job offers

You’ve got a job offer! What could go wrong? Plenty, it turns out. Here’s how to navigate job offers, negotiate salary, and come out ahead.

employer rescinded my job offer — where did I go wrong?

A reader writes: I had a job offer pulled last week, and I’ve reflected on it, but I still don’t know where I went wrong. I interviewed with my would-be supervisor on Thursday. On Friday, the recruiter calls to extend a verbal offer for the position. I express that this is good news to hear, […]

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I keep breaking my own heart by turning down great job offers

A reader writes: I’m 25 and work in a very high-pressure and competitive industry. I’m trying to leave my current job for something more challenging with a better culture. Due to the nature of the job, I’ve had to turn down several of the offers I’ve had (which all would have challenged me and had […]

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I turned down a job — and the recruiter sent me an invoice

A reader writes: I was in the awesome position of interviewing for two roles through recruitment agencies and receiving offers for both. Both roles were aware that I had another strong offer on the table, and negotiations started between myself and the two agencies. As I was available immediately, both roles wanted me to start […]

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how to turn down a job offer

You applied, you interviewed, you got the job – and now you want to turn it down. How do you do it? Can you email or do you have to call? Do you have to give a reason? What should that reason be? What if you might want to work with that employer in the […]

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