here are your animal coworkers, part 2

With so many people working from home with animal coworkers, it’s obviously crucial that we see photos of your new colleagues. When I put out a call for pictures last week, I received more than 450 of them … so I posted half earlier this week and here’s part two.

Click photos to enlarge. And if you’re reading this from the home page, you have to click through to see the photos.

More pets

There are some less-traditional pets here if you’d like to see them. (In the past people have been freaked out by crawly-type pets, so I didn’t want to blindside anyone.) Follow this link for a snake, lizards, and a tarantula.

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      1. Loubelou*

        He really is :D he’s constantly popping up on video calls and making sure everyone knows how pretty he is.

    1. gsa*

      A fellow on my local Nextdoor posted asking for pictures of cats. Apparently he loves them and she does not. Since they are self-quarantining, he can’t leave the house and see his friends and their cats!!! The thread has 122 cat pics so far.

      Cats in boxes, cats on boxes, a metric shit ton of cats on laps and laptops… :D

      Our cats passed a while back.

      WE NEED ANOTHER CAT or two.

  1. Lily in NYC*

    Thanks to everyone who submitted! I’ve been trying to tame the pigeon that hangs out on my air-conditioner, but no luck so far. I’m hoping that the one stuffed animal I own magically comes to life. And wants to be friends and doesn’t murder me.

    1. notMichelle*

      We have a family that roosts near our AC that consistently annoy my baby girl Turnip. She’s generally really sweet but she turns murderous with them. Before Turnip and the AC, one of them actually got into our apartment. NYC pigeons are bold!

      1. Lily in NYC*

        I hope Turnip is a cat and not a human baby! I’ve noticed people are still feeding the pigeons in my neighborhood (it’s a “thing” here) – I was wondering how they are all doing now that there’s so much less food scraps on the street. I swear my neighborhood has the fattest pigeons on earth due to all the people that leave seeds out every few blocks.
        Wait, I just realized what you wrote – how did you get it out of your apartment??!!

  2. anonybear*

    For the first 10 or so, I thought they were all Alison’s pets. Eventually I realized that she did not, in fact, have a large rescue shelter for a home, but these are the furry companions of the AAM community.

    Love the pics & especially the captions!

  3. SuspectedDragon*

    Yay for the bunny coworkers! My bun buns are determined cord chewers and therefore aren’t allowed anywhere near my office set up.

    1. Dr. KMnO4*

      My rabbit Khorne (seen above) is also a cord chewer. The one time he got upstairs while we were out he chewed through my 3DS cable and our ethernet cables. I don’t plug in my laptop when I’m working from the dining room table because I know he’d bite through that cord immediately.

    2. I Like Statistics*

      My bunny Charlie is the one pictures by my laptop bag! He’s not much of a cord chewer but he did actually get hold of a folder and chewed the top off, so now the laptop bag is closed at all times. Our other bunny, Floof, stays in her X-pen during working hours because she requires much more supervision.

    3. Third or Nothing!*

      I loved the bunny pics!!!! Bunnies are so soft and adorable. I’d love to have one someday.

      1. Dr.KMnO4*

        I’m so glad we got Khorne and Sugar. Some tips:
        -Get two, because they do better with a companion
        -Adopt from a shelter instead of buying from a breeder if you can

        1. Candi*

          Hit the shelters in the weeks following Easter.

          Jerks buy them (and chicks) as decorations and for photos, then dump them >:(

          If you ever wonder why you have to practically pass a background check for adopting a rabbit from some breeders/shelters, that’s one reason why.

          1. Third or Nothing!*

            Ugh people can be so terrible. Animals are not an accessory!! Any time I consider getting another pet I always do a ton of research to make sure the breed will thrive with my lifestyle.

            We’re not even considering getting a bunny within the next few years since 1) we have a dog with strong hunting instincts (Hermione, pictured in the post), and 2) we have a toddler and plans to have at least one more kid eventually. A bunny would not be happy in our current household, so we just enjoy them from afar. For now.

