Jerks at work come in all flavors — credit-hoggers, bullies, underminers, and more. Here’s help in dealing with them.

a friend of my ex-boyfriend verbally attacked me at work

A reader writes: I have been working for a large corporation for a few years now. Recently, Joe started a new job here; he is a friend of an ex-boyfriend I recently broke up with (and who is still bitter about the breakup, although I’ve moved on). I got a new office space today and […]

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a manager scolded me for having a cold sore on my face

A reader writes: Is it unprofessional to go to work with active cold sores on your face? I occasionally get them and have never considered it to be a big deal until recently when someone at work commented on it. Last week I had a cold sore in the middle of my lower lip. It […]

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my trust fund coworker bullies staff for being “poor”

A reader writes: We just got a new team member a few months ago, “Lucy.” Lucy makes no secret about it that she’s a trust-fund kid: private schools, Ivy League, owns a fancy horse, the works. She’s like a stereotype from a bad sitcom. She’s in a role parallel with mine and we have to […]

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