update from the reader wondering about taking her dream job while still working part-time for her old employer

Here’s our final “where are they now?” update. I’ve really loved reading all these updates — thank you to everyone who sent them in!

Back in April, a reader asked about whether it was feasible to move to her dream job while still continuing to work on projects for her old employer, who she didn’t want to leave in the lurch. Here’s her update:

I did apply for the “dream job,” but didn’t even get a call. I may not have been as qualified as I thought, or I might have made a bad judgment call with what to highlight in my cover letter, or (the organization has been known to do this) it may have always been slated for an internal applicant, but advertised externally only as a matter of policy.

The good news: I followed through with my engagement for my current job and had an amazing experience. Shortly before that engagement, I received a minor promotion that essentially formalized some of the extra duties I’d already taken on. I’ve always loved my job, but now I’m more excited about it than ever. With the exception of some of the usual politics and frustrations that go along with any office environment, I couldn’t be happier. I’m an ambitious and driven person, so if I find that I’ve gone as far as I can with the company I’ll move on, but I don’t think that’s the case right now and I hope it won’t be for a good, long time. It’s a larger organization where, if I can continue to stand out, there should be plenty of “up” left.

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  1. Anonymous*

    Final update?! No, say it isn’t so! I love these – happy ending or still ongoing. Hopefully someone will come through with more to get to the New Year!

    Happy New Year everyone. Hope 2012 is good to all – health, happiness, and professionally.

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      Oh good! I’ve been worried that I’ve been overdoing it on the year-end stuff. This week is sort of a lost week though, right? No one really reading blogs as much? So I can continue with various year-end stuff before returning to regular posts next week, without losing all my readers?

      1. Dawn*

        If anything, I read it even more this week BECAUSE it’s a lost week. Who really feels like doing any actual work? :)

      2. KateT*

        Love the updates, and this was a good one to end on. I’m afraid I’m getting spoiled with all the extra posts lately!

      3. ChristineH*

        You’ll never lose me as a reader, that’s for sure! As soon as I see the FB post, I click and read. Seriously, I have been thoroughly enjoying your blog for the past few months. As soon as I get my job search going again and (hopefully!) get called for interviews, I’ll be sure to download your eBook. :)

        Happy 2012 in advance – here’s to someone finally getting to WALK soon! ;)

      4. Anonymous*

        Bring on all of the updates you have!

        I look at it this way – in many instances it is a testament to your advice which I think you would want for your blog. Of course you are going to have not-so-happy endings because someone didn’t stand up for themselves or the boss threw in a major curveball no one would have seen coming. But hey, live and learn, right? And since this has become your year end tradition, I think you should go up until Jan. 1 with them. Then you will go back to your usual new questions and short question days.

      5. Jamie*

        For those of doing year end close it’s one of the busiest weeks of the year – this place is a welcome respite for those mini breaks which help preserve sanity.

        I love the year end updates!

      6. Joanna Reichert*

        Not at all – I’ve been loving the updates, and am also sad that they’ve come to an end. It’s no fun only hearing the beginning and middle to a story – especially when the stories are as crazy and juicy as the stuff you’ve been receiving!

      7. Anonymous (but not always)*

        Everyone in my department is on vacation this week, and I have nothing to do EXCEPT read blogs! I check yours every workday morning even when I’m busy.

        And follow ups? Love ’em to death! We get to see if the OP takes your advice, and what advice worked or didn’t work.

        You have no idea how much insight I’ve gained reading this blog. I have to confess that I really don’t instinctively understand people, and reading the issues that others have, your advice, and all the comments has made a big difference in my relationships, especially at work.

        Please don’t stop giving us follow ups.

  2. SM*

    I’m actually surprised at the number of people I see here, and meet in person, that agonize over jobs that they haven’t even applied for, as if they are 100% guaranteed the position! Applying doesn’t even guarantee an interview.

    If a “dream job” comes up, of course apply. IF you get an interview, you get to see if it actually is in fact a “dream,” and if that interview seems to go well, then start to think of a few what ifs.

    Glad everything worked out for the OP.

  3. Realistic*

    I’m thrilled with the updates, and am secretly hoping for a few more (esp. from the “living on cupcakes” lady that AAM readers stepped up to help with offers of clothes and other support).

  4. Anonymous*

    What about an update on the jobseeker who understood she had received the position, but no information about a start date, even though she had started to arrange child care? Or have I missed that one?

  5. Elizabeth*

    I liked these updates. I only started following your blog about 2 months ago and have missed a lot of the original posts. It’s a good way to read old questions I missed :)

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