work habits

From how fast you respond to email to being the office grump, your work habits affect how people see you. Here’s advice on mastering the right habits.

professionalism: a round-up

A reader writes: I was hoping you could come up with a list of your blog posts related to professionalism and job soft skills that I could use to train new employees. A lot of our staff members are new graduates or haven’t worked in offices before and making “soft skills” part of their onboarding […]

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is it unprofessional to take a Zoom call from a treadmill?

A reader writes: I’ve noticed an increasing number of employees (from individual contributors to managers or even directors) getting their steps in on a treadmill during Zoom calls. Video is on and they’re bouncing around, even wiping their brows. What is your take? It feels so unprofessional to me. It is quite distracting, and almost […]

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is it unprofessional to have hickeys at work?

A reader writes: What’s the workplace norm around hickeys? Obviously, I would never want to make my coworkers uncomfortable, involve them in my sex life, or lead anyone to think I’m being abused. I figure the general policy is that any obvious marks are unprofessional and should be hidden from view at work. But what […]

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someone or something is deleting our work emails

A reader writes: My coworker, Jane, and I share a common Outlook mailbox and the emails get sorted out to each team member chronologically. Example: first email gets assigned to me, second email gets assigned to Jane, third email gets assigned to me, fourth email gets assigned to Jane. And so on. We can tell […]

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does it look bad to send emails late at night?

A reader writes: Does it look bad to send/respond to an email late at night? I am generally forgetful, and the smaller a task the more likely I am to forget about it until later that evening. Randomly, at 10 p.m. I will remember, “Oh shoot, I didn’t tell Jane that Wednesday doesn’t work for […]

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