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how do you learn what types of jobs exist?

It’s the Thursday “ask the readers” question. A reader writes: When you’re trying to make a major career pivot, how do you even learn what sort of jobs are out there? For context: In 2014, I enrolled in a seven-year grad program with the goal of becoming a college professor. I was passionate about teaching, […]

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should I tell my boss I’m job-searching?

A reader writes: I have a question about how much notice to give my boss before leaving my role. While I have not received any offers of employment yet, I have begun to actively apply for jobs. My boss, with whom I have a very close working relationship, had previously asked me to give her […]

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are employers really so eager to hire right now?

We keep hearing that employers are desperate, can’t find good workers, and jobs are going unfilled … so if you’re currently job-searching, how does that match up with your own experience? Based on my mail, lots of people are still getting ignored by employers … or offered laughably low salaries … or seeing ads requiring […]

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job seekers are ghosting employers … just like employers have done to them for years

In today’s topsy-turvy job market, a strange new thing is happening: Employers are increasingly grumbling about job seekers “ghosting” them. These job candidates just don’t show up for their scheduled interviews. And in some cases, they accept a job only to disappear. Employers don’t like this. But they’ve been doing this to workers for years, […]

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when the red flags are even more ominous than you know…

In 2014, I received this letter. I get more mail than I can answer, and this one didn’t end up getting published. But read on, because there’s a twist coming. After following your cover letter and resume advice, I landed an interview for a position I would love to have. It is similar to my […]

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employer says candidates must accept the job if it’s offered

A reader writes: I recently was referred to a job posting by a friend in my industry. While I am happily employed, it was definitely something I would consider. However, the posting ended with the line, “It is understood that any candidate applying for a full-time position will accept employment. Please do not apply if […]

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