gimmicks won’t get you a job

Thinking of putting your face on a billboard or sending your interviewer a plant? Don’t do it! Gimmicks almost never work when you’re job hunting.

don’t send chocolate or lottery tickets to hiring managers

I wrote a piece for Slate today about gimmicks in job searching — the reasons some candidates feel compelled to use them, some of the weirdest stunts people have tried, and why they really, really, really don’t work.  (And yes, I mentioned last week’s lottery ticket sender.) You can read it here.

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a job applicant stopped by with a plant and candy

A reader writes: We’re hiring for a social media person at work, and had an applicant show up out of the blue today with a bamboo plant in a vase and candy and a card and try to give it to the hiring manager. The hiring manager flat-out told her it wasn’t really appropriate and […]

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more terrible ideas: your resume should not be an infographic

Your resume should not be presented as an infographic. This is a terrible, terrible idea. First, it means that your design goals end up trumping quantity and quality of information. In the examples I’ve seen, there’s far less information than on a traditional resume, because it needs to be fit into the constraints of the […]

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when a candidate sends you a framed photo of himself

Aggggh! A commenter on the recent post about not sending fruit baskets to your interviewer tops that with her own account involving A FRAMED PHOTO. She writes: I returned to my office one afternoon to find a beautiful gift bag on my desk. I thought that maybe it was from a secret admirer or an […]

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your job-searching gimmick sucks and is kind of creepy

In a tight job market like this one, job seekers often start wondering about how they can stand out in a sea of other candidates. And some of them turn to gimmicks—like sending food to a potential employer, or even the old story of sending a resume in a shoe with a note asking to […]

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