Ask a Manager in the media

Here’s some coverage of Ask a Manager in the media recently:

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  1. Cait*

    Great NYT article! The coworker punching another coworker always cracks me up… someone out there actually thinks they can punch a colleague and because it was at a party, that’s ok?? I mean, you can’t make this up.

    Congrats on making the BookBub list!! Well earned praise :)

  2. E*

    Congrats on all the coverage! Do you have a PR firm helping you place stories or is the coverage happening organically?

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      This stuff was all organic. Random House does have a publicist assigned to my book, which accounted for a lot of the publicity around the time the book published (but that stuff drops way off once it’s published, interestingly).

    2. hmm*

      not sure anyone will come across this days later, but you can’t just, like, place these sorts of articles. most journalists ignore pitches from PR folks out of hand.

  3. Amber Rose*

    People here just microwave whatever. Though there has been a sort of unspoken agreement to not do popcorn anymore. Burnt popcorn is somehow the worst smell on earth for reasons I don’t understand.

    Still, lunch time is quite full of odors. I’ve given up caring and just hold my breath if it’s bugging me.

    1. Mallory Janis Ian*

      My coworker and I have a pact that we can microwave fish in our office microwave. We both do it, and the kitchenette is only shared by the two of us and our boss. If the boss complains, we’ll stop — but he hasn’t yet, so tilapia and salmon!

    2. mark132*

      personally, I like fish and I like it warm, and running it in the microwave makes it warm. So I microwave fish. As long as someone doesn’t burn something or leave a mess in the microwave, it’s fair game.

      1. WellRed*

        You do know the next person after you to microwave gets hit with it? Ask me how I know. #fishscentedtea

    3. Seespotbitejane*

      I was recently job searching and during one of my interviews someone microwaved…something. Not fish, but fishy. It may have just been a disgusting microwave, but it was absolutely foul and permeated the entire office (I was given a tour). They were courting me for that position HARD. I won’t say that microwave smell was the main reason I decided not to take that job, but it was A Reason.

      1. Amy Farrah Fowler*

        Yes…. I detest fish (after having eaten bad fish, anything that smells fishy makes me extremely nauseated).

        I would have seriously considered not taking a position over a smell like that as well.

        1. DArcy*

          I detest many foods, but I am a sensible adult and hence accept that it’s not my business what my coworkers eat.

    4. GoggleEyes*

      I only find it disgusting if someone splatters something–anything–over the inside and leaves it to heat, reheat, and rot. Who raised them not to cover their plates? I’m lazy as hell and covering is two seconds that keep me from having to scrub or smell burnt garbage.

  4. Lily Rowan*

    I’m also weirdly (considering she’s an internet stranger) happy for Jolie about that NYT piece! Congrats to all involved!!!

    1. post-it*

      I do love Jolie as well but that piece seemed all Alison. I was surprised by the lack of substantial “profile-like” content in between quotes.

  5. Hills to Die on*

    I love seeing you get all the success you deserve! I am a better person for finding this blog and I appreciate it very much. Thank you and congratulations!

    1. Another Emily*

      Me, too! I actually found the AAM podcast when I was looking for Jolie’s Ask A Clean Person podcast and have gotten lots of valuable information from it.

  6. LGC*

    On the last one: tell that to my office. (I’ve gotten used to it. Fortunately, the microwave is pretty isolated from the offices.)

  7. Definitely anon*

    So… the office farting thing. As a recovering office-farter, I’m so glad no one ever said anything to me. I knew I was farting and it was extremely distressing. If someone had said something I probably would have never gone back to the office, ever.

    Turns out I’m lactose-intolerant! So I guess if you must say something to someone frame it as being concerned for their health, but otherwise remember that we are all smelly biochemical factories, and try to be kind.

  8. WellRed*

    Going against the grain here on NYT article. Except for a few great quotes from Alison, it read less like a profile, more like a rehash of woek issues/advice. To me, a profile suggests more.

  9. Blue Anne*

    I haven’t even read the NYT article yet but I’m excited! You and Jolie Kerr are two of my favorites! Now if we get you, Jolie Kerr, and Captain Awkard together on something… how to clean up a crazy mess made at work by an aggressive colleague?

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