if you’re having trouble sorting the salary spreadsheet…

If you’re having trouble sorting the spreadsheet of people’s salary data:

Your link may have defaulted to a /htmlview view. Try removing “htmlview” from the URL in your browser, and that seems to be fixing it for people.

If that doesn’t work, try removing “htmlview” and adding edit#” there instead.

Still stuck? Copy the link, remove the “s” from “https” and then paste that link (making sure it says “edit” instead of “htmlview”).

Annoying and weird.

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  1. Owlette*

    I’m removing htmlview from the url and hitting enter, but it’s still automatically putting htmlview in. Not sure what I’m doing wrong here.

    1. Jennifer*

      Same thing is happening to me- I delete it, the page refreshes, and the htmlview is still there. I’m using Chrome.

      1. Misty*

        Same. I’ve tried Chrome and IE. Do we have to be signed into Google for it to work? I’m at work, so can’t sign in.

    2. Tableau Wizard*

      I’m having the same trouble. I’m wondering if it’s something about the firewall on my side? But I’ve been able to edit google drive forms and documents before…

      1. Ralph Wiggum*

        It continues to be switching back to htmlview for me, despite all of the advice here.

        Things I’ve tried:
        * Removing “htmlview”
        * Replacing “htmlview” with “edit”
        * Replacing “htmlview” and everything following with “edit”
        * Replacing “htmlview” and everything following with “edit#”
        * Switching protocol to “http”
        * Switching protocol to “http” and replacing “htmlview” and everything following with “edit”
        * Opening another browser without an active Google login
        * Opening another browser without an active Google login and replacing “htmlview” with “edit”

        1. Analysis Paralysis*

          I’m also not having any luck with these suggestions… has anyone been successful opening this on an iPad using the Google docs app, and if so, any tips are appreciated!

      2. Ralph Wiggum*

        It may be easier to download the file as a csv (Excel and other spreadsheet applications can read this format) and view the data offline.

        You can download the data as csv by replacing “htmlview” and everything following with “export?format=csv” in the URL.

    3. baconeggandcheeseplz*

      This was happening to me too, try deleting HTMLview and everything after and put in edit# and then hitting enter.

    4. Boba Feta*

      In addition to the fix that baconeggandsheeseplz offered, after deleting the “htmlview” and everything after it, I then copied the whole link and put it into a fresh tab, because I, too, was having it auto-refill the deleted bit upon hitting enter.

      1. crochetaway*

        Yep this worked for me too. Delete everything htmlview and everything after it. Replace with edit# and then copy and paste into a new tab.

  2. Tableau Wizard*

    Okay, another trick that did end up working for me is that I copied the link, removed the “s” from “https” and then pasted that link (making sure it said “edit” instead of “htmlview”) and it worked!!

  3. Sarah*

    Based on the comments in the other thread what worked for me was deleting the htmlview adding edit with a space after edit.

  4. A different Alison*

    hey guys, if you can’t get it to work, you can just ctrl-a, ctrl-c and then paste into your own spreadsheet. I couldn’t get the html view off either, but that worked. It’s interesting data! Thanks for doing this.

    1. Bostonian*

      Thank you! Nothing was working for me, and I’m not a google doc pro by any means, so I appreciate the tip.

    2. bluephone*

      Hmm, I didn’t have much luck with that–it just crashed my spreadsheet apps. All the various URL workarounds didn’t work either :-/ (Edge for Windows; Chrome, Safari, Firefox for Mac)

  5. Jaguar*

    The only thing that works for me (using Chrome) is opening another spreadsheet that I can edit and replacing the unique key with the unique key for this spreadsheet, which is 1rGCKXIKt-7l5gX06NAwO3pjqEHh-oPXtB8ihkp0vGWo.

  6. 867-5309*

    For the next one, it might be useful to include organization size and type? I was an SVP at a global PR agency headquartered in NYC, which pays much differently than a smaller firms or public sector in the same city.

  7. Connie*

    I was quickly throwing through the spreadsheet looking for my position, which is a CPA. I saw a fundraiser under industry, when I saw and counterfeiter listed under position or title, I did a double-take. (It said coordinator instead.)

  8. aa*

    Alison, you say on the spreadsheet, “try removing htmlview and adding edit with a space”.

    It’s not a space, it’s edit#

  9. UGH*

    Ugh Alison, is there any way to contact you about making a change to something I submitted? I didn’t realize how unique / potentially identifiable my title was…until reading everyone else’s title.

    1. Sally*

      I may be in the same boat as “UGH.” If there’s any editing possibility, I’d like to know, too.

  10. Free Meerkats*

    There seems to be a code error in the Breakdown of Responses tab, it’s returning zero for “under $80,000” and “under $90,000.” Also, it would make more sense if those titles were “$70,000 to $80,000”, etc.

  11. pugs for all*

    I would be very curious to see how things break out by gender if you would like to add that to the next salary survey!

  12. Lady Blerd*

    I’m able view it on my crappy account by registering into my Google account. One suggestion for the salaries for next time would be to have people use the same format for numbers, not add any text and maybe have them convert salaries into USD. It would make it easier to compare salaries.

  13. Phoebe*

    Hi! One thing about the survey I wanted to note was that the last question was hard because not everyone may have followed a linear path of high school-college-work – I have fifteen years of experience, but am just finishing my B.A. next month. I knew what the question meant and filled it out accordingly, but wanted to point this out – “years of professional experience” might have sufficed. Thanks!

  14. Vortex*

    Just as an FYI your formulas are off for the breakdown in the columns H, I & J. H’s formula should be in I, J’s needs to be corrected to be greater than 90k not 100k and H’s needs to be corrected to be between 70 and 80k. (If I’m reading everything correctly)

  15. MissDisplaced*

    I think this survey was great and really useful!

    I wish education level had been included though because I’d be curious to see if it really makes a difference in salaries when positions are similar (and when it’s not obvious by title).

    And wow! Sometimes there is such a huge variation in salaries for the similar jobs! In my field, it was anywhere from $24k to about $90k until one became a c-suite level, but a couple of non-executive technical variations were higher.

  16. Oaktree*

    It’s near impossible to read this- every time I try to filter by field, it reverts back to all data. Can’t use it.

  17. Econoclast*

    This file might be unavailable right now due to heavy traffic. Try again. – Google Sheets
    Fox News published the link in a story 13th from the top on their main page.

    Can’t edit… come back tomorrow

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