It’s my book!

Soon to be here: the book I co-authored with Jerry Hauser, former COO of Teach for America and current head of The Mangement Center, which provides management coaching to nonprofits and is completely awesome.

The book is called Managing to Change the World. It’s being published by The Management Center this month. It’s geared toward nonprofit managers because that’s what Jerry and I care about most — we want to see more effective nonprofits out there kicking ass — but there’s little in here that I wouldn’t recommend to any manager.

Things I learned:

* It’s really hard to write a book.

* It’s really hard to co-author a book.

* It’s completely exciting once you’re finished.

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  1. Kerry*

    Wow, cool! My husband is in management for a nonprofit, so this is right up his alley. When and where can I buy the book?

  2. Anonymous*

    Way to go! What a great way to nudge the world along a better path.

    May all your labour bring forth much fruit!

    Lois Gory

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