on my laptop off and on throughout the day (it’s warm!). I have pics of him on my desk but decided not to send any in.

      1. GilaMonster*

        Hi, I’m so sorry for your loss. I commented to New Jack Karen as well, Rainbow Kitty is my cat, and it is surprisingly cathartic to see him online. Hugs to you.

    2. NotAnotherManager!*


      We lost the one I call The Best Cat Every at the beginning of the year, and I miss him so, so much even though I know he’d be a total pain in the ass to telework with. (And I know that because my spouse teleworks several days a week and the cat never in his entire 16+-year life understood why the servant was in the house and not serving him. And complained about it loudly.)

      His buddy, who we lost several years ago, was my work-impeding cat. Looking at that file? Let me sit on it. Need your computer? Ha, ha! Kitty obstacle course to get to the keyboard. Need that for a meeting with your boss tomorrow? Let me three-hole punch it with my fangs first. A mouse? Awesome, let me pounce on it and kill it dead. His coupe de grace was napping in the printer and changing the language on it by stepping on some Dance Dance Revolution combination of the buttons. I don’t read Russian.

      1. GilaMonster*

        Hi, I’m so sorry for your loss as well. The Rainbow bridge kitty is mine, and your kitty’s buddy sounds a lot like him. I sew as well and have several pictures of him laying on tissue patterns (I always had to place a decoy pattern piece for him to mess with). He was a pain to work with as well and that picture was actually taken to show an agreement we’d come to :) though I’d give anything to have him be here, healthy and a pain again.
        Hugs to you.

    3. GilaMonster*

      Hi, Rainbow Bridge kitty is mine. So sorry for your loss as well. I was surprised today to start crying when I saw his picture online. It’s only been about 3 weeks though. Hugs if you want them!

  17. revueller*

    What’s even better than the animal coworkers is all their names! This was the pick-me-up I didn’t know I needed. (And all the birds, mice, and hedgehogs are much appreciated :D)

  18. Quill*

    Awww. My Eli sadly didn’t make it to this point (he passed last year,) but he was the WORST for phone calls even after multiple periods of supervising my progress applying for jobs.

    My current WFH setup is a coffee table and an increasingly plump pile of beanbags, so he’d probably have wagged my monitor off onto the floor by now. :)

    1. GilaMonster*

      Sorry about that, that was my kitty, and I thought it was a fun way to honor him. Though I am a little surprised at how emotional seeing him online and replying to people in the thread has been.

  19. Nessun*

    Thank you so much to whoever sent in Fabrizio the fish…I was not expecting that at all – awesome!! LOL

  20. Oof*

    I missed the entry since I was trying to get my office space to look like a home office, :-D I’ll have to join in if there is another call for coworkers.

    1. Slow Gin Lizz*

      Same! I lost count but there are at least 10. I counted because I have the same black cat that everyone else has. (I have been assured that he will be in Wednesday’s post, or at least one of my cats will.)

      1. Jessen*

        As the human of one of those black cats, they do kinda all look the same for the camera! My apartment manager likes to get a look at all the cats because sometimes someone gets out into the lobby and it’s easier to figure out what apartment to return them to. She said it’s hard because there’s like 6 solid black cats.

  21. Sandra Jellicoe*

    My coworker ignores my questions/requests all day, but the moment I start to work on an assignment that requires all my focus, coworker finds multiple excuses for needing my attention. Even though their requests are not urgent (asking me for snacks, expecting me to tell them how pretty they are, yowling when I’m on the phone) they act like their needs trump my actual work. Also the coworker often acts like they are my boss , and that I should treat their whims as demands that need immediate action on my part. This is frustrating as not only have I been at this location longer, I actually brought them in to this office!
    This morning, coworker went as far as to sit on my desk and block my access to the monitor in an effort to keep my from my work, and when that didn’t work, they lay across my keyboard and took a nap.

    1. Retail not Retail*

      This is just one of those things that happen in open office plans – I assume a door in coworker’s face would lead to chaos.

      Have you done a sandwich talk? “You have beautiful eyes. However, these interruptions make me think there is nothing behind them. You do a great job keeping the squirrels away.”

