speed round — submit your questions

Tomorrow is the Ask a Manager speed round! On Wednesday from 2-4 pm ET, I’ll be answering as many questions as I can live on the website during that time.

To submit a question in advance, use the form below.

These will be short answers, obviously, so this is better suited for questions that don’t require lengthy, nuanced replies.

The speed round has now happened (you can read it here) so I am closing this form.

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  1. ThatGirl*

    Man, I can’t read – I thought the speed round was happening right now. It’s still Tuesday. Good thing you’re accepting questions early! :)

    1. The Cosmic Avenger*

      Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. I was also wondering why I couldn’t see the Qs & As…until I saw your comment!

    2. Strawberry*

      Agreed! I’m on the West Coast and thought I had just enough time to get in a question, and then realized that I had the day wrong.

      1. ThatGirl*

        Actually, Wednesday is bonded (not tomorrow) and I think she did that after my comment. But I’m glad your reading comprehension is impeccable!

  2. Emdash*

    I thought today was Wednesday. Season 12 of the pandemic has really scrambled my brain. Wonder what else the writers have in store for us ;)….hopefully some good news.

    1. snowyowl*

      I’m kind of hoping we get the Murder Hornets back again, I felt like that was a dropped plot thread….

      (Mostly kidding)

      1. Emdash*

        Okay I forgot about murder hornets! Julie Nolke is a comedian on YouTube who has a funny series on talking to different versions of her pandemic self.

          1. snowyowl*

            Everyone forgets about the Murder Hornets! It’s a dropped plot line. I’ve not been impressed with the consistency of the plot tbh. =]

            1. Emdash*

              I agree the plot has been a bit scattered. And so many subplots now competing for main character energy and screen time. But maybe the writers are on August hiatus right now and plotting (pun intended) some cliff hangers for the new fall season. ;)

        1. Amy Farrah Fowler*

          I love that playlist of videos and have rewatched some of the early ones recently marveling at how little we knew back then.

        1. Emdash*

          “Northern Giant Hornets” makes me think of my 1987 soccer team, The North County Yellow Jackets. I’m allergic to bees so those giant hornets scare me!

  3. Emdash*

    At this point aliens could land and I would probably shrug and say “that tracks” while wondering why it wasn’t on my 2022 bingo card.

    1. Properlike*

      There was a point during the pandemic when the air raid sirens went off and I yelled, “What is it THIS time?!”

      But it was only the first Tuesday of the month.

      1. Emdash*

        I saw “civil war” trending on Twitter and thought, “Well I hope my side/team claims black leggings as their team color first because I have lots of those.”


        Thanks all for the collective sarcasm and laughs today. I legit appreciate the dry humor!

    1. Teekanne aus Schokolade*

      Yeah, I had to switch to “desktop mode” and even then it was tricky. A Google form next time may be a bit easier even if it is a link out

      1. Shoshanna*

        Same! It’s a compliment to Alison because I persevered when bad UX usually sends me running. I commented on my question.

  4. Allison S*

    Are the answers going to be archived somewhere? I missed this live, but would love to check out what people asked and the answers.

  5. WonkyStitch*

    The answer about Facebook offering full-time remote work is so ironic – years ago when I was looking for work, I reached out to their “diversity and inclusion” recruiters about working remotely as a reasonable accommodation for disability, and they totally blew me off. Insisted all work had to be done at their Menlo Park site. Jerks.

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