happiest endings of 2013

We hear a lot of bad workplace stories here, but we also hear some great ones. Here are the 10 happiest endings of 2013.

10. The reader whose employee didn’t want to take on a new task

9. The reader whose stalkerish ex-boyfriend was applying for a job at her company

8. The reader who felt that he was “the lazy coworker”

7. The reader who had to talk to an employee about body odor

6.  The reader who was having trouble finding a job without a college degree, despite a successful career

5. The reader who found out she was pregnant right after starting a new job

4. The reader with the micromanaging boss who wanted all calls to be taken on speaker phone

3. The reader wanting a raise after her job changed in the first month

2. The reader whose manager was seriously ill

1. The reader who was working for her parents’ highly dysfunctional business

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        1. Ruffingit*

          Same. We had leftovers again this evening so another heavy meal followed by the delicious chocolate I got in my stocking this year. Food coma commences for the second night in a row…

        2. Ash*

          I’m on a candy overdose. My mother loves putting together Christmas stockings, and she went way overboard with the candy this year. Which means the my co-workers are loving me because I’m bringing in pretty much all of it to share.

  1. AdminAnon*

    Wow! I can’t believe I made the top 3! Just another reminder of how lucky I’ve been this year :)

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