how to be awesome at work

Continuing with our special year-end programming … A reader recently wrote this to me: “I’d like to see a year-end post with links to your favorite past posts that teach good work habits. Not job-seeking habits, but things to do at work daily that are helpful to others and improve one’s own work.”

Ask and you shall receive. Here are 12 of my favorite posts about generally being awesome at work.

1. Do what you say you’re going to do

2. Instant credibility

3. 10 ways to make your boss love you

4. What to do when you make a mistake at work

5. Why meetings suck and how to make them useful for your team

6. How to mentor someone

7. Taking criticism gracefully

8. Why you should take time to debrief after a project

9. Protecting your time from longwinded interlopers

10. How to disagree with your boss

11. 5 signs you’re a bad coworker

12. How to deal with unreasonable deadlines at work

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  1. Jamie*

    If I could be convinced that the people at my work would take it in the way it’s intended – rather than veiled criticism – I would send this link to all users and make each post required reading.

    1. Anonymous*

      I was just thinking the exact same. I was wondering how I could send this post out to all-staff without looking completely critical or passive aggressive!

  2. Lisa*

    That was me — thanks so much for posting this! I think I *am* going to send this to my team at work in the context of “my New Year’s resolutions: Do these things more!”

  3. Maryiana Todorova*

    Well, I am doing everything my boss tells me to do and it seems is not enough. I do work for a company 7 yrs and I am still in my current possition and I thought at least I would go to the next level of my carrier. It seems is never enough for my boss. I have my Bachelor Degree in Accounting and I held a Cost Accounting Associate. I am taking more and more work to the point where sometimes I am overloaded. For 7 yrs nobody speaks to me because I am a foreiner and one colleagues told that I have very hard accent and I stop talking. They take me as a slave and this how I feel. Another colleagues stearing the monitor for most of his working time and do nothing and he gets the increase. What I need to do?

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