should you include a short-term job on your resume?

If you left a job after just a few months, should you include it on your resume?

It depends on why it was short-term. Was it short-term by design, or did you leave under less than ideal circumstances?

If the job wasn’t intended to be short-term but ended up that way because you were fired or left after finding you hated the work or the people, you’re generally better off leaving it off your resume.

Remember, your resume isn’t required to be a comprehensive accounting of how you spent each month of your professional life. It’s a marketing document intended to present you, your skills, and your experience in the strongest light.

A few months on a job won’t be useful in showing any real accomplishments or advancement, and including it can actually do harm, raising questions about why you left so soon.

When a hiring manager sees a two-month stint on a resume, here’s what goes through her mind: “Is this … two months? Was she fired? Did she quit before even giving it a chance? Why is this even on her resume?”

If the rest of the application is good, this might not prevent you from getting an interview, but it will likely be a question you’re asked early on. And so then you’ll be talking about being fired or seeming fickle, which isn’t insurmountable, but why take the hit when you could have avoided the whole conversation and the concerns it raises? It’s like deliberately putting a typo on your resume; nothing good will come of it.

Now, on the other hand, if the job was short-term because it was designed that way, like contract work or, say, working on a political campaign, absolutely include it on your resume. That’s not going to raise the sorts of problems above, because you have an explanation that doesn’t reflect poorly on you.

However, if it’s not going to be obvious to a reader–including readers outside your industry–that it was short-term by design, include a note to make that clear. For instance, you might present it this way:

Communications Director …………. March 2010 – November 2010 (campaign)


Database Analyst …………. October 2010 – March 2011 (six-month contract)

On a related note, if you’ve been doing temp work for a variety of clients, you might wonder how to present that on your resume. You have a few options, depending on the length of your assignments.

If you’ve had some relatively long-term assignments (more than a couple of weeks in one place), list those assignments like this:

Acme Architecture (via Temps Inc.) …………. August – October 2010

(Note that this makes it clear that the work was through a temp agency; you do not want to leave that out, or you’ll be incorrectly implying that you were an employee of a company that didn’t actually employ you.)

If your assignments have been more short-term, list the temp company itself as your employer, followed by a list of bullet points of the types of responsibilities you’ve had at various companies you’ve worked at through them.

I originally published this piece at U.S. News & World Report.

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  1. Anonymous*

    So… what about the application itself, or perhaps a security clearance form? If you get fired after being on a job for a short time, are you ever *required* to disclose it?

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      I’m pretty sure (but not positive) that it depends on the wording of the form. If the form explicitly says that you must provide a comprehensive listing, leaving nothing else, and sign to attest to its truthfulness, then yeah, it could be a problem if they later discovered you left something out. But not every form says that.

  2. Anonymous*

    I worked at a well known organization for 2 months. I didn’t get along with my coworkers and decided to leave. I was miserable there. I moved on to another industry and unfortunately I ended up working alongside an ex-coworker from the (2 month) job. I’m glad I left that particular job on my resume. It would have looked bad if I left the short term job off of my resume. It would put me in an awkward situation if my boss found out (through my ex-coworker) that I worked somewhere and did not mention it.

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      I’m going to disagree! You’re not obligated to fill prospective employers in on everything you’ve ever done professionally. If your boss asked why you hadn’t mentioned it, you’d just say, “I didn’t think it added much to my resume, and I had a lot of other things I wanted to include.”

      1. Anonymous*

        So would then put in your resume that you haven’t left your old job at all? or would you leave a 3 month gap per say?

  3. NoahJon Marshall*

    A bit late on commenting on this article, but I have an issue like this on my resume. I was only at a job 3 months but it was for a popular professional sports team and it was what I did in between two full time, normal playing jobs (the sports team was hourly and part time). If I take it off, there will be about a 6 month gap between jobs. I left the sports job when I found a full time job. Thoughts?

      1. Anon2*

        If it was about a one-two month gap then that would be different. But six months then I too would say yes it is worth it.

  4. Anonymous*

    Im working in a two day a week job at the moment as a bilingual PA, so its part time and I been doing so since May 2011, before the current job I worked a 2.5 days week from May to July. My question is do I have to mention that its part time on my CV or can I list them without saying so? Is it wise to leave it out and having to mention it on the interview?

    Because the other 9 working years on my CV were all full time jobs! Im asking because unlike in the past I have the feeling that companies are not considering me for roles anymore at the moment because of that.

    Many thanks!

    1. Dan*

      I have an interview coming up next week for a per diem job and by the time I go to the interview I will have already worked two days at a new seasonal job. I’m not going to put this job on my resume just yet because it’s so new. However, I know I will have to fill out a job application when I get there, so do I mention the brand new seasonal job or not on that application? I am just worried if I write down all my past employers and not my new current employer, wouldn’t that be lying? (you sign the part that states…no information is false….) Also should I mention the new seasonal job in the interview? The interviewer might ask are you currently working?
      Or will your seasonal job interfere with the per diem job? Could I tell the interviewer that I could start per diem in January (that is when the seasonal job ends) or is that not a good idea to mention in the interview.

  5. Anonymous*

    Hi – I just had an experience that was more like an extended interview period than being hired. Worked four days and that included the interview day. Told her I didn’t think the job was a fit initially, was begged to stay, worked 2 more days, no set schedule ever set up. Then told she wanted to just be able to call on me when needed. I told her that wasn’t going to be possible. So . . . I wasn’t going to put it on my resume, but since I was actually paid for 4 days of work, do I have to legally put it on an application? I don’t want any problems in the future over this. Thank you for any help! :)

  6. Jen*

    hi, I also have had a series of short term jobs. From 2004 to 2009 I’ve had 5 jobs, two of which were at the same place. I don’t like job hopping–it’s stressful and you start out on the bottom every time. The ongoing stigma given to people with this kind of history is that they must be irresponsible, or flighty, or emotionally problematic. While I’m sure HR people do see alot of that, it doesn’t mean that’s the case with everyone. I didn’t leave these places because “I didn’t fit in”, or “my boss is a jerk”. I became a full-time college student during this period and found myself with several work/school schedule conflicts as well as a big change in my financial needs.
    I worked at a major bookstore chain from ’04-’06, at which time I was let go. To be honest, I found a $7.98 bargain book I thought my brother might like. I told him that I’d set it aside for him. I happened to be covering a break for a cashier when he came in to buy it. I unthinkingly applied my employee discount to his purchase (a big no-no). He saved $2.00. I lost my job. Two bucks is a pitiful amount, but from a corporate point of view I now understand and accept responsibility for my termination. At the time, however, I was not so understanding. I filed for unemployment–the bookstore fought it but the state ultimately deemed it was an unreasonable termination and granted me full benefits. One week before my unemployment ran out I landed a job at a major department store marking price reductions on merchandise. The hours were strict and unflexible (5am-1pm, M-F). I worked there for a year and a half, until I went back to college full time in fall ’07. That kind of schedule would not work with my daily morning and afternoon classes.
    In September ’07 I found a job at a coffee shop which provided excellent flexibility. However, in November of that year I received a notice from my school saying that the upcoming spring semester will be the last time I qualify for financial aid. Well now that I’d be paying for school out of pocket I’d better find a job that pays more than $7/hr. I trained to become a certified nursing assistant and by January I left my barista job.
    I started work as a first shift CNA in mid-March of ’08. As I looked at the contract they wanted me to sign, I noticed a clause that stated employees cannot request a change in shift unless they’ve been there for six months. I told the interviewer that I was a full time college student (which she already knew from my application) and that my work availability would change in five and a half months, at which point I’d almost certainly need to switch to second shift–otherwise I couldn’t work there. I brought this up three times during the interview to make certain there was no misunderstanding and all three times she assured me that, regardless of the policy, they would accommodate that need. Fast forward five months to mid-August. Classes are two weeks away and now I’m being told that they weren’t going to let me go to second shift. Additionally, I was scheduled to work during hours that I was supposed to be in class. I had no choice but to leave.
    Now it’s spring break ’09. Summer was coming soon and I had room in my class schedule for a part time job (I took 12-15 credits every summer from ’08 through ’09 in an effort to graduate ASAP). I asked my former employer if there was a CNA position available and her response was a wholehearted “yes.” I told her that I was still in school and had one more year to go. So I started with the same company, again in mid-March and worked through summer. Fall of ’09 saw my class schedule explode, and once again my employer couldn’t/wouldn’t accomodate it. One month after I provided HR with a copy of my class schedule I received my work schedule for September. Surprise, surprise, they had me working on days and during times that I was supposed to be in class. Again. I brought this to HR’s attention and was basically told to deal with it. (CNA work is an extremely high turnover job with no shortage of applicants–I was totally replaceable). So once again I left.
    I graduated in May ’10 with a BS in healthcare administration and a 3.5 GPA. I was deep into my job hunt until a major family medical emergency and death in July put me in a position of caring for two elderly family members. Since I was the only one in the family who was unemployed and I had the added bonus of being a trained caregiver, I was the natural choice. My job hunt screeched to a halt and my time has been devoted to this ever since. Now it’s 2012, I’m very long term unemployed and possess few skills (i.e., no experience) pertinent to entry level jobs in healthcare administration. My longest term of employment is with a job from which I was fired. I am not a job hopper by nature, but you’d never know it by my resume. Since hiring managers quickly glance at resumes, I’m kind of at a loss on how to go about representing my job history in a way that won’t get it automatically tossed out.
    I read several of your posts talking about doing away with functional resumes since they imply to hiring managers that you’re hiding something. I’ve also read about functional/chronological hybrids, but with my gaps and general lack of experience I wonder if this is the route to go. With the quantity and calibre of applicants out there I’m kind of at the point now where I’m wavering between cautious optomism and extreme hopelessness (read: depression).

