job offers

You’ve got a job offer! What could go wrong? Plenty, it turns out. Here’s how to navigate job offers, negotiate salary, and come out ahead.

I keep breaking my own heart by turning down great job offers

A reader writes: I’m 25 and work in a very high-pressure and competitive industry. I’m trying to leave my current job for something more challenging with a better culture. Due to the nature of the job, I’ve had to turn down several of the offers I’ve had (which all would have challenged me and had […]

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I turned down a job — and the recruiter sent me an invoice

A reader writes: I was in the awesome position of interviewing for two roles through recruitment agencies and receiving offers for both. Both roles were aware that I had another strong offer on the table, and negotiations started between myself and the two agencies. As I was available immediately, both roles wanted me to start […]

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how to turn down a job offer

You applied, you interviewed, you got the job – and now you want to turn it down. How do you do it? Can you email or do you have to call? Do you have to give a reason? What should that reason be? What if you might want to work with that employer in the […]

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how to ask for more vacation time

If you’re like most Americans, you don’t get nearly enough vacation time from your employer. The average American worker gets only ten paid vacation days after a year of employment (plus, generally, federal holidays and paid sick leave). That’s pretty paltry, especially compared with time-off norms in other industrialized countries. What you may not realize, […]

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