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is it a bad sign if a company has lots of job vacancies?

A reader writes: I live in the southeast but really love the Pacific northwest, so I keep my eyes peeled for job opportunities in that area. Over time, I’ve noticed many job postings for this one particular company. Recently, they’ve listed a position that would be a great opportunity for me and for which I […]

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can non-work activities count toward years of work experience?

A reader writes: I know that you’ve said before that years of experience in a position is referring specifically to work experience, and that you can’t simply count schoolwork in a related field as such experience. But what about when a job is asking about experience using certain skills that can be relevant outside of […]

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the mystery of “remote” job listings that aren’t actually remote

Amid the boom in remote working spurred by pandemic closures two years ago, job seekers are encountering a frustrating phenomenon: jobs advertised as “remote” when they really aren’t. To the extreme and understandable frustration of job seekers, it’s become quite common for candidates to see a job posting for a role that claims to be […]

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