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      This actually sounds very typical for a student! It’s normal to have a bunch of short-term jobs while you’re in school — so I think you are worrying about something that you don’t need to worry about!

  7. Mauro*


    I had a year contract with a company, once they announce a layoff for this company all the projects went down the road. As a result I ended up with a lot of time on my hand and decided to get a second job with a big company in the financial area. I only worked 4 month in this company at the financial area and I had to leave because I didn’t get a long with a co-worker. Now that I’m looking for a new job because my year contract it’s about to expired on the first company; my question is, should I put the 4 months that I worked at that financial company in my resume? the time at that company overlaps with the 1 year contract, should I removed the 4 months at that company? those this looks bad on a resume?

    Thank you,


  8. Anonymous*

    I was laid off in June 2011. It took me 3 months to find another opportunity with a similar firm and job. I have been on the job for five months now, but I am extremely unhappy. I have recently submitted my resume to a firm I’m very interested in working for; however, I did not disclose my current employment. I am wondering if I did the right thing?

  9. marifel*

    Hi!I am currently employed already but prior to this company I am working now, I joined this X company and have worked for almost 1 year even though they were suppose to transfer my working visa to their sponsorship after 1 month. God bless my former employer who let me use their visa for almost a year with this company. You might say I am gullible for believing and waiting that they can do it but finally I left!

    My question is should I mentioned this on my CV about this X company even though it was not my fault I left as I would like to remove it on my CV but then, I do not like that I will not disclose it on my CV too. May you suggest statement that I can put on my CV in case you advise to mention it?

      1. Anonymous*

        Any word/statement that I can disclose on my CV since I feel like after 1 year of work in X company, I left because I have to as the Management is weak in doing the right thing to do as their employee. I work in the Middle East hence the manner of transfer of working visa is necessary and mandatory to be finished with 1 month only.

        Thank you!

  10. STUCK!!??*

    I recently graduated rn school and have been at my nursing job for 5 months and I am soo unhappy, I am considering looking for another job but I would need to put my current job down for experience purposes, does this look really bad? should I push it out the full year and start looking then? oh and I am also 4 months pregnant which i think makes me even more unmarketable???? The job I would be applying for is 35 miles closer to my house which would make my life so much easier as well….

  11. BLSC*

    I joined a company as a VP sales and mktg as they had just partnered with a big brand. I was there for ~8weeks when the owner ran out of money and laid off all the sales and mktg team. i worked like a dog for the time I was there but wonder if i should include it? thx

  12. DBM*

    Thanks for answering questions!
    I went through the interview process and background check for a job at a major cellular company.
    I was hired and worked my first complete day of work and decided the job was not right for me. I called my manager the next morning and told her that it wasn’t going to work out and left after one day of work. I understand the situation was unfortunate, but I felt like I acted as responsible as one could in a unfortunate situation. I called my manager (instead of not showing up) and I mailed back inventory keys at my own expense.
    Should I mention this company/job on my resume? I recently applied/interviewed for another job with a major cellular company and did not include this job on my resume or background check because I didn’t think one day of employment needed to be included. It has been about a month since this happened and I have not received a paycheck from them and I don’t believe I was properly put into their system yet as I did not clock in on their computer system. Thanks

  13. Hank S.*

    I’ve been working in the same industry, financial services, for over 12 years. In Aug 2010, I left a supervisor position at a credit union to look for greener pastures. In Nov 2011, after a year and three months of looking, I interviewed for a supervisor position at another credit union, but was eventually offered a specialist position because they wanted to flatten the hierarchy in the department. I accepted the lower position as specialist. Now, a local bank has posted a management position that better suits my experience. Do I list the past three months that I’ve been working as a specialist and risk showing a regression in my work history, or not list the job and show that I’ve been unemployed for a year and six months?

  14. NSH*

    I was made redundant from a company after 9 years and went straight into another job which I resigned from after completing 4 months of a 6 month probationary period, as the job did not meet my expectations. Should I put this on my CV? I am concerned that other employers may think I will leave them also after a short time

  15. Anonymous*

    I didn’t work for a year duemtomahealth issues. After three months looking again I have founded a “wonderful job” in a good company but I didn’t t get alone with my boss and unfortunately I had an emergency surgery during my probation period. After a month going back to work they fired me and told me that after my absences I have to leave the job. I have never had that problem in this country . Should I listed this job on my resume since my last job before this was a year ago. If I mention this last job on my resume what should I say in an interview?

    I’m looking forward to receiveing your answers

      1. Carmen Elena*

        I was there for four months. My last job was until September
        2010. The thing it’s that I have learned new systems in logistics and I was before in the education field, thanks

        1. Ask a Manager* Post author

          Can’t say with certainty without seeing the whole resume, but generally speaking, I wouldn’t put a four-month job on a resume because (a) you won’t have been there long enough to have compelling accomplishments so it won’t add much anyway, and (b) it’ll raise questions about why it was short-term.

  16. Anonymous*

    My question is about how to handle this if your most recent job is the short term one.
    I left a job after 5+ years. Decent company, worked mostly with good people, but it was going nowhere for my future and I really wanted to switch fields.
    I got a job offer in my new field of interest and took it, but it quickly turned out not to be what they described. I won’t go into the details, but the job was literally not the job I applied for or accepted, and so after a month I put in my two-weeks. (Which, from what I understand, was rare as it appeared a number of people simply left this employer without saying a word.)
    Now, however, I’m a month and a half into being unemployed and my most recent employment, which is the only directly relevant experience I have in this field (though I’ve been doing volunteer work at my mother-in-law’s business that’s relevant since I left) is a very short blip on my resume.
    Should I include it becuase it shortens my unemployed period of time/because it’s relevant, or should I leave it off since it’s so short?

    Many, many thanks in advance.

  17. Anonymous*

    I am really disliking my job…it isn’t in my field and it’s boring, and I actually rejected it once before they changed the terms and promised me I would work with one of the other VPs on other projects (although that dept. is based in another state, he visits monthly), so I accepted. This was 2 months ago. Since then, that VP has visited this office once and barely said “Hi” to me. Both I and my direct supervisor have emailed him asking for word so we can coordinate those marketing duties, but nothing. Should I put it on my resume? 99% of my duties are irrelevant to what I want to do (and if I include it I might have to leave off earlier but more pertinent experience), but if I don’t, my last job ended in October. If I don’t put it on the resume, should I mention it in the cover letter?

  18. Anita*

    I just left this last job because I was miserable there. The boss was completely hard to please. She did not communicate well at all leaving me frustrated and feeling stupid. Trying to be professional about it after only being their for 2 weeks I did talk to her about it and everything was good for a couple of weeks. And she did it again had me running in circles and giving me the look. I couldn’t take it anymore she was pulling me in so many different directions I left crying. She called me as I was driving home and apologized and asked if I would come back and talk and that I was a good fit with the company. I got there she started talking but than proceeded to let me know her disappointment in me once again. I knew in my heart that this wasn’t going to work out. So she asked if I wanted to stay if not that she would understand. I said no this isn’t going to work.
    So I left and now have no job.
    Do I put this on my application because now it looks like I’ve been without a job for a month!
    Or do I put it on and where it ask for reason for leaving ( I could put will explain) on application.
    Don’t know what to do!!!!

  19. Jack*

    I attended the police acadamy and all training except i did not graduate becuase the police found out about a teenage fight incident that i did not put on the application because i forgot. The offical reason i was let go was non-disclosuer. It was all of 2008 so i understand i will have a gap in my resume but i dont think i will ever be considered for a job interview to explain the circumstances of the police acadamy failure. I worked for my familys company 2007 + 2009-2010. Can I just leave the police accadamy off my resume and put i worked at my family company 2007-2010?

  20. Jolian*

    I graduated from university in September 2011. I got my first job in February 2012 and after 1 month they laid me off. because I was replacing one of the employees who were on leave for 1 month and I did not know that from beginning. Since it is my only experience in my field, should I include it on my resume? Also, without that, there will be a 8 month gap on my resume which I am trying to avoid it. Should I mention the month or I can simply write 2012 and then in interview explain about the details? thank you.

  21. Laurie*

    After working for a company for nearly 20 years, I was terminated. I was out of work for about 2 months when I started a new job. After a month of grueling hours and very hard work, I was let go. I did not put this short-term position on my resume ..should I have included this position on my resume even though it was only for 1 month?

  22. Anonymous*

    I got terminated from my job a couple of years ago where I was at for four months. I was terminated because I was unable to provide adequate documentation from my doctor to allow me to lift certain amount of weight since I was pregnant during this time. I was told by my supervisor that I could not come back to work until I got approval from my doctor to dismiss my restrictions. I was unable to provide adequate documentation at the time so I was terminated. During this time I was in college so I did not think much about it. Now that I have graduated this position is an important part of my work experience since I accomplish so much and had many responsibilities through this job. I am going in for a job interview this week and the job relates to the position that I was terminated from. How would I explain this to the interviewer? If they called my supervisor from this position and found out that I was terminated would it hurt me as a candidate? This has been on my mind lately and it is driving me crazy. Please help..

