update from the reader wanting to meet people in her new office

Remember the letter a few weeks ago from someone who wanted to meet people in her new office, but didn’t work directly with any of them? (Question #2 here.) Here’s her update.

I wrote to you a few weeks ago asking for ideas on meeting people in the office. I really appreciate your answer and the comments from other readers. About a week after my letter appeared, I got an email saying that my work area was being moved. The facilities manager had come by several weeks before, and when he told me they might be moving people around, I told him I was new in the office and that I’d appreciate being moved to an office with other people. That’s exactly what I got! I’m in a big room with four or five other people, and It’s a great setup. They are in and out of the office, so we say good morning and talk a bit when they are in the office, and the rest of the time, I can make calls or put on the radio without feeling like I’m disturbing them. Also, on a related note, I travelled to an in-person team meeting this week and got to spend time with my manager and other team members, and we’re also meeting for a couple of days at a different location next week. So my work situation has gotten a lot less isolated, which is great. Thanks again!

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  1. Jamie*

    Yay – I love a happy ending. In both your original letter and this one you sound so pleasant – it sounds like a great work environment for all of you.

  2. Lee*

    That’s great to hear! It is tougher to connect with co-workers when you are in different office locations or even just in separate areas of a larger office building.

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