my favorite posts of 2020

Here are my favorite posts of 2020, in no particular order:

1. I messed up at work and I’m so ashamed
Because so many people deal with this, and fixing it can bring you so much peace.

2. Update: my coworker is blackmailing me not to take time off for my honeymoon
Because this was epic.

3. Update: my employee keeps getting deadnamed by a coworker
Epic and incredibly satisfying.

4. Is it okay to drink before a presentation?
Because … well, because I think I like questions that seem like they have an obvious answer on the surface but can be explored in a much more nuanced way.

5. Update: my needy boss wants me to “adopt” her
Because it’s funny and wise and generally amazing.

6. Intern signs emails with “stay gold”
Because now I do too.

7. Here are your animal coworkers and part 2
For obvious reasons.

8. I went to a job interview where they’re not taking COVID seriously … or how to make a scene when you need to make a scene
Because we’re too wired to be polite in situations where we shouldn’t be, and because getting comfortable with discomfort helps you change the world for the better. Of everything I wrote this year, this one is the most important to me.

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  1. AY*

    The blackmailing/honeymoon story was indeed epic! But I’m assuming that OP’s honeymoon went the same way mine did this year–postponed to ???????

    I hope 2021 brings you the best honeymoon, OP! You deserve it.

    1. Aurora Leigh*

      I loved that one too — especially the timestamps! My honeymoon was also postponed for who know how long. First COVID, and now a surprise (but very wanted!) pregnancy — it will be a long while before we travel.

      1. Where’s the Orchestra?*

        If the wedding still happened in person Jane was able to go. That was one of those tales that as it went on you just came to realize the person had made themselves redundant- but totally without realizing they had.

        1. KateM*

          Oh yes, it was so satisfying… fisrt pawning off one of her task, then another, until they find out they can do without her very well.

          1. Dave*

            We have had more then one person do that to themselves. It becomes really noticeable when someone who isn’t quite working out goes on vacation and you realize things are going much better.

    1. Grits McGee*

      Funny/depressing coincidence- the first comment on the Stay Gold post is in response to a company banning travel to Asia in February, and policies dealing with COVID that go into March 2021 are an overreach…. :(

      2020 can not stay gold, thank you very much.

      1. Mother of Cats*

        I noticed that and just checked these comments to see if anyone else did. How little we knew then!

        1. Self Employed Employee*

          Rereading those comments with what we know now is like the beginning of a disaster movie.

        2. Seeking Second Childhood*

          This, but the honeymoon blavkmail letter. Jane’s redundancy was to start the week much of the US went into shelter-in-place.

  2. BlackLodge*

    Oh man, I forgot I contributed pictures to the furry coworkers and now I’m all sad now because one of the cats escaped and never came home WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :(

    1. Mongrel*

      Similar – mine passed 2 months ago at the ripe old age of nearly 22.
      Been trying to get a replacement but all of the adoption centres are rehoming the fuzzy buggers as fast as they turn up, which is good but…

  3. Mademoiselle Sugar Lump*

    A couple of people asked if my cat’s name really is People. Yes, it is, in fact his full name is The Common People.

    Thanks for this post!

  4. Sled dog mama*

    I know there’s been a lot of wow that was this year but I can’t believe the “stay gold” email was this year it seems so long ago.

  5. Lucy*

    I have to admit I love the “stay gold” thing! Not only does it reference one of my favorite books, but it was the first book that made me really feel something and want to immediately read it again.

  6. Taking the long way round*

    My coworkers and I sign of with “stay gold” now as a consequence of this letter.

  7. yokozbornak*

    About about month after the “stay gold” letter, I received email from a coworker signed the same way. He always does a funny signature so I still don’t know if he got the idea from the blog or if it was an original idea.

  8. Ladycrim*

    Ahh, memories. That blackmail story – what a ride.

    I hope in 2021 there will be another call for animal co-workers; I’ve gotten two more since this post!

  9. ATM*

    Wow, reading the comments on the pre-COVID-in-the-US letters is something else. Remember when we thought we’d be safe by 2021?

    (Admittedly we might be safer now that the vaccine is out, but I’m not optimistic that we’ll be safe.)

      1. MEH*

        I was thinking the same thing then realized you did a posts of the decade post on January 1st, 2020, so maybe that took the place of the posts of 2019 post?

        Side note: Man. The world was so different on January 1st, 2020.

  10. Ermintrude*

    ‘getting comfortable with discomfort helps you change the world for the better.’
    I need to remember this. Thank you, Alison.

  11. Suzy Q*

    I have been entertaining myself over the holidays by reading these, many of which I already had. The one about the vodka before the presentation got me because it reminded me of a boss, decades ago, who accused me of having alcohol on my breath in the morning. I was absolutely mortified, as I had not been drinking (WTF) before going into work. It was so shocking! The second time he said it, I had no idea what to do but vehemently deny it, as I had the first time. It was never really resolved and left me wondering what he thought. I was much younger then and felt I had no power over the situation. Now, I would demand that he immediately take me for a breathalyzer or BAC test. Like, PROVE IT, asshole.

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