  23. ANNA*

    Hi there, i recently applied for a bank teller position but when i did the application and resume i didnt include a on-call job i had on the side since 2008. It’s a catering business and they only called me a few times a year, the last time i went to work there was January 2011. How should i go about that,should i tell them?…. they schedule me a phone interview for tomorrow..i dont knw what to do :/

  24. Katy*

    I’m a university student that arrived back from studying abroad for a year in Italy and I am putting together my resume for jobs after graduation in the Media/Design field. I worked an amazing job for eight weeks of the summer doing PR on the beach that I absolutely loved but I’m not sure if I should include this on my resume since it was such short term. On the other hand, it was in a non-english speaking country and I feel like it exemplifies my adaptability in new/foreign places. This is the same for a few jobs that I held while abroad for short time at bars and hostels as well. Do you think it would be wise to include any of these short-term positions?

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      Definitely include the PR one since it’s in your field and sounds like it was designed to be short-term! Since you’re a college student, short-term jobs are normal.

  25. Anonymous*

    The last company I was at laid me off only have 3 months. When I asked if it was any issues/problems with my performance/work they said no, that they had made a mistake and thought the positon should be with someone with a clinical background? The job before that was 3 months because I was brought in at a senior level, but was not senior level material, or so they thought. I am a very hard worker, have my masters..I am wondering if I am choosing the wrong types of jobs….

  26. Diana*

    I was working at jcp for 4 months and had a family emergency back home in Florida. I left with 1 week notice but the store manager told me that I’d be rehirable due to the circumstances. I was a very good employee during those 4 months, never late or called off. After I left, an ex co-worker was caught stealing & put some of the blame on me, saying I stoled products before I left (although I knew she was stealing, I didnt say anything, which I regret doing). This all happened 1-2 weeks after I left. The store manager fired her and said that I wouldnt be non-rehirable. The co-worker signed off that she takes full blame though. I tried to call the manager to explain that the situation is not true but she never returned my calls.

    6 months later I’m applying at the same company but a different location. I didnt put that i worked at the company before because I was only there for 3-4 months and I felt they would give me a bad reference anyways. They will obviously see that I worked for the company before when they look in the system for my name, what Can I say to the hiring manager that will help me land the job, or if she ask why im unhirable. How can I explain the situation without bad mouthing my manager for being unfair? Was it wrong for me not to put the company down as a reference? Please help me, I really miss my job there and would do anything for get it back.

    p.s. I never got a call from my store manager or anyone regarding the situation, i didnt even know what was going on until I spoke to another ex co-worker of mine who told me everything…

  27. Allison*

    Hello, appreciate your help!
    I worked for a company for 8 yrs and recently quit due to a hostile work environment. I accepted a new job, in my same field, within 2 wks. After 4 months, my new job was eliminated – along with many others, including my new manager’s position. The company decided to downsize and refocus. The owner’s right hand told me to use her as a reference, that she hoped to be able to hire me back eventually. I learned two new industry programs and helped to launch a new best practice for the company while there. Can I include on my resume I was laid off? Thank you.

  28. Anonymous*

    I would really appreciate any competent answers. I got hired for a private sector position and it ended in voluntary resignation in 2 weeks. I have no idea whether I am required to put this on my FEDERAL resume. Am I required if it was 2 weeks and part-time? We had no conflicts. They realized they don’t need my position; I did not have much to do and it is understandable that they don’t want to pay another person for not doing much (I am grateful to them for trying to give me a chance so that I could start out my career but I could not be productive for them and I could not grow as a person). The other reason was that this was my first paid job so I had to start from scratch and I had a lot of questions and some people at work got tired of my training. Well, of course, I am not like people who have 15-20 years of experience and they probably wanted someone like that because all the other employees had that. I am not that person, I can’t change that so I am not going to feel bad about that. However, whether to put this on my federal resume or not is giving me a headache. I am afraid they would not give me a chance to explain the situation at an interview but at the same time, I want to be honest. Am I required by law to do it even if it was part-time and 2 weeks? I have a lot of volunteer experience and this has been my only paid position so far; I want to go into federal employment and of course, I want to be honest but I don’t know if the HR people would just think it is dumb to put a 2-week employment on the resume and this would disqualify me. What’s your opinion?

  29. Anonymous*

    hi, i was laid off in May 2011, worked with another company(x) from Aug 2011 – April 2012, i resigned becsue i was not happy there and found a new job but it is not what i am looking for and they are moving to different location that is far from where i live . i am applying for jobs now but saying that i am still working with my previuos company(x) . i am not sure if that is right and what should i put in my resume?

    1. neets*

      I am wrkin in a hotel… I wrked there for only 3mths(ON-CALL) as there’s no wrk rite nw they have put me on stand by nd its been almost a mth nd im still without any wrk.This is nt helpin me so im plannin on applyin for another job.Is it ok if I mention about it on ma letter?

  30. Diamante Powers*

    I was laid off from a job back in March 2011 were I stayed for two years and I couldn’t find another job until Nov 2011. I just quit this month (May 2012) so I was only there for 6 months. Should I put this job on my resume? I quit for ethical reasons by the way.

    Thanks for your response

  31. Ema M.*

    I’m not exactly sure what to glean from what’s been written here (should you or shouldn’t you add the ‘short term’ job??), as I’m helping to prepare my God-daughter’s resume (who’s “learning disabled”, yet another issue that people refuse to address in the job market today, if ever), and unfortunately ‘three’ of the jobs she’s held are “short term” (3 months) ones.
    I don’t see any other way around it for her, as if these jobs are not added, she’ll have NO work history to add (except for one Security Guard job that lasted for exactly ‘one year’) to her resume. So, what ‘advice’ could you give to someone like her? Thanks anyway for taking the time to read my letter.

  32. Missey*


    I recently graduated from college almost six months ago and within that time I also relocated to a totally different state. About a month after I relocated I was able to land a full time job as a bank teller. Unfortunately I was terminated after one month for violating the cell phone and social media policy which had been changed not long after I was hired. I am currently looking for a new positions as a bank teller and I am uncertain if I should include this experience on my resume. I was able to get some good experience and my former co-workers and manager all were willing to be used as references for me. I learned the procedures quickly and was very good at my job as well as reliable, unfortunately I just made a slight mistake in judgement. I feel this experience would help me land a new job but im not sure if this will make me look like a bad candidate. Without it there will be about a 6month lapse in my work history….is it best to just leave it off?

    oh btw i was able to land a phone interview for a bank teller position but i was required to list EVERY job i’ve ever held before continuning on….even if I only worked there one day….that’s why im wondering is it just best to add this experience since it seems I will possibly be asked about it in the future anyway?

  33. Sarah*

    I would like to know if I should put on a job that only lasted 1 week. It is with a well known company called Vector Marketing which sells Cutco knives. I think it would look bad, because its supposed to show I can work unsupervised, and get the job done, but I haven’t been able to sell much, or get good recommendations. I want to leave it off, but have already applied to one job with it on there. Which one should I do? I mean if I stay there a month, I can imagine leaving it on would be a good thing. But a week? Also I have a substituting position I only worked a week at, but I put down a month, because of the payroll situation. I have had mainly short term jobs some due to position length (an internship and a temproary assignment) and others due to personal, professional reasons. I don’t want to falsify my resume, or even appear that it has been falsified.

      1. mh_76*

        Could you work it into a section of your resume that condenses the short term jobs into one entry? That way, you could include them for professionally-relevant keyword purposes, fill in a gap or few, and better highlight any jobs that you held for longer periods of time. If the job is not at all relevant, though, to your professional goals and would only be on-res because of the company name, then leave it off.

        For example (from my resume, formatting added for clarity, comments in italics). These positions range from a couple of weeks to a few months but all have some degree of professional relevance or fill an otherwise long gap in paid work. I will add the more recent contract positions I’ve held once I run out of room on 2 pages and have to condense the res. yet again.

        Contract Positions, including 2008-2009
        Assistant (part-time) — [Law Firm 3] (via Agency 3)
        • Brief Description
        This one was a part-time “survival job” that supplement unemployment and fills an otherwise long gap in -paid- work experience.

        Project Coordinator — [Major Hospital] (via Agency 2)
        • Managed project to ….
        • Recommended and began development of … solution (using [technology]) to allow ….
        This one is relevant to my professional interest in Project-related work…and fills a pay-gap

        Legal Assistant — [Law Firm 2] (via Agency 1)
        • Provided legal…

        Legal Assistant — [Law Firm 1] (via Agency 1)
        • Provided operational….
        Though short, these two are relevant because I had finished a Paralegal Cert. a few months before these jobs. The legal market collapsed right after I finished the cert. and I’ve since had to shift my search focus from paralegal to project-related work. They’ll fall off the resume itself sooner or later but will stay on LI

        Hope this is (maybe) helpful. Not every H.M. will like the format but, well, we candidates are screening the H.M.s and companies also.