  22. Llellayena*

    OMG! The hedgehog! So Cute! I’m not sure which made me smile more, that or the cat stuck in the blinds!

    1. Animal worker*

      The cat in the blinds was awesome! I’d totally take a picture before extricating them too!

        1. Atalanta*

          Blue never learns, he did the same thing on the other side of the blinds 10 minutes later. Goofball! I have 6 cats of my own plus fosters, two dogs and a ball python who likes to play Houdini and escape his tank. I’m keeping all of my co-workers entertained!

          Love the hedgehog! If I didn’t have a Zoo, I’d have hedgehogs and ferrets.

          1. Polaris*

            I’m having a ball imagining your coworkers’ faces as Blue climbs up and gets stuck in the blinds behind you.

            1. Atalanta*

              It took a minute or so to get everyone back under control and resume the call; my boss said he understands now why I say I come into the office for peace and quite. So far I’m winning the Most Distracting WFH contest at the company between Blue’s antics and Noodle the Escape Artist Ball Python.

  23. Accounting Otaku*

    My dogs have made an appearance on every video staff meeting we’ve had so far, sometimes by popular request. I have gotten so much peace and quiet just by moving their bed under my desk.

  24. Slow Gin Lizz*

    Oh, man, I hope that cat on the bass doesn’t decide it’ll make a good scratching post….

  25. Pipe Organ Guy*

    I wish I had a photo of when Sammie the polydactyl tries to “help” me practice. It’s distracting enough when she’s just on the bench, jammed up against me; when she decides she has to walk across the keyboards, well, then she earns a one-way trip to the floor, gently deposited there, of course.

  26. Rachel 2: Electric Boogaloo*

    Chaplin, our office manager, appreciates that there are so many fellow tuxie coworkers! He is Not Pleased that I forgot to send in his picture.

    I had to smile at the cat named Myshkin. My first pet was an Airedale terrier named Myshkin – my parents got him a year or two before I was born.

    1. old curmudgeon*

      My tuxie doesn’t have his photo posted either, because he is the Elder Gentleman Cat and spends his days in the safety of the spare bedroom where the impudent youngsters can’t harass him. Hence, when I am working from the kitchen table under the supervision of the Cuddlebeasts, he is peacefully snoozing in a sunbeam in the opposite corner of the house.

      You know, come to think of it, that type of behavior does somewhat resemble that of certain denizens of the C-suite. Maybe I should have sent in a photo of him after all.

  27. Peachkins*

    I’m so excited to have my Jeannie be part of your site! I never dreamed you would post all of the pictures you received. This is great!

    1. Third or Nothing!*

      Me too!!!!! Lord of the Rings, Firefly, Avatar the Last Airbender, Harry Potter.

      My Hermione is supposed to make an appearance in the next post. :D

      1. Miranda's Coworker*

        Miranda gets her name from Serenity! Because she is either tranquil or insane.

      2. Red Reader the Adulting Fairy*

        Angua (from Discworld) and Alannah (of Trebond) are coming in round 2!

        1. Third or Nothing!*

          YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS! Please tell me Angua is a wolfhound and Alannah is a tabby.

          P.S. I’m currently re-reading The Fifth Elephant.

      1. Junimo the Hutt*

        I was hoping that was the case! Though Vex by itself is also a wonderful name for a cat.

  28. Social Distancing, What's That?*

    My coworker keeps harassing me at my desk. HR has been completely non-responsive. “It’s right there in the name, HUMAN resources” my rep told me.

  29. Poppy*

    That white parakeet… there’s always ONE coworker who trims their nails right at the desk!

    1. Animal worker*

      Hah! That’s my umbrella cockatoo. I think she likes to hone her nails to a fine razor sharpness, especially right after they’ve been trimmed.

  30. Donkey Hotey*

    Shout out to Cosette! Gimli and BB8 send their regards but haven’t been able to figure out Linked In yet.

  31. Emeemay*

    A cat called People and a dog named Sherlock Bones. I’m so happy.

    (My kitty is Argent! She keeps trying to turn off my WiFi)

  32. fposte*

    Someone is *sitting* on their co-worker! To be fair, many co-workers appear to be sitting on employees, too.

