advice about your boss

Need advice about your boss? Here are answers to all the questions you have about your manager, from how to deal with a boss who yells, to how to tell your manager you’re allergic to her perfume.

my boss is rude to my husband

A reader writes: I work as a bookseller, and about a year ago our bookshop got a new manager. This was a great thing for the shop and for me personally — he’s much more competent than anyone we’ve had in the past and has a real drive for developing people. I happen to be […]

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why do companies fall for grifter “consultants”?

A reader writes: My partner, “Bob,” works in a marketing role (covering everything from social media to events) for a mid-sized, non-corporate, creative company. One of the company’s owners, “Billy,” is a micromanager and cannot delegate even the most minor task to any of the hundreds of staff. For example, he demands to be informed […]

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my remote boss wants to know every time I go to the bathroom

A reader writes: I recently started working under a different manager at the same job. He works remotely, so we communicate over texting/messaging for the most part. A couple weeks ago, we had a catch-up on the phone and he asked if messaging is the best system for me, since he noticed I didn’t respond […]

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I reported my boss’s boss for racism and now feel guilty

A reader writes: I work for a marketing organization where all the top leaders are white.. My supervisor and I recently hired three well-qualified employees, who all happened to be Black. Shortly after the first two started, I received an impromptu phone call from my supervisor’s supervisor, Tammy. Tammy said she did not believe these […]

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my manager yells at her boss through my office wall

A reader writes: I’ve been with my current employer nearly five years. My current boss has just reached her third year with our company, after spending 20+ years with a different company. She has been struggling to adapt, throwing screaming tantrums whenever she doesn’t like a procedure. She compares our company to her old company […]

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