        2. Third or Nothing!*

          Adopt don’t shop! Always! My good girl Hermione (pictured in the post) is a rescue. I’ve always only had rescues and always will.

          Good to know about having a little bunny buddy. We’re still a few years away from being able to get a bun since Hermione has very strong hunting instincts and I’m not putting a prey animal through that stress. We have to wait until she crosses the rainbow bridge to get any other pet.

          Random extra question: if I get a young dog from the shelter and raise it with a couple of young bunnies, will they bond? I want to have a dog around to run with but I don’t want to risk it hurting the bunnies. And I so hate the idea of confining them to a hutch their whole lives.

          1. Amy Sly*

            Really depends on the dog. I would suggest going with a breed (or if a mutt, a majority of the breed) as something other than a terrier or chasing hunting dog. While every dog is going to have a predatory chase and kill instinct, it was de-emphasized in pointers and retrievers and so the dog will have an easier time bonding with potential prey. Growing up, we had a Brittany spaniel (a pointer) who got along fine with our rabbit.

            1. Third or Nothing!*

              Ah, finding a pup with retriever lineage makes total sense! We’re pretty sure Hermione is a weenie/lab/terrier mix.

              1. Amy Sly*

                Yeah, dachshunds were bred to kill badgers in their holes, while terriers were bred for killing rats or other pest animals. Not at all surprising with that background that she’s death on all things too slow to get away or too small to successfully fight back.

                I’d go for labs, goldens, poodles, pointers. Herding dogs could be hit or miss, but corgi and collies will probably be better than German shepherds or Pyrenees.

                1. Third or Nothing!*

                  I LOVE corgis!!!! They’re so adorable and silly. I don’t think a corgi would enjoy my 6+ mile long runs though! Another lab mix would be ideal for us I think. We probably have a long time before we even need to think about another pup though. Hermione is only 9.

    4. ladycrim*

      Our rabbit hangs out in my husband’s home office, but she hates being picked up, so we couldn’t get a photo of her with the office setup. But she hangs out by my husband’s chair so he can reach down and pet her while he’s working. (And she’ll helpfully tug on his pant cuff if she feels it’s been too long between pets.)

      1. Dr.KMnO4*

        Khorne and Sugar also hate being picked up, which is why I went with the photo collage. Just like your bun, Khorne is a pant cuff nibbler when he wants to be petted or fed, or when he thinks my legs are in the way.

    5. Animal worker*

      Back in the dial up internet days my cockatoo used to chew through the cords so often I started buying the cheap ones at the dollar store. Now she lives for the nights that I doze off on the couch with the TV remote so she can destroy that instead.

  4. anon24*

    I am essential, so have still been going to work. My cat usually gets breakfast around 6am, shortly before I leave for work. Ever since this craziness started he has taken to waking me up every morning at 4:30 screaming at me to feed him. I do not know why he has chosen to do this now, except that 2020 is truly weird. The other night he woke me up frantically clawing at me and howling and I panicked because I thought my alarm didn’t go off and he was telling me I overslept, but no, it was 3am and he wanted breakfast. Now is not the time to be cutting my sleep short, little buddy.

    1. Candi*

      Maybe he’s in sync with my Gritz. He gets fed at 4:30 every morning since that’s when I get up to take my thyroid med -and have you ever tried to go back to sleep with a cat determined to be fed now? Heck, try making it back to your bedroom! So it’s meds, then cat breakfast.

      (Gritz is on Monday’s page -Ctrl F “chemistry”.)

