Here are updates from people who had their work questions answered here in the past. Find out what happened!

update: should I report my fatphobic boss or am I being too sensitive?

Remember the letter-writer wondering whether to report her fatphobic boss? Here’s the update. As a recap, I was really struggling with my grandboss, Miranda, and her lack of boundaries, particularly about my changing body after I had a medical issue and procedure that resulted in me losing about 100 pounds. I’m doing well now health-wise […]

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update: my boss and coworkers are constantly at my house

Remember the letter-writer whose boss and coworkers were constantly at her house — storing equipment there, holding meetings there, and even stopping by to use her bathroom? Here’s the update. First off, I want to thank you and the commenters for the advice. I hadn’t realized how ridiculous my situation had become, probably because small-town […]

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update: my needy boss wants me to “adopt” her

Remember the letter-writer whose needy boss tried to invite herself on the letter-writer’s vacations and nights out with her husband. (First update here.) After I reprinted it last week, the writer saw it and sent in a current update: What a surprise to see this pop up again! It’s been a long three years. Our […]

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update: I supervise a manager who falsified an employee write-up … but I don’t think she should be fired

Remember the letter-writer who supervised a manager who falsified an employee write-up but didn’t think she should be fired? Here’s the update. Thanks for answering my letter. I saw some questions that came up in the comments so wanted to give more information about what happened. First, Jason choosing to work on-site did not mean […]

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update: is my future manager a bigoted jerk?

Remember the letter-writer last week who saw her future manager’s bigoted Twitter account and wanted to ask not to report to him? Here’s the update. Thanks for publishing and answering my letter. I actually already have an update! I ended up talking to Willow (my interim manager) about it the day after I emailed you. I […]

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