        1. mh_76*

          [I saw the previous comments go through the Google Reader (RSS) feed…would probably never have seen them otherwise…links at the top/right of the page…yes, I’m bored right now]

  34. Anonymous*

    I worked for a company for almost 2 months. They decided not to retain me due to personality conflicts and lack of flexibility in my schedule. I have retained another position through this employment (which they were aware of and I have a completely open schedule). I am now applying for other part-time to full-time job to supplement my income, do I need to or should I include this job on my resume or application? My concern is if I leave it off and it is discovered on a background check and that weed me out for another job? I have never been let go or not retained before. My current job I have had for over 3 years and I have no gaps in my employment history.

  35. Anonymous*

    If I worked for just a few weeks, should I list it on my resume? If an interviewer asks about my work history do i mention it as a job or something different.

  36. Fin*

    I am trying to get a job trucking. Don’t they go through your employment history pretty thourghly. I had one job for a day, and one for week. I just don’t know if I should put them on my applications. Can’t they deny me a chance for a job if I didn’t mention them?

  37. Anonymous*

    I’ve been working at a recruitment company for a month and after completing the training and actually doing the job I have realised it isn’t for me and I’m so miserable there. Am I obligated to put this on my CV or could I list it as an internship? The skills would help me in future employment but I don’t want it to look bad that I’ve left so soon but I just knew it wasn’t for me.

  38. pauline*

    i’ve been working on a call center industry for more than 3 years already, i started working july 2007 – sept 2008, i needed o take the board exams in dec 2008 so i resigned since i’m a nursing graduate, the time i was reviewing was also the time i got pregnant, so when i was applying back then i was about 4 mos, most of the companies didnt accepted me so i waited after i gave birth and applied again after 3 mos, i worked on one of the bpo only for 2 mos i wasn’t satisfied with heir pay since im racing my child and it was so expensive, though my husband also work, it was not enough, i applied to a different company and worked for 2 years and 3 mos, after that i resigned since thier was no growth, after that i worked for 3 mos which was from feb 2012 – april 2012, i wanted to resigned but the company will not agree since they have a bond for 6 mos, however the workplace is far from our place and needed to travel for 2- 2.5 hours, and i got pregnant again, no i was applying and i didnt included since what happened with the last company was awl/ terminated, the company i applied had a background check and they have known that i worked with that company, i already had my contract but they retracted, what will i do on the next company that i will apply for, will i still include it on my resume or not, will i also tell the new company that i will apply for about what happen,

  39. Ryan*

    Should i take the job?
    I have completed my Bcom and i plan to do an MBA from next June. Untill then i want to work and get some experience and my neighbour said that she could set me in a good job in a big company.But i did not tell her that i will be living by next june.So is it fair for me to accept the job because after the training,there will be left only around 8 – 9 months to work.I WANT THE JOB BUT IS IT OK TO ACCEPT IT?IS IT FAIR TO MY NEIGHBOUR AND THE COMPANY?HELPPP!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Ashley*

    I have 5 years of experience in clinical research and was at my last position for a little under 2 years. Unfortunately, that’s the longest position I’ve ever held due to horribe bosses, offices closing, etc. I really don’t want to look like a job hopper, so my current situation has me very disappointed in my choice. I resigned from this position simply because of what I “thought” was a better offer.

    Anyway, to get to the point, a recruiter called me out of the blue about a position that was more money, working from home, and was a level up from what I was currently doing. A week after starting this job, I was told that they didn’t have as much need for the position I was hired for as they did for the step below me and that I would be cross-trained and MIGHT eventually do the more advanced job later. Now that I’ve been here about a month, I see that the role they have me in is very much below me. These other people are very entry-level, and, to be honest, I feel lied to and insulted – I am not only experienced but am getting certified in about a month. I happen to know that they were looking for people for this lower-level job to relocate and work in an office. I’m thinking they probably changed it up to trick more experienced people into doing it. I accepted what I perceived to be a promotion only to be at a much lower level than I was previously.

    While the money and being at home are really great, advancing in my career is VERY important to me at this point in time. I do plan to leave this position off of my CV, but how would you suggest explaining to a potential employer why you left the previous position if it looks like you’re not currently working. (I mean, who just up and leaves a perfectly good job?) Also, would this cause an employer to look over my resume without even calling me?

    Thanks for any help!

  41. autum*

    should i leave self employment on my application? the last job i did was a work from home job and before that i did manufacturing, other times i worked temp jobs and have worked in government institutions. should i just put down relevant positions on my app?

  42. Anonymous*

    If you do choose to leave a short term job off your resume, how should you explain your gap in employment to hiring managers. I spent 5 months unemployed and have spent the past 2 months working for my current company in a position that is not a good fit for me. Is it worse to have a 7 month employment gap or a 5 month employment gap + a short term job on your resume?

  43. Anonymous*

    I was working at a nursing home for about 3 and a half months and then found out that I had to have surgery and had to be off work for a short time to recover. They told me I had to option to quit or be let go. I turned in doctors statements and everything stating that I had to be off. I just found out that I was fired from the job and they are telling everyone at the company that I quit. How do I explain this on an application?

  44. Anonymous*

    I am currently working at a job which completely doesn’t suit me and I am miserable at. I have enjoyed many previous jobs, but this one is not for me. I have been working here 2 months. Problem is-it’s only my 2nd office job (the rest have been team lead/management retail positions). So I am applying to other office/professional jobs, and have so far left it off my resume. I’m afraid a new employer will look at my resume and wonder why I’m looking for employment when I’ve only been working at this job for 2 months. Yet it’s the experience that I’ve gained that I’m afraid to miss out on showing. Do I add this job, which I am desperately trying to leave, to my resume???

  45. Anonymous*

    Hi, I was laid off in April from a job I really loved and did very well at. I was promoted a few times and had high metrics (sales and customer service). When I found out the job was ending, I took another job and trained while still at my first job. During the training I discovered it was really not for me and let the trainer know and left. After my job ended in April, I took another job and worked two days after training (including the training it was 2 weeks). I left because I felt the way they had us work with the customers was very misleading to the customers and I was not comfortable with it. Now I am looking for a job and am concerned about these two experiences (both of these experiences were work at home jobs). If I leave them off and don’t disclose them to an employer, would they rescind a job offer? I have a company that called me for an interview that I would really love to work for and am just unsure what to do.

  46. J*

    Took position as financial advisor trainee. Worked only 4 months and was recently let go due to not passing securities license exam. Two questions: If I list on my resume, any advice as to what to put down as a description for this position (ie, participant in training program. Basically my job was to study for these exams). Second, is there any nice way to tell a potential employer that you were let go due to not passing an exam?

  47. Nick*

    What do you do if you are currently in a job that you want to leave after a short term?
    I have worked most of my career in for-profit and took one in the non-profit sector thinking I would enjoy it. I work in a small industry where pretty much everyone knows everyone so a lot of potential employers know I am here.
    Not sure if it is the NFP side or just the organization but it is not working out after 3 months. So I want to look for another job but how do I not put my current role on the resume? And if I do how do I explain it…is it ok because I can use the NFP vs. private sector argument? P.S. the role I have just seems a little too “fluffy” for me with no real tangible goals. Thank you so much in advance for your reply.

  48. amity*

    I was just terminated for not disclosing a job I was fired from after 7 weeks of employment. The company I was working for told me it was falsification on my application. I was told that I did not have to list a short term job especially if I was let go before my probation period was up. Guess that’s not true.

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      A resume is different from an application. You can omit anything you want from your resume. An application, on the other hand, may contain a statement you need to sign attesting that the information is complete and that nothing is left out.

      1. Rachael*

        I have a question for you in reference to the difference in omitting from a resume versus an application. What should one do if a resume is submitted to the prospective company with a job omission, and on the day of the interview, HR hands you an application to complete on-site? Should the omitted job be included in the application? And if so, how should the applicant respond to HR as to why this particular job was omitted from the resume?

        1. Ask a Manager* Post author

          If the application asks you to sign attesting that no jobs have been left out, then you need to decide how comfortable you are leaving it out. If you include it and HR asks about it, you can explain that it wasn’t on your resume because it wasn’t relevant to your candidacy or whatever the reason is.

  49. Lars*

    I just started a job and I take care of my mother as a caregiver for the state of Washington, I totally forgot the fact that this a job because I’ve been doing it for a while and it doesn’t feel like a job. Do I have to go to HR and let them know that I left this job off of my resume on accident? Did I break any laws by not disclosing it? Can I still keep both jobs? Do I need to inform my state paid care giving job that I also took another job even though neither job will be effected by the other because I schedule my own hours as a caregiver?

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      You don’t need to disclose it to HR unless you signed an application attesting that you had provided a full and complete list of all jobs without leaving anything out. (Even then, taking care of your mom probably isn’t going to make anyone feel you misrepresented things, but it wouldn’t hurt to disclose it if you’re uncertain.)

  50. Elaine*

    I moved to a new town over a year ago after the company I worked for closed. I had been with them for 17 years. I moved back to my hometown and decided to take a year off before going back to work. I went to work and in a short time figured out the place wasn’t for me because my boss was very verbal and cussed a lot. She would talk bad abouy people and ridicule you in front of other employees. It was almost too much to bear on a daily basis but I stayed hoping I would find another job. Yesterday got too much to bear and I cried in my office. To my surprise today she came in and let me go because I cried at work and that was in her opinion a bad representation of the company. Wow! I was there for 3 months. Should I put this job on my resume?

      1. Elaine*

        Thank you. I just didn’t know what to do. I have never been let go before and it really shook me up. I have always been a hard worker and all I could think about after it happened is that it would prevent me from getting another job and that really scared me. It’s a pretty scary situation in today’s world with the high rate of unemployment and I wanted advise on how to handle it so that I’m not in the percentage of the unemployed for very long.

