yet one more random thing

I just phone-interviewed someone who’s a regular blog reader! Apparently my voice sounds nothing like people to expect it to sound. I wonder what people think I will sound like — very gruff, I’m guessing. (The truth is that I sound like a 13-year-old girl, I’m sorry to say.)

I told her about how when I first shed my anonymity, after about a year of blogging anonymously, a bunch of people were shocked because they’d thought from my writing that I was a man.

I find this all fascinating.

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  1. Erica*

    When I heard your voice on your wonderful interviewing guide, I have to admit, I was also taken aback. You sound so sweet and not as "take no prisoners" as I thought. Then you semi-curse and I cracked up.

  2. ImpassionedPlatypi*

    I didn't mean to make it sound like I expected you to have a man voice! I wouldn't even say gruff. I was expecting feminine, but a little deeper. Just slightly. And I'm basing that on your Twitter picture, not your writing.

  3. Anonymous*

    "…a bunch of people were shocked because they'd thought from my writing that I was a man…"

    I'm shocked! I don't know what constitutes "man writing", but I thought you were a man too :-)


    p.s. I love your writing

  4. Ben Eubanks*

    I was thinking a 12 year old, not 13, but it's all good. I just realized the interview guide was probably the first time most of your people have ever heard your voice!

    Pretty cool. :-)

  5. Anonymous*

    Most people probably think this site is written by a man, because most people equate being a manager with being a man.

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