  33. Allornone*

    Aw, my little Catsby wasn’t chosen :(. Maybe next batch. If not, it’s all your losses because he’s a precious, vicious little muffin.

    In the meantime, ALL OF YOUR PETS ARE ABSOLUTELY FREAKING ADORABLE. This thread fills me with joy.

    1. Emeemay*

      There’s going to be a second post on Wednesday! The email said there were just too many to do in a single post :)

      1. Ask a Manager* Post author

        Yes, I’m using at least one photo from everyone who submitted them! Just needed to divide them into two posts because of the quantity.

        That said, with a lot of people who submitted multiple photos, I ended up toward the end having to just pick one each or the number of photos here would have been overwhelming (and a lot of work for me!).

        1. Jdc*

          Thank you for doing this. It is bringing joy!! I’m a big fan of the cow. I’ve long been obsessed with cows but apparently it’s not “practical” as a pet. My husband can be such a kill joy. Haha

        2. old curmudgeon*

          We so appreciate the effort you put into this, Alison! 500 photos to sort through, all of them of adorable coworkers, and with a broken/lacerated finger to boot – yikes, you are truly a Hero of the Revolution to do this, and to bring smiles to so many hard-working telecommuters. I hope you at least had fun in the process of looking through everyone’s furry/finny/feathery/scaly colleagues.

          Looking forward to Wednesday’s post – it’ll get me through the day just to see it!

  34. Agile Phalanges*

    Gritz is looking good! I have a kitty who is 21 1/2 (will be 22 this summer if she’s still around), and she’s so frail and skinny, but still hanging in there and seems to enjoy life as much as she ever did (she’s not very enthusiastic about much, but never has been).

    Evie, however, looks to be on the brink of death due to being banished from the keyboard. I’m pretty sure she’s not long for this world if you don’t allow her to lay on it.

    1. Candi*

      Aww, thanks! Gritz had a tooth infection that spread to his blood stream about a year and a half ago, but a shot of antibiotics cleared him right up.

      Vet also prescribed him a low dose of daily pain meds for his arthritis. Except for that and a bit of weakness in his hips, he’s feisty as ever. And the master of the “I want attention, please” pat.

      His mother made it to 22 before she passed on. I didn’t want to submit a picture of her, even though there’s some of them together. The little tortie minx got out the day before she was supposed to spayed, had the one very bright orange kitten, THEN got spayed. This is why you always fix even indoor-only cats!

  35. Snickelfritz*

    I didn’t submit his picture, because he’s not my co-worker; he’s the emotional support purrson for another cat, but his name is Dammit Jake Hyphenated-Surname. We usually call him by his middle name.

  36. !*

    Very nice! My animal coworkers are all stuffed unfortunately. I am a cat person but hubby is allergic, it’s hard to determine if I made the right choice these days…

  37. Jdc*

    The cow is my favorite. On our local news channel this morning they are all working from home and i thought i heard a meow and a moment later the woman who was talking cat jumped up and was face first in the camera checking it out. Was a nice laugh with all of this going on.

  38. Turtlewings*

    These are all so wonderful and brightened my day! My favorites are Maggie, who “tries to instigate a reorg while I’m on a break,” Archer who upholds FERPA, Blue who “managed to bring an entire conference call to a screeching halt,” and blissful Fred in his blanket burrito!

  39. junipergreen*

    Miss Pickles! That one got me lol. Loving all the loaves… I too have a bitey loaf.

    Thank you so much Alison, this was a lovely reprieve!

  40. AO*

    I’m sad, I typoed the email address and it only just bounced back. Looks like I would have been the only one with a reptile co-worker :)

    1. Nervous Nellie*

      OOOOH, a reptile! Can we see, can we see? Alison is doing another round on Wed – maybe you could try to zap it in before then?

    2. Red Reader the Adulting Fairy*

      My housemate in the basement has an albino corn snake, a fancy ball python and a red-tailed boa around his home office!

    3. Candi*

      I feel your pain. I am a master of the copying and pasting of even the most awkward links because I am so worried about typoing one!

