things I like

1. Tea, hot or iced

2. These sheets

3. Elinor Dashwood

4. Sriracha sauce

5. The pygmy slow loris

6. Watermelon agua frescas

7. “Freaks and Geeks

8. Chaise lounges

9. My RSS reader — or anyone’s, really

10. This place

Thanks for letting me impose on you. Now back to regular programming.

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  1. Julie O'Malley*

    What about Emma Thompson, who brought Elinor Dashwood to life? sigh… favorite movie ever

  2. camorra*

    I'm Vietnamese as well and highly appreciate #10. Like Tracy, I've never been to Vietnam. I also liked your inclusion of Sriracha sauce. I never paid attention to the name before now. My family just refers to it as red sauce in Tieng Viet. It's obvious that you enjoy Vietnamese cuisine, so living in the DC area must be fantastic!

  3. Steve*

    Re number 3. Not her best work. P&P all the way

    I already have this argument going continuously with a friend. Who ludicrously advocates for Anne Elliot.

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