cover letters

Your cover letter is where you make a case for why you’d excel at the job, aside from what’s in your resume. A good cover letter can be the thing that gets you an interview. Here’s how to write one.

end your doubts about cover letters, all ye who enter here

A reader writes: I’m sure you get tons of emails letting you know how helpful your site is, but I’d like to express my gratitude because your advice helped me land my dream job. As background, I was working for a large corporation with (what I felt was) a toxic work environment doing a job […]

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8 phrases that are killing your cover letters

Few people like writing cover letters, and as a result they tend to fall back on clichés and fluff that don’t strengthen their application and in many cases weaken it. See how many of these eight phrases you recognize from your own cover letters – and if you spot any, take them out immediately! 1. “Dear […]

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did I commit a cardinal job-searching sin?

A reader writes: I think I have inadvertently committed a cardinal job-searching sin. Here’s the necessary backstory: I’m a recent college grad (June ’14) looking for a job in a STEM field. I signed up for a job-search group run by a local career counselor, and it was very helpful regarding resumes, cover letters, networking, […]

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how should I format a cover letter?

A reader writes: Could you elaborate more about how formatting should be done on a cover letter? For example, should paragraphs be justified or should they use a ragged right edge? I use a cover letter format that appears sort of as a form of my own custom stationary – the top of my letter […]

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how long should a cover letter be?

A reader writes: I have the most basic of questions, but I’ve received a different answer from everyone I ask. How long should a cover letter be? I tend to be more concise in my writing, so I would be okay submitting a half page cover letter. However, I feel like that appears too short […]

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how to write a cover letter that will get you an interview

If you’re like most job seekers, you’re not taking advantage of one of the best ways to get a hiring manager’s attention: writing a great cover letter. Cover letters can be what gets you pulled out of a stack of applications and called for an interview. They can make the difference between hearing nothing from […]

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