  51. Anonymous*

    I am a recent college graduate who got a job out of college, i have been working here just over two months and unfortunately this job is not a good fit for me, it’s not in my ideal field and there is absolutely no room for advancement, people have been working there 20+ years and are the same position as me. I want to start applying for other jobs because I don’t see the point in sticking it out for a couple years when it is quite obvious that this isn’t going to be a long term fit, and I am not happy. My question is whether or not I should include this on my resume? I don’t want to come across as a job hopper, but I feel like having this job on my resume is a quick way of getting my application tossed. So what do you think? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

  52. G*

    I got laid off yesterday. I worked there only month and a half, my boss wasn’t happy with me particularly not paying enough attention on detail, which I think I’m absolutely able to learn more. Even though this happened, I really enjoyed working there and felt good and I did learn a lot…I wouldn’t mind to add it to my CV but just for confidence should I do it?

    Thank you!

  53. Alice*

    I was working at a retail store for about 6mos and i was terminated due to a conflict that wasn’t stated in the employee handbook. I feel like putting it in my resume makes me look irresponsible and i still haven’t found a new job. Should i continue putting it in my resume? Is it necessary?

    Thank You.

  54. Anonymous*

    Right after college, I joined this firm and I quit after 5 months because the profile that they mentioned earlier was very different from what it actually turned out to be.
    I joined this firm and worked there for a year and a half. The company terminated its operations and I took up another job.
    I spent 2 months there and I got a call from my dream company. I got to know that this company would not select me if they get to know about the first job, which was for 5 months and the current 2 month job. So i decided to exclude both in my resume and went ahead with the process. It continued for 3 months and I got selected. Now I have my background check and I still have not mentioned about those 2 jobs even though the form said that I am supposed to mention all previous employers.
    Will they find out? What if they do? I have not mentioned those anywhere and even my previous employer does not know very well about these.

    Can the background check reveal all this? what if it does?\
    Please help!

  55. Anonymous*

    I worked at a company for 2.5 years. I always received great reviews. I began having small seizures (1 every 4-5 months) while working. I never left work and continued my work after the seizure was over. When I became pregnant due to high blood pressure my seizures increased. I had to take short term disability the last month of my pregnancy and was on bedrest. A temp came in and filled my position. When I came back to work my boss waited a couple of weeks and brought me in and informed me that she could no longer defend my disability to my team members and that she was changing my position to a project manager. She informed me with a new baby I could not handle this job. I was terminated. I filed and EEOC and I have not found work in two years. Should I leave this company off of my resume? They are obviously not giving me good references. The temp was rehired in my position.

      1. Anonymous*

        It has been two years and nothing has been settled yet. I feel like my old boss is giving me bad references because I filed an EEOC claim. She told me I was up for rehire. I hired an attorney when I left and the company responed back to the EEOC that I was a poor employee even with all of the great reviews I received. I have proof of them and never received a bad review the entire time I was there. I always got a bonus and a great reviews. I am just trying to find a job and am finding it very difficult with my last job on my resume. I don’t like not being honest, but companies don’t like you mentioning EEOC claims and seeing large gaps of unemployment on resumes either. I don’t know what to do.

  56. Dee*

    I just started working at a job two weeks ago. I liked it, but the hours weren’t great. Two months ago I applied for a similar position at a different company, excelled during the interview but was told that my application would be placed on hold until a similar position opened up. The company called me three days ago to offer me the position and I accepted. Problem is I am still hired at the other place and there would be no way to work at both places. Do I still have to give a two weeks notice and/ or is it tacky to give a four day resignation letter? Help!

    1. Dee*

      I meant a resignation letter via email, seeing as I am scheduled to begin paperwork on Tuesday.

  57. Anonymous*

    Right after college, I joined this firm and I quit after 5 months because the profile that they mentioned earlier was very different from what it actually turned out to be.
    I joined this firm and worked there for a year and a half. The company terminated its operations and I took up another job.
    I spent 2 months there and I got a call from my dream company. I got to know that this company would not select me if they get to know about the first job, which was for 5 months and the current 2 month job. So i decided to exclude both in my resume and went ahead with the process. It continued for 3 months and I got selected. Now I have my background check and I still have not mentioned about those 2 jobs even though the form said that I am supposed to mention all previous employers.
    Will they find out? What if they do? I have not mentioned those anywhere and even my previous employer does not know very well about these.

    Can the background check reveal all this? what if it does?\
    Please help!

  58. Andre Hemmingway*

    Umm I got terminated from 6 months by having a shortage of money lets say 300 by a whole weekend and Ive ben applying to jobs ever since i got fired so for 2 months now havnt gotten a call back from know 1 my man goes to 1 place and gets hired with low experience i have more than him is it my resume or are the places calling my last job cause thats the only real job I had am i getting bad reference or just not getting called back? I was heard jobs can only tell when u started I need a job asap

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      If you want to resubmit this with punctuation and cleaned up writing, I’d be glad to try to answer. Right now, it’s not easily decipherable.

      1. Andre Hemmingway*

        Point Blank Do I leave my job I had with for 6 months or not I got fired for missing money.

        1. anon.*

          Don’t be rude. As an outsider reading your question, I was the same way as Ask A Manager. You cannot understand what you wrote. At all. If you are currently looking for jobs, might I suggest you definitely go through your resume with spell and grammar check? It looks like you could use it. That is a big turn off in hiring if the resume is sloppy and looks uneducated. Punctuation is critical in making you look intelligent. No one can read 7-8 run-on sentences and expect to be able to read and comprehend what was trying to be said.

  59. Anonymous*

    Hey there. I just got “Let Go” as my Manager put it.
    She called me today and said that the owner said to “Get rid of me”. I worked for the company part time for a little over a month, and only had about 5 shifts. I am currently also working at another job.

    Should I add this to my resume? I don’t want them to go through my background with my SI Number and find out I was fired if I don’t.

  60. Anonymous*

    Hi! I have this situation, I work for a known company for a month and its my first job. After that I left my job because its not worth it. My boss called me, and I told her that I can’t continue with the job. ( The company lacks with resources, you have to share a computer with 3 or more employees and your task are always on rush, at the same time you have an overpowering boss). Should I still put it on my CV? I’m applying now on outsourcing companies, much different from my previous job.

    thanks and God Bless!

  61. Daryl*

    Hi, I have a situation whereby I’m going for an interview soon and yet I’m still deciding if I should include my current employment into my resume for now. I’ve been here for roughly a month plus and I found out that I’m not suitable for this job and also the environment. There were few reasons why I decided to leave,1st is because of the location, and then the Job Scope. I like the the Job Scope when I first came for an interview but after I joined, the things that I’m doing it’s not even matching with the Job Scope. And I’m frustrated. I need advice if I should include this employment of mine into my resume. If yes, what should I tell to the future interviewer? Many Thanks.


  62. Anonymous*

    I just started a new job right out of school in a different state, and the original plan was for my fiancee to join me within the following months as he wanted to find a job for himself before leaving his current job. The issue is he was just nominated for a big promotion at his current job. If he gets it, I am going to move back to be with him. How long should I stay at my job now before leaving? I’m just going through the orientation period now, and should know within the next few weeks whether the promotion goes through.


  63. Ricky*

    I have two jobs at the moment. My fulltime which I’ve been with for 5 years & my parttime which I’ve been with for 2 months, which I’m unhappy at the moment. I’m currently looking for another part time job and I added my 2nd job on my resume. But I was wondering if if looks bad that I have two jobs and the employers arent considering me because of that fact? Should I remove my 2nd job off my resume when applying elsewhere? Thanks

  64. Anonymous*

    If you don’t include your previous job on your resume/application, will it be detrimental to you if they conduct a background check and discover you have worked somewhere for a 2 week period without letting them know on the application?

  65. MNM*

    If I worked at a company for less than one month and left because of I was no longer able to get to work, will employers be upset if they see it in a background check and I didn’t include it on the application? It’s not relevant to the job I applied for and the job I’m applying for is an entry level job. Thank you for your help!

    1. Jamie*

      It depends on the verbiage of the application. Some ask for every single job to be noted, so in those instances you should list all jobs or they could be wary of you falsifying an application.

      If they aren’t asking for every job I’d leave it off – I’d definitely leave it off your resume since that isn’t expected to be an all inclusive document.

  66. sarah black*

    So ok in response to this I didn’t put a 3 month job I left for my moms serious almost deadly illness. When the employer I was applying to work for found out I did not include this they accused me of being dishonest on my resume

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      You can always find a crazy person/employer who believes something crazy, but normal people do not believe your resume must contain everything you’ve ever done. Don’t let that one person dissuade you.

      1. Anon2*

        A rather short-term job being excluded should not count against you, because more than likely you were not there long enough “to gain any skills from that job” especially for those who have had jobs lasting less than 3 months. I know some employers say “do not omit any job” but I don’t think short term jobs should matter so much because your resume/application is cluttered with jobs and it takes away from the long term jobs that you’ve had where you actually had tie to learn skills. I hope all this makes sense, and I am sorry you had that experience. I wonder how they found out anyway…

  67. sarah black*

    I have never been fired and have an excellent work history other than this so this seems a bit unfair. I am alot of things but dishonest is not one of them.

