a call for updates: where are you now?

A reader writes:

I think it’s time to do another “Where are they now?” post! I think we would all like updates on some of the OPs from the last couple months. What do you think?

This is so true.

If I published your letter this year, please email me an update about how your situation has turned out and I’ll print it here.

(Traditionally I’ve done these at the end of the year, but we’ve already had almost as many posts in 2012 as we had in all of 2011, so what the hell, let’s do them now.)

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  1. Jen*

    Yay! Love the updates. :)

    Informally (since it wasn’t a posted letter), “Piglet” is out there looking for a new position, armed with my newly revamped resume. Lots of interviews, no offers yet. In the meantime, my current job has gotten worlds better, due to a new project manager. Every interview is good practice, at least.

    Thank you for reaching out to me during my low time. It was appreciated more than I can express in words.

  2. Anonymous*

    And please, don’t let this be just for the 2012 peeps. We are still awaiting updates from previous years!

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      Good point! All updates welcome.

      If there are particular ones people really want to hear from, let me know and I can always email those people with a direct request.

      1. Anonymous*

        From years back, I’ve always wondered what happened to the person who had no work to do for 15 months and was thinking of reporting his management to the Project Management Institute. And also the person who accepted a job offer by saying “In all honesty, I cannot but accept” which the employer took to mean a decline.

        1. Laura L*

          I second the “I cannot but accept” one. I always think of that letter when I hear the phrase “I cannot but.”

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      Periodically I think I should update that page, but that really is a pretty awesome collection. You’re right though. It’s going on my list!

  3. musingvirtual*

    You never published one of mine, but I tweet at you a lot. I got a job offer today which I’m probably gonna take, for a job I’m pretty excited about even though I wouldn’t say I ever dreamed of doing exactly this, making 150% of what I made at my last job, and I totally used your interview guide to prepare, and this is so exciting!

  4. Another anon*

    I can’t wait to hear an update on the party on Sept. 1 where the former employee is planning it, has asked the CEO to pay for part of it, and is excluding a few people. All in the name of boosting morale.

  5. Andrea*

    I want to hear an update from the bedbugs at the office letter. That one really freaked me out.

  6. Emily*

    I’m curious about the guy from the beginning of the year who had a Master’s degree and was working a job with mostly diploma-holders as coworkers. They were either teasing or taunting him about his education, and there was a lot of debate in the comments about whether it was good-natured or malicious and about whether or not the OP was coming off arrogant without intending to, but I don’t think OP ever chimed in with clarifying details!

  7. AMG*

    I would like to hear how Paul handled being badgered by the nutritionist, as well as the woman whose boss’s wife wants to oversee her work. And the woman dealing with the romantically rejected coworker who was prone to tantrums.

      1. AMG*

        That was a good one–I hadn’t read it until just now. Actually, though, I am refering to the one on May 30, 2012. Thank you!

  8. Paul*

    I’m Paul, the guy that had the obsessive dietitian hounding him endlessly. My story has seemingly reached its conclusion, so I could totally compose it all and send it in.

    Anyone interested in it?

  9. Anonymous*

    Wasn’t there a post in which the whole department was going to quit at once? Was there ever a conclusion to that?

    Oh, and I’m sorry for not having a handle yet. I’m trying to think of something so I’ll stick with “Anonymous” for now.

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