speed round — submit your questions

Tomorrow is the Ask a Manager speed round! On Wednesday from 2-3:30 pm ET, I’ll be answering as many questions as I can live on the website during that time.

To submit a question in advance, use the form below.

These will be short answers, obviously, so this is better suited for questions that don’t require lengthy, nuanced replies.

The speed round has now happened (you can read it here) so I am closing this form.

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  1. Polaris*

    I just hate that I can NEVER remember what I do think at 2 a.m. “I should submit this for a speed round” or “this is something I should ask in the Friday Open Thread.”

    1. Filthy Vulgar Mercenary*

      I feel you! I once started a set of notes with this and was actually able to post once or twice on the Friday open thread, but for some reason getting from idea/question to writing it down to submitting it at a certain time seems like a whole lot of steps :)

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