family, friends & significant others

When your family, spouse, or partner intersects with your job or work, things can go badly. Here’s advice to navigate it well.

my friend is angry that I can’t help more in her job search

A reader writes: How do I align a friend’s expectations of how I can help with her job search with how much time and support I can ACTUALLY provide? I’m a career bureaucrat. Most of my connections are in government and nonprofit industries. My friend is miserable in her job, and has been for a […]

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should I warn my work friend she might get fired?

A reader writes: I have worked with a very quirky soul (let’s call her Paula) for a decade now at a small company. We have a new CEO and he’s doing an excellent job. He’s respectful, careful, and thoughtful, but not afraid to make tough decisions. Recently, he fired some very problematic people who were […]

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should I leave my family business?

A reader writes: I need help deciding if I want to stay in my family’s 70-year-old business. At the moment, I work for my father, and my younger brother is also in the business. We’re a construction firm. I’ve worked at the company since I was 14, doing office work over the summers all the […]

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my boss’s wife just called me to yell at me

A reader writes: I am at a total loss. I have been a paralegal to a highly successful attorney for almost 25 years. I have moved firms with him three times over the past few decades, and have never thought of ending our professional relationship. He is a wonderful boss, a calm and even keeled […]

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