  5. Red Reader the Adulting Fairy*

    Hehe, pic A got posted with caption B :) Captain Kyna Whitepaws (who is a one-eyed black tuxie with mismatched white stockings and thinks she is a dog) and the orange pillow are not actually in that picture, they were in the other one. (No biggie, I know there were a zillion and twelve pics to juggle :) )

    Winging off the Expansive Names references from Monday:
    Elder Statesdog, Angua Grace Puppinsky-Rompanopolis, Lieutenant General of the Red Hound Army and High Ambassador to the Kitten Kingdom
    Junior Ambassador, Alannah Jane Sleepyface Corporal Radar Wigglebottom the Froshus, Queen of the Carrot Mafia and Bane of All Flossiraptors Errywhere
    (If my attempts to adopt a giant puppy are successful, Alannah will be promoted to Senior Ambassador and new puppy will become the Junior Ambassador.)

    Captain Kyna Whitepaws, SCOURGE OF LAND AND SEA (and her sister, Princess Kiara Scaredyfluff the Dark and Unseen)
    The three danger noodles in the basement: Charlene the albino corn snake, Charlie the fancy ball python, and Carlos the red-tailed boa

      1. Red Reader the Adulting Fairy*

        No worries! You posted the better picture and the better caption — my fault that they didn’t happen to go together :)

  6. Justme, The OG*

    I love this. My large chonk has been placing himself between me and my computer a lot over the past few weeks, but I haven’t snagged a good photo of him.

  7. Destroyer of Worlds, Empress of Awesome*

    I am sososososo loving seeing everyone’s pets!!!!!!!

    My faves are the 7-week old boxer puppy (please send me some puppy breath?) and the baby bird. Oh hell, they’re all my faves! I wish I was WFH so I could share some pics……Ivonne (my gorgeous Tuxedo kitty) and Frankie (aka Princess Francesca Louisa Zamboni) would definitely make an appearance and I’m pretty sure Onyx (massively huge black cat) would make an appearance.

    1. Not So NewReader*

      Ditto from me on the pup and baby bird.
      But all the pics are really great, I smiled all the way down through.

    2. ArtsNerd*

      I was trying to keep track of all my favorites and comments and squees but there ARE JUST TOO MANY.

      All of these babies are perfect.

      My cat doesn’t care that I’m home because she spends her days sleeping in the closet. A little jealous of all these cuddly coworkers, but her hands-off style does help my productivity. I’m at my best when I have a good deal of autonomy in my work.

  8. Panthera uncia*

    I need to know where to buy the mini Macbook owned by that Yorkie in the peach shirt.

      1. Panthera uncia*

        Thanks! My cats send you their seething resentment, as I will photograph them with it, endlessly.

  9. GoryDetails*

    Great fun – what a variety of critters! (And quite a few visible socks, as well; I was especially fond of the one captioned “Our youngest coworker has a thing for my husband’s feet. Is this worth escalating to HR?”)

    Also liked seeing the less-cuddly critters in the bonus thread.

    1. New Normal*

      Aww, thank you, that’s my little Pixel! She adores smells but usually limits herself to shoes. But that day DH was stressed trying to transition the office to WFH and she chose that moment to glimpse into his sock foot. She’s a great little weirdo. She was found in the middle of a main road near a pretty awful ditch when she was 5 weeks old and DH’s hypothesis is that gross smells remind her of her first home. I think she’s just weird.

      1. New Normal*

        *”glimpse into” should be “glomp onto.” Stupid aggressive autocorrect and me not reading carefully before posting.

    1. Crinkle's Second Favorite Human*

      Lol! I’ll let her know she has a couple new fans! X-D (BTW- if you want more pics, look up CrinklesWinks on Twitter or Instagram. Updated sporadically, but some super cute pics on there.)

  10. DecorativeCacti*

    I think I’m most jealous of the nice natural light everyone has (she typed from the basement)!

  11. Jedi Squirrel*

    I honestly cannot handle this amount of cuteness all at once. Bookmarked for sad/tired days.

  12. Koala dreams*

    Wonderful black cat pencil holder!

    The cat in the chair seems to enjoy their new ergonomic cushions.

    Also happy to see so many dogs taking their eyes off the screen to look out the window. A good example for all of us with eye strain trouble.

