work habits

From how fast you respond to email to being the office grump, your work habits affect how people see you. Here’s advice on mastering the right habits.

how much can I pet my cat on video calls?

A reader writes: I have a somewhat low-stakes question that has been puzzling me lately. I’m wondering where the line is for interactions between me and my cat on Zoom calls. What is professional and what is not? My team is informal, with no dress code, and we sometimes show off our cats on video […]

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managing mental health at work: a round-up

Here’s a round-up of posts about managing mental health at work. talking to your boss should you tell your boss if you’re struggling with mental health issues? should I disclose my depression to my boss? how to talk to your boss about mental health issues should I tell my boss I’m in therapy and on […]

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how to say no to things at work

Here’s a round-up of advice about how to say no at work. the basics how to say no to a work request can I flat-out refuse to do a project? how to say “that’s not my job” how to tell someone “this is your job, not mine” how to tell coworkers “you need to do […]

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let’s discuss weaponized incompetence

Let’s discuss weaponized incompetence: when someone pretends not to know how to do a task well so that they won’t be asked to do it (also known as “strategic incompetence”). Sometimes this is used for ill (like the classic example of men who can’t seem to figure out how to do their own admin work) […]

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can I ask my boss for feedback about how I’m doing?

A reader writes: I am fairly new to the workforce. I’ve been at my current job for close to two years and I cannot shake the feeling that I’m bad at it. Rationally I think there are parts of it that I am indeed not-so-great at; rationally I think there are parts that I’m decent […]

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