    4. Atalanta*

      You’re not alone! I have Noodle, my ball python. Unofficial team mascot and another destroyer of conference calls.

  41. Not a Morning Person*

    This was the best! No picture because….we relocated for my spouse’s new role and finally moved into a new home in January. Yes, the timing was so good for job hunting…… :-( . Anyway, what a wonderful group of coworkers everyone has! Thanks for sharing!

  42. Three Flowers*

    OMG I needed this so much. I sent it to my coworkers and we have formed a furry coworker hiring committee. Essential competencies include cuddling while collaborating without lying on the keyboard.

    Also, props to Eowyn, Shieldkitten of the Riddermark, Emily Durkheim, and their persons for the most spectacularly nerdy cat names!

  43. old curmudgeon*

    All of the photos of these amazing coworkers made me grin, but the one of Blues disrupting a phone conference from the blinds had me laughing out loud – thank you for that! (Although my own four-legged coworkers did not appreciate being awakened.)

    1. Atalanta*

      He’s a little goofball and Most Displeased with me at the moment since my desk is the best bird watching spot in the house and I keep insisting on using it during the day.

  44. Strawberry Fields Forever*

    I hope someone adopts Buster! My hubby is allergic to 99% of dogs, so it can’t be us. So glad you have a wonderful foster-family!!!

    1. Buster's Fommy*

      I hope so too! I’m Buster’s foster mom (or “fommy” as they say in some of the foster boards – I told my husband that made him the “faddy”). He’s really such a good dog who had some rotten luck in life. I’m glad we able to watch him while we work from home for the coming weeks, and we’re getting him all healthy for his new people.

      Here’s his Trello page with some better pictures, if you hear of anyone looking for a snuggle buddy:

      And thank you, Alison, for sharing his picture!

  45. Nye*

    Two main conclusions from this post:
    1) AAM fans are overwhelmingly cat people, and I am unsurprised.
    2) I want a cat. So much.

  46. The Rafters*

    Unbelievable! All of the wasteful, lazy and even illegal activity our coworkers are engaging in. Biting! Sleeping!

  47. Lucien Nova*

    “I have a bite-happy meatloaf in place of my keyboard.”

    A cat called People.

    These two are just slaying me. :D

  48. Lierre*

    I loved all the small animals! But please tell me we have at least one bunny co-worker out there?

  49. Not So NewReader*

    Thank you so much for this Alison and everyone. I so enjoyed seeing all these furry faces.

  50. MeghanJK*

    Update on Hiccup and May Pearl. They have now begun jumping on people’s backs and have unlocked the ability to jump up on the couch and dining room table. XD

  51. Tiffany Hashish*

    I’m waiting patiently for a covid-edition photo of those partying cockroach coworkers.

  52. Sebastian*

    Everyone, thank you so much for sharing and introducing us to your valued team members. This has cheered me up more than I can say <3

  53. MerelyMe*

    For Pho’s human: you won’t get your laptop case back, but you won’t get your keyboard back, either. At least not if Pho is anything like my cat.

  54. Susan*

    They are all awesome but I can’t help but love Clifford. Good for him for encouraging regular breaks.

  55. La Triviata*

    I was reading about a family that was working/studying from home and noticed that a couple of days in, their dog wasn’t able to move his tail. Took him to the vet and it turned out he’d wagged it so much (happy they were all home) that he’d sprained it. He’s now recovering nicely.

  56. BlackCatOwner*

    These names are the best! Please tell me People and Chaos Beast and Queen Foo Foo are their real names!

    1. pancakes*

      sorry, accidentally hit post before I finished – and Queen Vicki! My cat Vivian is either rubbing her face on the corners of my laptop (if I’m working in my favorite chair in the living room) or sitting between my desk and the door to the hall, so that I can’t go anywhere without her attention.

  57. pancakes*

    So many cuties! I especially love Bumble Bee, the dotted rug cats, Evie, Gary, Tonks, Miss Pickles, People, ans

  58. Lepidoptera*

    I swear if that’s a Bernese Mountain Dog named “Bernie” I will just squeee.

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