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Ask a Manager’s traffic more than doubled again this year, with 3.4 million unique visitors, 5.4 million visits, and more than 8.8 million page views. Thanks for your part in that!

Here are the posts that interested people the most this year (not including open threads, and not including “ask the readers” posts, which I covered on Saturday).

Most commented-on posts of 2012:

10. Am I in a dead-end job?

9. My company has started an annoying initiative involving health and religion

8. Is it fair for an employer to refuse to hire smokers?

7. My former coworker wants my company to sponsor her party

6. My coworker is a registered sex offender

5. My manager told me to be less sarcastic at work, but I don’t want to

4. Could I work for a manager with a degree from an online school?

3. Employer won’t give me a fair chance to interview

2. When your boss leads a workplace dinner in prayer

1. My husband emailed my manager about our decision for me to resign

Most viewed posts of 2012: 

10.  What your interviewer says vs. what they mean

9. My husband emailed my manager about our decision for me to resign

8. How to reject job applicants when the position hasn’t been filled yet 

7. How not to reply to a rejection email 

6. When an interviewer asks “why shouldn’t we hire you?”

5. Asked to give feedback on my manager’s performance 

4. What to say when you negotiate salary

3. My job offer was revoked before I started — and after I quit my job

2. When a job application asks if your current employer can be contacted

1. How long should I wait for a company to contact me for an interview?


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  1. Kit M.*

    Yay! I’m responsible for at least three of those unique visitors (not counting myself). I don’t even want to think how many page views I’m single-handedly responsible for.

  2. A Teacher*

    I still wonder if the wife who’s husband e-mailed her manager ever saw the light…probably not. I’m one of those unique visitors too… Happy New Year to everyone!

    1. jmkenrick*

      I just re-read that comment thread. Whew! Lots of opinions shared on that one, although rarely do I see the commentors so united.

    2. DA*

      This was the post I thought of when Alison was soliciting updates for. I don’t recall seeing an update, but if/when there is one, I hope she shares it with us!

    3. K.*

      Ditto. That thread got pretty crazy. I doubt she’s been back though – although I would have said that re: the woman who didn’t feel like she was getting “a fair chance to interview” and she took the thread constructively and comments here now, so I guess you never know.

  3. V*

    AAM – I’m curious to know your opinion as to which post had the most interesting comment discussion this year, if you care to choose.

  4. Nyxalinth*

    #7 of Most Viewed:

    I’m guessing that the reason for the “I’m qualified, why didn’t you hire me?” is a mix of Special Snowflake Syndrome (thinking you’re the only one, anywhere, who is awesome enough for whatever it is or that exceptions should be made for you) combined with desperation and wishful thinking. It’s very easy to become more self-focused the more dire things become.

    #3 of Most Viewed:

    I had a similar situation–minus quitting an existing job. I was hired for a small call center, and told to report to work the following Monday. I get in there and…the woman he told me to report to has no idea who I am or why I’m there. When I explained, she said “I’m very sorry, but he had no authorization to actually hire you.” Had I not been so demoralized, I would have tried harder. A year or two later, it occurred to me that I could have said “I understand where you’re coming from, and since I’m here, why don’t we treat this as an observational interview? If we both agree at the end of the day that I’m a good fit, then so be it.” Oh well, live and learn.

  5. fposte*

    It always fascinates me to look at the old posts and see that comments often get left later, sometimes much, much later. Not surprising, I suppose, given the import of a lot of what gets discussed and how close these issues can be to people’s lives.

  6. jesicka309*

    I’ve read #10 for most comments several times, and each time I just get so frustrated. I would MUCH rather be an admin assistant/receptionist at a large company than a low level data entry clerk for a large corporation like I am now. Every comment from admins/receptionists reaffirms this – now to find an admin role at a company I like. At least a receptionist gets to talk to people…and networking can be half the battle with getting noticed for promotion. No one in my company aside from my immediate supervisors knows I exist, and I’m on the computer 9 hours a day….doesn’t bode well for department transfers/promotions. :(

    1. JessB*

      It’s true that working somewhere highly visible, such as the front desk, is a great way to network. I work in a position like this now, and get to see a lot of people (co-workers and customers) walking past my desk. It gives me a great chance to say hello to people from all levels and all areas. I love it!

      In my last review, my manager specifically commented that lots of people mentioned how nice it was to see me smiling behind the counter, and how nice I’d been to chat with. Often, those chats were work related, or led to better work relationships down the track.

      From what I’ve seen of your posts here Jesika309, you’re witty, perceptive, funny and seem really really cool. You’re the kind of person I’d want to be working with, and someone I’d be delighted having as the public face of my company. Good luck with the job hunt, I’m sure you can make 2013 your year!

      1. jesicka309*

        I’m sure you’ve said you’re Australian somewhere – maybe I actually know you in real life? Haha.
        Thanks for the kind thoughts, it’s good to hear. :) I hope this year works out well for me and I get something like that. I wouldn’t even mind that it’s entry level, just that it’s a role that’s valued and has the potential to grow.

        1. JessB*

          What a cheerful attitude, Jesika! You’re right, I live in Melbourne – where are you? How funny if we do know each other in real life!

          1. jesicka309*

            I am also from Melbourne – from the outer south east though, but I work in Docklands …are you on the Linked In AAM page? I’m so curious to know if I do know you, though there are lots of Jess’ in the world. :)

            1. JessB*

              Yeah, just a few of us!

              I live in the northern suburbs, but I work out east at the moment, at Swinburne University. I work for a temp company, so I work all over the place. I’m not on Linked In, but my full name is Jessica Broadbent. Ooh, that feels a bit spooky to put out there!

              1. jesicka309*

                Damn commented wrong – meant for it to go here:
                I’m doing my Open Uni course through Swinburne! :) And my former team leader works admin there… you don’t know Jarrad, by any chance? :)
                MynameisJessWalker. *ducks and hides* Hopefully no one at my job ever reads this blog…(I may work for the company with the giant 7 out front that’s attached to Etihad Stadium…)

                1. JessB*

                  Wow, cool! Swinburne do seem to be a great place to study. I work directly for one of the faculties, Life and Social Science, and haven’t met a Jarrad, sorry.

                  Hah, love your description of your work! I wonder if we should try and do a meet up of Melbourne AAM fans? Maybe on Alison’s birthday?

  7. IT Girl*

    Was there ever an update on Most-commented on #7 (former co-worker wants my company to sponsor her party) ? All kinds of crazy going on in that one.

  8. jesicka309*

    I’m doing my Open Uni course through Swinburne! :) And my former team leader works admin there… you don’t know Jarrad, by any chance? :)
    MynameisJessWalker. *ducks and hides* Hopefully no one at my job ever reads this blog…(I may work for the company with the giant 7 out front that’s attached to Etihad Stadium…)

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