  68. Katrina*

    I externed at a company for three months. After the 3 months they hired me on. After working for about 1 month, I was unable to accomodate the hours required of me. My question is, how can I include this experience on my resume? Do I list it under employment or volunteer?

  69. Anonymous*

    Hi I am currently a grade 12 student and I have been working at a tutoring centre for almost 2 years now. Over the summer around August, I got a job at a well known apparel store but have been recently laid off. Even these small jobs are hard to get these days and due to school I may not start to look for another job. or should I? Since the unemployment gap would be too long? Also, should I include this 2 months experience on my resume? I don’t want my employers to think that I can only work at educational places.

  70. Confused Guy*


    Here’s a little history of my career.

    I had 4 years with the company and I have climbed my way up. I was an assistant manager and got offered an opportunity to become an interm store manager with the promise in writing of I will be able to return to my current position as an assistant when the contract is over. My contract was over as an interm store manager, but my promise to return to my assistant manager was not honoured. It took alot out of me to swallow this but I finally got over it for the future of my career and decided to continue working at another store with the notice of temporary contract because I will still be applying for a store manager position. I worked for the store for about 1 month but realize the owner of the store is a bit power tripping. She said to me that as an assistant manager (Hourly Rate) should really be looking and doing the best for the store. If i’m scheduled from 9-5 I really should be staying till 9-7. I find that ridiculous and I resigned. On my way out she said to me she use to be the pharmacy coordinator and if I get on her bad side it will be the end of my career because all the Distric Manager are her peers. I was immediate hired by another employer in the same pharmacy chain to help out and worked there for almost 5 months and relationship was very well. I continue to apply for store manager position and I found one which I started a few days ago. On my resume I did not listed that I have worked at the store with the ridiculous owner who wants to make me work over time for free. That I personally didn’t think it’s was required to put down short term jobs that’s less then 2 months. But I have stated to my employer during the interview that I have worked at a few other stores just to help out but didn’t stayed long. But my employer did not ask me further question towards those stores. He called 3 pharmacy owners for references in the same pharmacy corporation and all feed back comes back very positive. The district manager of this store claims that I was trying to hide my tracks on my resume and deemed possible termination of my current postion which I have already started. What actions can I take? It’s classified as continues service because I am with the same pharmacy corporation.

    Thank you.

  71. Cece*


    I am currently in role with a company that is going through an organizational change/restructuring. I was brought on 3months ago to help spearhead a new initiative. I am finding that from the top to the bottom, individuals are saying that they want change, but they are not embracing the change necessary to executte what I was hired to do. I am over it and I am putting myself back on the market. Should I include this job on my resume, or leave it off?



    1. Jamie*

      I know it’s not what you’re asking – but I’d consider sticking it out.

      I’ve been at the forefront of more than one major structural change and it can take more then 3 months to get everyone on board. Usually it’s after the changes take effect and they start seeing the positive outcomes that people embrace it.

  72. BCBC*

    Simple question: What if you worked at a firm for 2 weeks? Would you still leave that info out or in? What if this position was ‘higher’ compared to other ones you have on your resume?

  73. PA - Anonymous*

    I left a second term contract job that had some future promise for what it seemed a “greener pasture”. The new opportunity was full-time, seemed to offer a dynamic role with plenty of opportunity for growth and apply my creativity and most of my potential. However, after two months on the job I was working long hours in something that was not at all the role described and being told every turn I had to take all the time. I was in the verge of either collapsing from so much stress of the coercing environment and hard work, with as much un-fulfilment, or just lose it. In the end, the role and (dis)management style was completely misrepresented for the somewhat already senior role. I offered my two weeks’ notice letter of resignation after trying every different way I knew to work under that environment. I was told by my boss not to bother finishing the two weeks (no surprise). Had some sympathy from the HR personnel when I tried to look for solutions and when I explained why I was resigning.
    Should I include this two month experience on my resume or just leave it out and have a two month gap? Should I mention it at all and explained if asked about the work gap?
    Thank you for your feedback.

  74. Anonymous*

    Would a 1-week job show up in a comprehensive background check? Because I signed the paperwork at this store just days before and started work for a day but later on the manager called me about the schedule and it turns out she only would make me work for 8 hours in a week at a pretty staggered time-frame. Since I found a different place which can offer me more hours, I’m now thinking of letting this other one go but I am hesitant because I only worked there for practically a day although that was a week ago so it may appear on a background check and make me look like someone flighty.

      1. Anonymous*

        So can I leave this job out on subsequent job applications? I just don’t want any future problems with it just in case.

  75. U*

    I really need help with 2 of my very important issues. I was working in corporate sector in 2009/10. Then I got another job in the same organization in another department. Due to intense babysitting problems, I had to resign. I worked on that position just for 6 or 7 weeks. My question
    • Is that appropriate to put that short term job on my resume as I learned new procedures and soft wares there?
    • My other question is that I am jobless for the past 2 years now as I was looking after my son. Now he is in full time school and I can go back to work but so far, I am not getting any luck getting an interview call. I think this is because of that huge gap in work. What should I do with this 2 year gap on my resume? Should I change the resume format to make it work?
    Please assist!

  76. Ashley Nichole*

    Hi I was working at an x company from Feb 2012-June 2012 I left there because of pregnancy issues before that I was employed at another company from Sep 2012-Feb 2012, before that I was employed at x company from feb 2011-sep 2012 and last i was employed at another company from march 2009 to feb 2011 I dont want to included my short term job due to the fact i wasnt there long enough how do i fill in the gaps for the other previous jobs?

  77. Anonymous*

    I have been with a company for 2 months going on 3. I was promised a keyholder position after a month. It did not happen b/c the manager did not tell me I would need to speak with the DM and that she did not know when that would be. She pretty much lied to me. I live about 20 min. away, I was being asked to come in half hour early, stay late..etc. The thought of driving that long to go in 30mins early and make 4.25 in that time, was upsetting. I went to work everyday with a GOOD attitude, I got along great with my co-workers, the 2 assistant managers speak highly of me, I met my sales goal every week. I called the manager to ask her about my standing and she would not give me a direct answer, she was changing the subject by talking about how I should get on WIC or find a second job. (My husband lost his job as a store manager). I don’t want to put this job on my resume. However, I have 2 interview and if I get the job, I would hate to have some of my customers that know me ask about the previous job. I don’t want to come across like I’m bad mouthing my manager during the interview if asked about her. What is the right to do with out risking my chances of getting this job. (I really need a job ASAP). Also, how long does a company keep a record of their employees on file?

  78. Brandon*

    I accepted a job from a company for on-call work. Signed paperwork and everything. Then I waited and waited…after three weeks I had not worked a single hour because they were only calling me for jobs that were at times that I had indicated I was unavailable. I decided that I was going to be moving to a new city in a couple months to go back to school so I may as well quit. I e-mailed and snail mailed a resignation. I never heard anything back, but also never got any calls for any jobs after that. As I said, never worked a single hour, never received a cent from them.

    That was one year ago. Should I include it on applications? There are no employment gaps because I had to other jobs at the same time. I should note, I have no information for job like supervisors or anything, never had one. The closest I could do would be to get someone’s contact information from the website.

  79. Bea K.*

    What do you do if you’re ‘differently-abled’ and your resume consists of mainly “one or two month” jobs (and you’ve only had one or two one year jobs), and you desperately need to put together a resume “right away” with the info from these positions?
    Can it be done and if so, how can it be put together, in a manner where someone will look beyond the short time frames, but hire you for the work you can do instead?
    Thanks for your responses and help.

  80. Anonymous*

    I am not enjoying my current job at all, I am on contract for 6 months but this is my 3rd month and I want to quit giving them proper notice. I was wondering if I had to include my current employer in my resume’. Unfortunately I don’t get along too well with my Assistant Manager,whom I report to, and giving the company and her contact details for my future reference makes me feel uncomfortable . Don’t know what to do!! Help me please.

  81. Tani*

    I know this is an old post but I have a question for you. I was fired from my job after just under 3 months of employment. I have left this job off my resume. I just got a new job that is doing a background check. What is the likelihood that this 3 month job will come up in a background check?

  82. Tani*

    Thanks for the response. It’s not a government clearance, but they are using a company that does background checks. I’m not sure if those companies have ways of finding these things out or if I’m just being paranoid. Stressful, for sure!

  83. Bea K.*

    My God-daughter has only worked a few jobs, some only lasting a month or two with the longest being fifteen months, so how can she set up a resume if this is her only type of work history (she’s also mentally challenged and has an ‘IEP Diploma’), and she needs something set up “right away”? I’ve seen NO examples (or samples either) any where on line that will help her out, in order to set up a resume (she’s looking for work once again and we don’t know where to turn for help in setting up her resume, and organizations such as YAI and a few others have been NO help), so what can she do? Thanks for any help possible.

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      I might focus only on the longer ones and leave off the ones that only lasted a month or two, to make her work history look as strong as possible. Good luck!

  84. Jjohn white*

    if I was working for a company for 4 weeks but found something better do I have to put that job on my resume .

