family, friends & significant others

When your family, spouse, or partner intersects with your job or work, things can go badly. Here’s advice to navigate it well.

how do you balance two “big” jobs in a family?

It’s the Thursday “ask the readers” question. A reader writes: How do you sensibly balance two “big” jobs in a relationship? My husband is an executive at a high-profile company, and I am the head of a small but very busy specialist department at my firm. Both our jobs are slightly flexible, but less and […]

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work is ruining one of my closest friendships

A reader writes: I started at my company five years ago, around the same time as another new hire, Jill. We were on different teams and our responsibilities didn’t overlap at all, but as two newbies around the same age and with similar interests, we quickly formed a bond. Over the years our friendship has […]

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my dad has been applying to jobs pretending to be me

A reader writes: I’m a recent graduate who’s been job hunting for the past few months. I live with my parents and recently, I’ve discovered my father has been applying for jobs pretending to be me. On top of that, he’s gone out of his way to personally email CEO’s from various companies and design […]

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is it bad to be alone with coworkers of the opposite sex?

A reader writes: I work in an STEM industry that is probably 75% male and I’m the only woman in my company (seven full-time employees and one temp employee) . I graduated in spring 2021 and this is the first salaried job with benefits I’ve held since graduation (I’ve been at this company since last […]

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dealing with domestic abuse in the workplace

This is a reprint of a post from 2012. Someone recently suggested reprinting it annually and I think it’s a good idea. In a post about what to do if an employee is being abused at home, commenter Marie left the following comment, which I thought was so powerful that I wanted to post it here […]

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should I let my parents help me network?

It’s the Thursday “ask the readers” question. A reader writes: My question is about networking and family. My parents and I are in the same field, and I definitely was helped from the very beginning of my career by their experience and connections. Now that I’m finishing graduate school however, I feel that I want […]

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