    Envious of the yoga from Thomas! It looks very nice.

    1. BlackCatOwner*

      Black cat pencil holder is mine! His name is Minion. We also have his brother, Floki (not pictured).

    1. MsChanandlerBong*

      Barkley is freaking ADORABLE! I posted below that I am normally a cat person, but Barkley and Mortimer are really swaying my opinion.

  13. My Boss is Dumber than Yours*

    Thanks for putting the tarantula behind a different link. As someone who has diagnosed arachnophobia, it’s very considerate.

  14. LunaLena*

    Thank you everyone for submitting! If Allison decides to do another post, I finally got a pic of my furry brat lounging by my chair, making sure I can’t get up or stop working.

    A couple of stray comments:
    – Peep Bo and Yum Yum are excellent models for social distancing.
    – I LOVE how creative ya’ll are with pet names! Also glad to see there’s plenty of video game fans here, haha. I’m not particularly excited about the upcoming FF7 remake, but yay RE3 remake in just a few days!

  15. ThatGirl*

    Yay, it’s Link! :) My husband is a therapist, and today he was upstairs in the bedroom to do a video session, with Link snoozing next to him — who then popped up about 20 minutes later to the surprise and delight of the client on the other end.

  16. MusicWithRocksIn*

    Only snake. Trying to decide if that make me feel special or weird. Gonna embrace the special.

    Unfortunately my dog Leelu Dallas Multipass could not be pictured because she had to be shaved due to an unfortunate ringworm outbreak, and if I posted a picture of her right now she would straight up murder me in my sleep.

    1. CupcakeCounter*

      A friend of mine has 2 cats names Leelu and Corbin Dallas (no multipass though)

      I did not click on the snake link…

    2. jukeboxx32*

      I moved my snakes upstairs where it’s warmer for the winter, otherwise I woulda posted my western hognose :) #teamsneks

    3. BlackCatOwner*

      Special! I know other people with snakes, too :) (I personally wouldn’t want one was a pet, I appreciate them from a distance though!)

  17. Wander*

    I love seeing all the pets and especially their names! (Whoever has Ser Pounce – I see your reference, and I almost named one of my cats the same thing.) I also adore Domino the goblin’s story. Such a cat thing to do.

    I hope there will be another call out for this in the future for people who didn’t make it this time around for whatever reason, though I totally understand if there won’t be, especially with this many submissions!

  18. B**** in the corner of the poster*

    I showed Baraka his photo and told him he was famous. He yawned in my face.

    1. Third or Nothing!*

      My daughter wanted to look at the pics of the kitties and puppies with me then got REALLY excited when she saw our Hermione.

  19. Rachael*

    I deeply appreciate that my Schrodinger (sleeping in his own chair) isn’t the only one in this post; I’m assuming Schrödie is likely short for that as well!

    1. Xantar*

      Yes it is! That’s my Schrödie, and she’s the sweetest thing ever (when she’s not stealing water from my cup).

  20. Nervous Nellie*

    Yippee! Thank you, all, for sharing your critters with me. I can’t tell you how much it makes my day.

  21. MsChanandlerBong*

    I am more of a cat person than a dog person, but Mortimer and Barkley are making a VERY compelling case for the canine contingent. I LOVE them.

    1. Jenn*

      Barkley is my flouffy goof! I wasnt a dog person until we got Barkley and now I cannot imagine my life without him!

  22. willow for now*

    I like the first boss-kitty, Louie, and Peanut McDammitcat (especially that name!). My cat thinks her name is Hey Stoppit.

    1. old curmudgeon*

      Peanut thanks you for noticing him! He and his littermate Smudgely are richly deserving of their last name, and in fact they answer as well to their last name as they do to their first names. I found Peanut on top of the curio cabinet last night, curled up inside the market basket that I keep up there, and he looked right over when I said “Dammitcat, get down from there.”

      Thanks to all for sharing your critters here – this is a soul-restoring break for many folks!

