it’s your Friday good news

It’s your Friday good news!

Thanks to your posts about how women tend to pass on opportunities that men would pursue, last year I decided to apply for a position that would have been a bit of a stretch. I knew I didn’t have 100% of the experience they were looking for, but I used your cover letter and resume advice, and reached out to former bosses who gave me very strong references. I was interviewed, and although I did not get hired for that position, I was offered a part-time position. The new position and my old one were roughly equivalent, but the new job had a more centralized program that offered opportunities to stretch myself professionally, plus a 40% pay increase.

Last month, my former boss transferred to a different location in my old organization, and reached out to ask me if I would consider taking on a leadership role in a project she was planning for this fall. That project is one she and I had always hoped to do together, but the timing never worked out. Having read all your excellent advice, I knew this was a great opportunity to advocate for more money, which I did successfully. My new salary at my old organization represents more than a 60% raise on my original pay! I will now be happily splitting my time between the two organizations, grabbing growth and training opportunities with both hands whenever they are offered.

As exciting as it is to make more money and be recognized for the quality of my work, what is even better is knowing I have two great bosses who think a lot of my skills, and that this new program will help a lot of people. We work with kids and adults who are at risk, and our program makes them safer and creates opportunities for joy and independence. I’m sure you can’t publish every good news story you receive, but I wanted you to know what a profound, positive impact your blog and your book have had on my life. Your advice helped me take advantage of opportunities I might otherwise have decided not to pursue, and I’m very grateful!

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  1. Bookworm*

    Wow! That’s so awesome and what a lovely Friday good news post. That’s so fantastic OP, this one made me smile all the way through. Thank you for sharing.

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