  85. Mikayla*

    Hi, I worked at a restaurant called East Coast Wings for about 1 month as a hostess. At the time one of my used to be good friends was working there but she was in a relationship with one of the managers, she got pregnant so she needed to quit, and asked if I needed a job. I applied, I got hired. My “friend” trained me, and I felt she did a terrible job. Plus, they had me doing so much. Wiping down doors, greeting members(of course), but what I didn’t expect to have to do was leave the hostess stand to have to wash dishes and serve meals, which I had no idea how to do and got fussed at for. I also felt discriminated against after work when wanting to order a meal and the bartender said I wanted her to wait on me hand and foot, not the case, I was out of uniform. I felt it should be against company policy to go behind the doors when out of uniform. Anyways, my “friends” boyfriend fired me because he felt I wasn’t up to par and they didn’t want to retrain me and the bartender was actually in the room when I was being fired so I feel it was an invasion of privacy. Is it worth putting on my resume?

  86. DQ*

    Hi- I have been asked to come in for an interveiw for a position that I applied for with another company. The issue is that I left off my current position within the company I have been with for the last 12 years. I have been in this position for 4 months and thought that adding it would not be beneficial. But now I think I should have included it. I made a mistake in accepting my current position as it is too technical for me. How can I bring this up at the interview without seeming like I was trying to hide something? If I do get through the interviews and offered the job, I am sure they will do a background check. Thanks in advance for any advice.

  87. Samantha*

    I just trained at a great boutique for two weeks and learned all about retail and operations, as much as the one other store employee, the manager did. I loved the company, which was based out-of-state, and learned practically everything there was to learn, but the newly hired first-time manager terminated me for no clear reason. I think it’s safe to assume that she was looking for a friend, considering they were slow, eight-hour days with just the two of us. This experience really did teach me a lot and I feel like it would be beneficial to go on my resume, minus the early termination. I’m worried that bit might make me look bad, though I hadn’t done anything that would invoke an honest termination. Should I include it anyway, even though I cannot provide a reference?

  88. Anonymous*

    I signed a two year contract for an hourly job back in September. I was fired on February 7th. I’m now looking to apply to a waitress position at a high end restaurant, can I leave this off of my application? I was only going to include previous jobs in customer service as I have had retail experience, then explain the gap because I am a full time student in college. My retail jobs were summer/ holiday hours only.

  89. Dale*

    Hello Ask A Manager,

    A few years ago I had a Director of Business Development position that lasted for a month due to a layoff, I wanted to know how do I put that on my resume? I actually did well within the month, I did about 8 – 10k of sales, and I also have a letter of recommendation, but I have always left it off due to not really knowing how to address it in a resume format.

    Do I say “Worked as DBD did x sales, laid off?”

  90. Shah*

    I was working full time for almost 7 years with the same company in position A for 3 years. I was then promoted to position B, worked in it for for 2 years after which I was asked to take over my boss’ job (position C) for 1 year since she was going on Mat leave. After I completed that 1 year in position C, I returned to position B for 8 months and left the company.
    Question 1: How do I show the shifts between Position B and C on my resume, doesnt it look like a demotion returning to position B after C? Should I just exclude the second round in position B?

    Also, after I left the company I went to B-school, finished my degree and was job hunting for 4 months. I landed a job recently, its been just about 2 months in the job and I really cant stand it. So, I’ve started looking again, but I havent quit the job.

    Question 2: Should I include this current job on my resume while searching for other jobs? The company and job sound impressive, but I quite honestly cant the work enviroment. If I do, its too short a time period, if I dont, then I have a 6 month gap in my resume….please help!

  91. Jenn*

    I was working as a Nurse Practitioner for a family practice and was miserable. I was on probationary period and miserable the entire time. I worked there for 5 months. Do I need to included that on my résumé? The company and I both agreed that we didn’t suit and left on mutual good terms. I am wondering should list that on my résumé? It is experience. I am hoping the company will a least be neutral . If asked why I left what should I say?!? Thanks!


  92. Derek*

    I left my job of nearly six years in September for what I thought was a better position in a new industry. It turned out to be a disaster. From the beginning my boss provided very little assistance. After three months I left due to my boss cursing at me and pushing me on my final day. I have been unemployed for two and a half months now. Should I include this on a resume and if so should I address my departure in the resume?

  93. Anonymous*

    I have been out of work for 12 months and am now returning to work. However, I was dismissed from my last employment after 3 months with an accusation hanging over me; the union did not do their job so the accusation still stands. Can I leave this short term job off future application forms as these circumstances may harm my chances of employment

  94. John James*

    I have recently decided to return to work after 12 months and am applying for positions; however, the last job I was at I was dismissed from because of a matter and as the union did not do their job properly the accusation still stands. as I only had the job for 3 months, can I leave this job off my future application forms? I fear it will affect me gaining a position

  95. sara*

    if i only work at a job in the month of october because its just a one day event but i have een doing it since 2005 how do i write that on a resume?
    Octobers of 2005- present

  96. Santosh*


    I have 4 years of experiences with very well reputed company(TCS) and recently joined HP. I worked in HP only for 2 months, as I did not like the job there. Now is it good to mention this 2 months of experiences in my resume? and what reason should I give in interview for leaving this job in 2 months? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks for your help

  97. Antonia*

    Hello, great blog! I am about to ask about something different from the subject, I hope you could help me. Should I include that I hold a degree on my resume, even if it’s irrelevant to a position I am applying for?

  98. Madison*

    I have a weird scenario: I was at a job for 4 years, then left for another company. After about 6 months at the new job, I realized it was a poor fit and was re-hired by my former company. I’ve been back at that job for almost 6 years. How, if at all, do you address that 6 month period on a resume? So far, I just haven’t included it, but have no reason to hide it because I wasn’t fired but I know it will raise more questions than not if I include it (and potentially prevent me from even getting an interview)? I do plan on including it on any background check request application. Any help is appreciated!

  99. Ann*

    Hi, I was recently at a job and was let go, I was there for less than 50 days. I do not plan on putting it on my resume. Do I need to put it on job applications if I don’t have it on my resume? Or does it depend on the wording, (i.e. please list your most recent employment) I don’t want to lie and have it come back and bit me, this would make the situation worse. However, I don’t want to tell people that I was let go. My state job assistance search firm told me they didn’t have anyone to answer my question.

  100. Marky*

    Hi there,

    I have two jobs at the moment as a personal home support. My full time which I’ve been with 6 months and my part time which I’ve been for over a year now. I applied to a long term care facility and they hired me. But I am worrying because I didn’t include this on my resume/application that I had two jobs, because of the fact it might they won’t hire me. Now I am worried about this. Help me please. Thanks.

  101. katanne*


    I’m in college right now and want to find work over the summer…my question is whether I should put two past jobs on my resume or not.

    Pleasure Island Family Theme Park (worked there for about 3 months and then they closed for winter and then there were a few management issues with possible shut down so I didn’t go back…I was asked to however.) I was 16 when I got the job. The current manager wasn’t around when I was there, the guy who hired me left the same season I did.

    When I turned 18 I got a summer job at McDonald’s for 3 months working as a cashier. I left due to an issue with family and I was starting college in America so wouldn’t be able to continue…I left on good terms though and still keep in contact somewhat. Reference wise I could contact one of the shift managers and other employees but the hiring manager that hired me moved to another store so I don’t know the current management that well…

    Both previous jobs were in England.

    I’m now almost 21 and I’m worried that the short time spent at those other jobs plus the gaps will make it hard to find work

    There’s a gap from 18-21 because I wanted to get a handle on college and not have to worry about juggling work and school when I didn’t need to…tuition’s rising so I need to now.
    The gap from 16-18 was because it was incredibly hard to find work at 16/17 in England at that time.

  102. M*

    I have recently change my job. I work as a trainee manager now, it has been only 2 months and I feel the hours I work are to much. I want to apply for another job, should I include this job in my cv? What impact will it have on my application?

  103. B*

    I worked for a company for almost 9 years and left after “waiting for things to get better” for a few years. Things didn’t. I took a job in a medical practice and worked for about 10 weeks. They left me go, not a good match. The doctor was very particular, non personable, difficult to read or please. I left this employment off my resume. I was hired at another medical practice and worked 1-/1/2 days. I discovered the new doctor was friends (very close) with the other doctor. I felt I needed to disclose this and when I did the new doctor made me feel terrible (not honest) for leaving this off. This doctor also called original doctor’s practice and was told I had difficulty retaining information. I left feeling very disgraced. My husband tells me it is not legal for the 1st doctor’s office to give that information. I think I know you would advise to leave 1st (and of course 1-1/2 day job) off resume and play it by ear on applications. Is my husband correct about the legal aspect? It is the state of Virginia.

  104. Ask a Manager* Post author

    For people still posting here: This is a post from 2011 and the comments aren’t very active anymore. Feel free to email your question directly if you want to get it in my question queue.

    1. Anonymous*

      I have a part-time job currently and also have a full-time job. I have worked at the part-time job for two years and do not put it on my resume because it is an adult store. I dont want my professionalism to be judged based on my part time job so I leave it off my resume. The would not be able to use this job as a reference because my mom is also my manager. I started just to fill in if she needed someone to work and it turned into a 24 a week job. I recently had a job interview and got the job, but did not tell them of the part-time job, is this something that I should have included since I am still working at the part-time job?

  105. Help!*

    I was hired by a law firm to fill an administrative position. I had to report to several people and the directions they gave to complete the work were not always consistant. I was fired after a month because of the quality of my work product. I have to admit that I could have done a better job at this firm and feel that I would have if I had been allowed to stay there. I have been in the legal field for several years and would prefer to stay in it. Even if I don’t, I still need to find another job. Looking at the rest of the conversation on this board, I am assuming that I should not include this job on my resume. Should it be included when filling out applications and how do I handle this situation in an interview? Thanks!

