oh my

Update to the resume feedback offer:  The response was higher than I’d thought it would be, so I may cut this off earlier than the original one week I’d planned on. Or raise the price. Or something. So if you want it, and you want it at this price, act sooner rather than later because I’ll probably change something about it on Thursday…


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  1. a. brown*

    * snork*

    I got my spouse hooked on this site, and he got to this before me. I told him this was crazy, awesome and that you were probably underestimating your audience’s interest. I’m not going for a job right now, but I am very tempted to send in a resume anyway (I won’t).

  2. Nate*

    Maybe this is a sign that you could make a company catered to this particular interest. You could train people on what to look for / not look for so that they can spread your knowledge to a greater audience.

    Just a thought…

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