advice about your boss

Need advice about your boss? Here are answers to all the questions you have about your manager, from how to deal with a boss who yells, to how to tell your manager you’re allergic to her perfume.

my boss is impossible to reach when I need responses

A reader writes: I work at a small organization that’s heavily regulated (financial services). I manage the marketing projects for the organization and report directly to the CEO. He is a smart and kind man, but he is impossible to get in touch with. He never replies to my emails about large-scale projects and events, […]

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my boss suggested I stay home once I have kids

A reader writes: Recently my boss (just above my immediate supervisor) called me to “share his perspective” since he knows I am getting married soon. He wanted to tell me how much he appreciates his wife staying home to care for their children and wanted me to hear that perspective since it is counter to […]

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my boss’s kids are incredibly distracting on video calls

A reader writes: My job went to 100% remote so I’ve been reporting to my manager virtually for the past few months. She has three kids, all under five years old. Sometimes all of them are home and sometimes it’s just one. At first, the kids popping up were cute in our video calls. Now […]

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my boss wants to be my BFF

A reader writes: I started a new job around the time COVID-19 hit. To take the job, I moved about six hours away from home, so I was starting over in a new city and I didn’t know anyone other than a few friends of friends. I worked in the new city for a month, […]

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our new boss doesn’t know how awful her second-in-command is

A reader writes: I am an upper level manager in a mid-sized company with about 200 employees. This past year, the head of our company, Jim, who was problematic but visionary, decided to retire after decades in leadership. I used to report to Jim, but in the changeover it was decided that I would report […]

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how to disagree with your boss

When you disagree with your boss, it can be tricky to know whether you should speak up and how to speak up — and a lot of people get this wrong. They assume they shouldn’t speak up at all (even when they have info their boss doesn’t have and might appreciate hearing!) or, on the […]

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