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  1. Anon y. mouse*

    That is fascinating, thanks for posting it.

    (Also, I am fabulously wealthy. I just didn’t realize it until now.)

      1. Anon y. mouse*

        That is good as well. #9 (you can read) hits me hard – I can’t remember not being able to read. I really can’t imagine it, either. But I know there are places in the developing world where even basic literacy is a luxury. (The example I heard recently was outlying areas of Nigeria. The oldest son might get sent to the city for a college education, while the youngest son of the youngest wife is illiterate and has only heard of computers.) I have trouble wrapping my head around it.

  2. Ursula*

    I realize that I am coming upon this a bit late. It’s a great reminder of how very lucky we are. I tell my kids that we are lucky because we can always afford to buy food, have a roof over our heads that we are in no danger of losing, and have good health care. My glorious 10 year old laments the fact that we haven’t been to Hawaii, Great Wolf Lodge or Disneyland. I’ll show her the “reasons I am rich” very soon.

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