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You ask me questions all the time, and now I want to ask you a couple.

I’m working with Ben Eubanks to create something kind of awesome, but I want to ask you a couple of questions in order to narrow down the direction we’re taking it in so that we can make sure it actually has value to you.

Would you answer four short questions for me? All sorts of excitement awaits you in a few weeks if you do (including something free in exchange for your help) …

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  1. Henning Makholm*

    I failed the quiz at the first question: "Are you a job seeker or a hiring manager?" The correct answer here is "no" (happily employed, not a manager, enjoys your blog nonetheless), but that is not among the options I can select.

    Does this mean that you don't need my answers to the rest of the questions (whatever they might be), or should I just flip a coin and enter a random lie?

  2. Ask a Manager*

    Henning, good question. We should have supplied an option for "other"! If you've job-searched recently enough that you can recall what your answers might have been to the "job seeker" questions, that would be really helpful — but otherwise, let me see what we can do about getting a third option in there!

  3. msmgr*

    Passion, introspection and honesty. I want to hear about personal strengths and diversity. I'm tired of just hearing what they think I want to hear.

    Be brave and be yourself!

  4. Ben Eubanks*

    @msmgr Love the comment! Job seekers are conditioned to respond in a way that will make them sound professional, even if it's doing them a disservice by not being authentic. Great suggestion.

  5. Henning Makholm*

    OK, done.

    I hope you don't mind my answering "no" to "do you have any other questions or comments". There has to be some benefit to not being a job seeker :-)

  6. Henning Makholm*

    By the way: Once you can reveal what this was all about, I'd be interested in reading about your experience with running the survey. Did you get the kind of information you were hoping for? The open-ended questions seem to leave a lot up to the respondents' assumptions about what the goal of the exercise is.

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