      1. Slow Gin Lizz*

        I also love their last name. It’s perfect. Shouldn’t all cats have that same last name?

        1. old curmudgeon*

          I think they already do – it was just really, really obvious with these two maniacs!

  23. Djuna*

    Thank you everyone for sharing photos and helping Alison spread the happy.
    Both of these posts are awesome, and have been bright spots in my week.

    1. old curmudgeon*

      Aww, they both thank you! They have been tremendously helpful (for some values of the word, at least) as I’ve worked from my kitchen table the past two weeks. And my at-the-office supervisor was greatly reassured that Peanut is doing such an exemplary job of glaring at me in her absence.

      As I was winding up today’s tasks, Smudgely hopped up on the kitchen table and settled down next to my laptop (on top of the papers I was working on, of course). I kept seeing him making these small movements as he sat there, and it finally dawned on me – he was hiccuping. I’ve never seen a cat hiccup before, but then I’ve also never seen a cat who’ll fight to the death for the chance to steal and eat raw green beans, so apparently Smudgely is just bringing new experiences into my life all the time.

      1. Tessera Member 042*

        My cat hiccuped too! It’s kind of adorable, because his body would jerk from the hiccup, and then his ears would fold back in annoyance. Sorry, pal, I can’t help you there!

  24. Run Shaker*

    I was so looking forward to this week just for the pet pictures. thank you all for sharing.

  25. Lily C*

    Thank you to everyone who shared pictures. I’m currently pet-less (sadly, my parakeet passed away in the fall, and the house has been awfully quiet since then), so it’s been really nice to see everyone else’s animal companions. I was planning to get a pair of budgies around this time, but I don’t think it’s a good time to go and linger in the pet store, and my county just extended the Shelter-In-Place order through the end of April. Keep up all the good/bad work, you animal coworkers!

  26. Academic Librarian*

    It’s been many years since I’ve had a pet, but these pictures are making me miss my former cats.

  27. Lucien Nova*

    Crinkle! Oh my goodness, Crinkle. <3

    I am ded of lol at the McDammitcats.

    Domino, omg. My cats would totally do that.

    Alice is correct (and she is gorgeous!)

    1. old curmudgeon*

      Heh – ded of lol at the McDammitcats pretty much describes any day we spend with them, one of the many reasons we love them so much. Very glad that you got some laugh-therapy from them, too!

  28. PhyllisB*

    I am usually a dog person, but I loved all the cat photos too. Well, enjoyed all the different animals, really. Even clicked on the link for the lizards and snake. Alison, small favor: if anyone posts photos of rats or mice, please do the same thing. That’s my phobia. Thanks to all who shared, it really made me smile.

  29. Miranda Priestly's Assistant*


    I’m getting more and more tempted each day to adopt a cat.

  30. Candi*

    My daughter thanks you for the snake and lizard links -she loves the fluffy, but was complaining about the lack of scales. (She wants a leopard gecko when she can afford one.)

  31. Bizhiki*

    Elvis – never stop trying to make fetch happen!
    Jasper (the dog, not either of the cats) looks so pensive, and Carlyle is the most perfect sphere I’ve ever seen!

  32. What's with today, today?*

    Aww my little Iggy made it (acid green budgie claiming my laptop as his throne).
    He’s acting all official and sensible there but Holy hammerhead shark does he know when to make my work challenging.
    “Oh hey there friendo, you’re on a conference call? Then allow me to sing you the song of my people directly into your ear”

  33. All monkeys are French*

    So many lovely critter friends! I am especially pleased to see a cat named Martok. I used to have two dogs who were occasionally referred to as Lursa and B’Etor.

  34. Jaydee*

    Greetings from across(?) town, Zooey the tortie! Very exciting to see that the feline workforce here is both cute and diligent. I didn’t see the call for pictures or I would have sent one of my supurrvisor, Panther. He fell asleep on my notebook today. It was a good reminder that he drools in his sleep….

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