wait, what?!

Letters that make you say, “Wait, what?!”

my ex-boss threatened to contact my husband, his coworkers, and my father-in-law if I don’t return $48 of office supplies

A reader writes: I received an email today from my prior boss (I left in November) requiring that I return equipment. However, there was no loaned equipment or return equipment clause that even existed for me to sign. They never provided me with anything outside of a $48 office supplies order from Amazon that included […]

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my interviewer sent me an email saying my scars are triggering

A reader writes: I’ve been casually job searching for a few months and had an interview last week. The job was for a logistics specialist at a shipping company. The woman who interviewed me, Marcia, seemed distracted the entire interview, shuffling papers and mumbling her questions. I knew pretty quickly I wouldn’t be taking the […]

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my company advertises every job all the time to make sure we know we can be replaced

A reader writes: I work at a mid-sized company in a highly competitive field where turnover is usually very high, and most positions are either sales-focused or service-based with a few office/administrative occupations making up the roster. The sales openings do not require any specific training, while the service positions are considered skilled trade jobs […]

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my company wants us to sign a loyalty oath

A reader writes: My workplace is incredibly weird and, oftentimes, problematic. In the past there have been issues with religious harassment, sexual harassment, and general abuse all coming from management and administration. You can’t complain to HR because they are part of the harassment as well. They all answer to our CEO, who is also […]

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my coworker passes me messages “from the CEO” … that I think are really from her

A reader writes: I’ve worked for an 80-person organization for two years in an outward-facing, sales-like role. I come with 20+ years experience. The organization has one HR employee coordinating interviews, terminations, and benefits paperwork. Most of my colleagues work in roles that require casual clothing (a branded t-shirt and jeans). My role, however, requires […]

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the new hire who showed up is not the same person we interviewed

A reader writes: This is a situation currently unfolding at my husband’s office so I’m a very amused bystander and thought I’d get your opinion on this craziness. My husband works in IT and is on the leadership team at a midsized private company. He was part of a panel that recently interviewed a number […]

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