it’s your Friday good news

It’s your Friday good news!

1.  “Wanted to share some positive news from my most recent hiring experience. I was notified that I was being laid off in the spring, but was asked to stay on through the end of summer to finish up some projects. I was subsequently un-laid off, but just didn’t feel the love for the work anymore. (Which is a bummer because I truly enjoyed this job.) The clock was ticking for me to find a new role. I was moved pretty quickly through an interview process at Big Tech Company and in my first conversation with the recruiter we talked compensation. I was very straightforward about my expectations, even though it would put me in the top 5% of the advertised pay band.

I got an offer today! It was close to my original ask, but not quite there. My recruiter walked me through the whole offer this morning, then said, “I think there’s room here. Is it okay if I go back to the compensation team to push for more?” He then did all the work and got back to me this afternoon with an additional 10%. It’s what I asked for originally in our conversation, plus more in equity and a sign-on bonus.

I advocated for myself by being honest with my recruiter, and he then advocated for me. It was actually shocking, but in the best way. Shout out to this amazing recruiter!”

2.  “I had wanted to write in when I got my new job a year ago, which was a big career boost and pay bump. But my good news is actually that I entered an intensive mental health treatment program (partial hospitalization). After a decade of struggling, I feel so much better. I still have hard days and am not ‘cured’ by any means. But I am so grateful to have a job that provided the time off, insurance, and disability coverage to undergo treatment. I wish every job provided that.

I used your advice about how much to disclose to people (as little as possible, as vague as possible) to avoid stigma. I hope one day that won’t be something people have to worry about, but I’m grateful for the advice you share on such an important topic. In the end, my biggest barrier was giving myself permission to take time for myself and my treatment.

I wanted to spread my good news and remind anyone who is struggling that there is hope. There is a lot of beauty in life, even when things are difficult, and there’s a light at the end of every tunnel.”

3.  “This is a more minor piece of good news, but I love reading other people’s, so here’s mine! I’ve been an unpaid intern this summer, and my boss asked our intern cohort who wanted to continue working through the fall semester. No joke, I think I’ll have my busiest semester yet (and my last ever!) this fall, so even though the experience is killer, I was planning to turn it down and end my work before September.

Except. AAM negotiation tactics. Be honest and upfront about what you want and what would be feasible for you. Put the ball in their court, because the worst they can do is say no. (I’ve also been getting the impression that the company is desperate for fall intern labor, so I felt I had a smidgen of something.)

So! I responded, a bit more professionally than this: “Although I would love to keep [chugging away at capitalism with you] this fall, I already have a full plate this semester, so I wouldn’t be able to do that unless the work was 75% scaled back (like, just the really cool stuff, none of the fluff) or paid. LOL, all best, me.”

My boss was like, “Aw, understandable, thanks for letting me know, if you ever want to come back in the future, etc etc.” I was like, great! Wasn’t the best case scenario pay-off for me, but I did create polite and clear communication re: the 411 of my needs. Then 24 hours later my boss emailed me again with, “Hey, I was brainstorming how to keep you on … what if we just cut your obligations to just the really cool stuff, none of the fluff?”

That maneuver would have never even crossed my mind a year ago! This site has been very helpful in getting me out of the Terrible Two-enties of professionalism and adulthood, and now it’s helped me out in an actually kinda big way. So, big thanks to you, Alison, and to the commentariat.”

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  1. Artemesia*

    #2 It is impressive that you have managed your illness and taken responsibility for the partial hospitalization program. If my son had been willing to acknowledge his mental illness and do likewise he would be alive today. He could not accept that he needed help and so destroyed a successful life over several harrowing years and is gone now. Congratulations on doing what needed done; I am sure you will prosper.

    1. Goldenrod*

      I’m so sorry. :(

      You’re right, it is so incredibly important for mental illness to be destigmatized, so that people who are suffering can accept the help that they need.

    2. LW2*

      Thank you very much for the congratulations. And I’m very sorry for your loss. It is a very unfortunate, and much too common, occurrence.

    3. Reluctant Mezzo*

      I have to admit that we are so happy we did the Pharmacology Roulette thing with our son while he was in his teens. It’s been a rocky road, but he’s still alive and pretty high functioning with what he’s got.

  2. Goldenrod*

    These are all beautiful updates. Well done! :)

    OP 1 – My experience with recruiters hasn’t been great, but your experience proves that there are some great ones out there. Congrats!

  3. Not Tom, Just Petty*

    Shout out to everyone.
    Special shout out to intern.
    Not only are you someone that the manager wants to have working there, you are someone the manager wants to have working there with him.
    Well done.

  4. Throwaway Account*

    Congrats to both of you and many thanks for writing in. I enjoy these posts so much!
    I’m so happy for both of you.
    It is really exciting to hear someone just starting out using AAM tips! I hope you write in often at key points in your career!

    Best to all!

  5. Random Anon*

    Well now I’m just looking for an excuse to work “chugging away at capitalism” into a work conversation!

  6. Hybrid Employee (Part Human, Part Wolf)*

    I’m especially delighted for the intern this week. Congratulations on excellent and professional self-advocacy — I wish I’d been as good at it as you already are when I was at your stage.

  7. ZSD*

    #1 Thank you for sharing this story with us! So often we get stories of clueless recruiters, so it’s pleasant to learn of a counterexample.
    #2 Congratulations on getting help, and best wishes for a continued recovery! I’m so glad your employer has given you the needed time to address your illness.
    #3 Way to go! That’s awesome!

  8. Purple Cat*

    “Terrible Two-Enties” LOL. When you think about it, it’s a pretty accurate comparison. A time period when you’re struggling to find your sense of self figure out how the world works.

  9. FriFriend*

    LW3 I am so using “keep [chugging away at capitalism” in the future. It’s really great you’ve got this in your pocket, it bodes well for your career! Best of luck on everything

  10. TSportsCat*

    Greatly appreciate the folks who write in with their Good News stories! I love the variety and congratulations to all!

  11. Oui oui oui all the way home*

    Awww, I love all of these! Congratulations to the three of you for your success.

  12. Oui oui oui all the way home*

    Aww, these all are such great updates! Congratulations to all three of you and best wishes for your continued success in work and in life.

  13. Glen*

    I’m glad lw3 is getting what they want but I gotta say I’m not in love with the company being “desperate for intern labour” from an unpaid intern. Clearly using unpaid interns for profitable work, very yucky indeed.

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