  106. What to do?*

    There have been a few short term jobs I’ve had in the past that I did not include on my résumé or application(I didn’t think I had to as they were all less than 3mo. One tried to fire me but I refused to sign anything I know that sounds bad but I had already planned on quitting so I did) I left the jobs because I did not get along with co-workers. I have been offered a new job and went to do paper work. I found out I have to get a security clearance from the government that requires employment history for the past 5 yrs. do I include these short term jobs if I didn’t put them on my application? Will my employer see that I left them off my application? Do they even look at it? Will I lose this job? I’m also worried the one job will try to say I was fired! It’s a great job and I will be devastated if I lose it for something so minor . I have never been in trouble with the law or anything. Please help!!!

  107. H*

    So I need help. I have been working at a retail grocery company for four years about five and I have been looking into other job openings. Well at this company I have worked several positions in the store. I wanted to know if on my future applications or resume’s do I have to put all four positions I have had in the store and the year worked for that position?? Could I simply just put the job I am doing now or would that be lying because in general I have worked in the store for almost five years; however it all seems like so much for just that one job I have had?

  108. Jack*

    Can someone give me some advice on my situation:
    I worked at McDonalds for about 3 months. I’m a uni student in Australia and work was piling up during that time so I would often say I was not available for the shift on short notice, simply because I wanted to prioritise uni work.

    Eventually I successfully applied for a job at an office as a Cadet Quantity Surveyor and worked there for 5 months. I know the job title sounds confusing but all you need to know is the Quantity Surveying industry is a very small world and everyone talks to each other. I was getting paid less than the minimum wage (but it wasn’t bad experience). I think I had a bad run at that place because often the computers weren’t working well or I was given work that was really tedious (eg. typing out a register of 1000 documents, all with obscure names such as skg1856295). Consequently I often didn’t get very much work done during the day.

    The boss realised this and he fired me by telling me to call him every week to see if there was any work for me, so I called him every week for about 3 months, to no avail.

    Most people with that job would be paid above the minimum wage and would want to work there for at least a year. My question is, would it look suspicious to put this as a 5 month stint on my resume? Ever since this job I’ve put it on my resume and I’ve had nothing but bat luck being unemployed for over 8 months. I just don’t know what to do at this stage because I’ve got little experience, poor references, and can’t even get a job at Pizza Hut.

    Sorry for the huge story, any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance

  109. Dafna*

    I am at a dilemma that sounds pretty similar to the comments. I had a job for two years and wasn’t that happy. I found an opportunity which offered much more money, prestige and a big bump career wise, only it wasn’t very very different that I ever did. Going to the job after few months I knew it wasn’t for me and I knew the boss was not connecting with me. I didn’t do anything bad, but we just didn’t clicked. So I knew I would have to find a job and he basically let me go. He felt bad but we both knew it wasn’t the right fit. I was there I believe after my probation period ended about 5 months. So far I haven’t included that in my resume as it REALLY has nothing to do with what I have done prior or what I am looking for so I decided to omit it and explain (after confirming with him recently that it’s okay for me to explain it with his backup) that although it was a good relationship, my desire is what I have done prior and that although he was said to see me go (this phrase I got fro an interviewing workshop seminar) I realized that I wanted to refocus my career on the job i have been applying. I haven’t felt comfortable saying it but after his “blessing” I feel very comfortable saying it because it is really the truth. I wasn’t happy, he wasn’t happy and I didn’t want to do that job or enter that field. I haven’t had a job since last October so I am not sure if this is the reason I haven’ t been able to get a job. The rest of my application looks really good. I guess I will never know what the reason is but this was really true and I think showing a 5 month work history with no relevance to what I am looking for would make it look bad and my resume will be tossed. so it’s better to explain it.
    What are your thoughts?

  110. Nina*

    I worked for a company where I was treated very unfairly and I was miserable. After 5 months work I resigned with 2 weeks’ notice. During an interview for a new job I found out that the new company contacted my former boss who gave me a bad reference. My questions are: Should I leave these five months off my resume? Not even mention this employer. What are the chances a prospective employer to find out that I omitted this experience? Would a 5-month job show up in a comprehensive background check? Please advice. Thanks in advance.

  111. harsha*

    Hi ,
    I was working with the MNC from 2004 till 2007, then i left and went to UK for my MBA, Which i graduated out in November 2009. i had serious of part time jobs form Feb 2010 to November 20011. I came back to India in DEC 2011. I was bed ridden due to an accident for 6 months. I am currently working in an Company from March 20013 till date. What i want to know is that what should i put in my resume for the Time Feb 2010 to November 2011 , considering i havent kept any record of my part time jobs. Kindly do advise me please.


  112. Anonymous*

    I just got let go of a job in a medical office after a month of working. While applying to other jobs, is it still needed for me to include that job in there, even though it was such a short amount of time? I am still currently working at the job that I was working prior to the office.

  113. Anonymous*

    Hi, thank you for answering questions on here. My question is, how long should one wait before quitting a part time job that they aren’t very happy at before starting at a new place?

  114. ToomuchBreak*

    I’ve been working four years for the same company where I’ve advanced than was laid off togther with lots of other people. I’ve made one year break coudn’t find job in my field. Than got the job in diferent field but in my profession. I was dismissed after two months during probation period. The job didn’t fit me but I’ve lerned new things and worked hard. Shall I include this in my resume?

  115. TheOne*

    Hi, what about short-term temp jobs that actually benefit the individual? For example, say a short-term contract position for say 2 weeks for an IT project. How would one list that a resume without any negative feedback? or should one list that on their resume even if it would benefit the individual? I’m so lost and confused can someone chime in? THANKS.

  116. Flower*

    Hi, I recently was working for a company for 4 months and I was extremely unhappy there. I gave my 2 weeks notice. After a week, my manager fired me. Is it necessary to include that company I was working for in my resume?

  117. Carrie*

    Hi, I worked at a place for 2 weeks then got terminated because of the pre-employment drug screen… will that show up on my background check?

  118. Anonymous*

    Question: I worked at 2 different places and was only at these places for under one month (it was pretty much due to lack of working hours, as I got hardly any a week; one was on call and one was maybe 10-15 hours a week, could even be less. Is that even worth mentioning on a job application? I truthfully get scared because when the “background check” comes up they can find it. But on the other hand it was such a short time. Is there a way it would even show up??

  119. Robin*


    I have a serious issue with my resume. I am from India and have a series of jobs that I have been doing from 2007. I left my first company after a good 4.6 years. But i left the next one in just 1 year and the one after that in 1.5 years. I am currently in a job which I might have to leave as my husband might be travelling abroad for a year long assignment and I would like to go with him. This would mean my current job duration would be just 4-5 months. I did not leave my previous jobs for money or job hopping (except the first one after 4.6 years). I left the 2nd and 3rd job because the organizations did not have work that would fit my profile per se and thought it wouldnt make sense to move away from something I am excellent at. I am planning to work when i leave with my husband for a year. What i am worried of is if I should leave this 4-5 months worth work on my resume? In India in particular I have noticed that people take this as a lack of commitment (though i have genuine reasons). Please advise!!!!

    1. Anon2*

      I am no expert, but the way I see it, if you left for a good reason, you have nothing to worry about. Also, I think any job you have held for at least a few months you should include.

  120. Anonymous*

    What about jobs you have only held for about one month (because the said job(s) were/are not a good fit for whatever reason) even if it is a current job?

  121. Tim*

    I had a 3 month stint at a job I had hoped for great things –( I had left a more junior position after just 2 years, for this promising opportunity) The job/boss were impossible, as it turns out, and then it took me 9 months to find something else. I’ve thought of just including the years on my resume , leaving out this time, and that doesn’t really leave a gap. But on the formal job application I could be looking at a gap of up to 12 months… What to do?

  122. Raph*

    I have been working at the same company for almost 2 years, I first started off in sales. After a year and a few months I got promoted into management. Since then a lot has happened in the company and I just recently left because I didn’t agree with the direction they were going. Now I am applying for the management position I was doing at my previous employer. My question is, how do I disclose on my resume from time I began and time I left both positions. Being that my time in management position is short. thanks

  123. Anonymous*

    I am having 7 years of experience in software industry. My employment history is as:
    Employer A – 2.8 years
    Employer B – 5 months(left this job for preparation of bank PO exams)
    then Gap of 2 months
    Employer C – 3 months(Got opportunity to work with reputed Employer D)
    Employer D – 4 years
    Now, I have got an offer from another Employer where i hided my employment (Employer C) and shown a gap of 5 months between B and D.
    Could you please suggest, was it ok to OFF this small tenure employment from my resume. How can my prospective employer know about my this gap? And if they catch it some how what could be my explanation?

    Thanks for your time

  124. Anonymous*

    I’m a 16 year old high school student and recently I was working at this one restaurant for about two weeks, but I was let go. I’m looking for a new job now and was wondering if I need to include the previous job on applications.

  125. Anonymous*

    I have recently been offered a job and had to answer a question about my unemployment benefit claim 5 years ago. I think my dates are out by 1-2 months, as I took a temporary job which I didn’t disclose.

    Will this be a problem?

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