it’s your Friday good news

It’s your Friday good news, with more accounts of success even in this weird time.

1. I have been at my job for a year and it is just okay. The work isn’t exciting, but I make more money than at my last job and my coworkers are nice. Well, that was until Covid-19 and my coworkers started panicking and taking it out on one another. It didn’t help that my manager was recently promoted and wasn’t prepared to manage, let alone manage during these difficult times. My team started bullying to take charge, complained about being busy while stealing projects, and being openly nasty and backstabbing to make themselves look good. These were all decent, professional adults and I was horrified to see their true colors.

So I had enough and looked for a new job. I have a very specific background and skill set that doesn’t surface in open positions often, but there was a match. I applied and received an email the next day. I had an interview the following morning, and then another interview that afternoon. I had a job offer the next day! I found the job right when they were about to give up on finding someone just like me!

I knew what I was worth, and always low-balled myself during negotiations because I had a hard time believing I deserved to earn so much, but this time I was bold enough to ask for the full benchmark salary. I was given it, plus extra! And I have more PTO than I know what to do with! But best of all, it’s a company that matches my personality and I get to do the exact work that I enjoy. So people are still hiring and there are still good jobs out there. Good luck to everyone!

Read an update to this letter here.

2. I wanted to thank you for giving me the confidence to pursue a reclassification request with the government agency I work for.

You know that government tends to be very bureaucratic and rigid when it comes to promotions, with all of the salary bands, years of service, etc. etc. etc. I had been in my position for a long time (5 years), and truly enjoy the job that I do as a community educator around chocolate teapot safety. In addition to the education role (which I excel at), I have also taken on additional responsibilities around agency outreach and communications, along with longterm management of a mid-sized project. (As you know, in government, when there is a need, you pitch in.)

Before COVID hit, I had requested a reclassification befitting the responsibilities I had taken on. It was put off, there were budgetary excuses, and excuses about talking to the union. Right when COVID hit, though (beginning of March), I had even MORE COVID-related responsibilities thrust upon me. Having successfully navigated those additional responsibilities, along with still doing my current work, I thought it was important that the agency and leadership, in a sign of good faith, be willing to talk to our elected members about authorizing a reclassification. Using the tips that you have put forward on your blog and in your books (be firm, be persuasive, be prepared, be willing to market yourself), I was able to utilize the skills I had perfected during a crisis to highlight my necessity to this organization to my boss and grandboss. They were willing to make the ask again, using the information I had prepared.

The electeds green-lit a reclassification with retroactive payment back to February!

3. Last year, I was presented with a reorganization that needed to happen in my department, taking away my direct reports, and eventually laying me off after the required number of months had passed. I started looking for a job immediately, wanting to stay in the large organization, but also looking outside. My area of expertise is pretty niche, and you usually only see lower level jobs posted. We hit the holidays, and no one was posting jobs. I applied for and interviewed for two different positions that I didn’t get, and I was about to start applying for lower level desperation positions. Then COVID hit.

Luckily enough, my organization was still able to recruit for critical positions, and I applied for two different jobs. After months of waiting, I suddenly had three interviews and was offered my first choice. I’m moving to a different type of position with a new pay scale, and thought for sure that I would be earning less. They offered me more than I had been making before, at nearly the top of the pay scale! I start very soon, and I’m just ecstatic.

This job is not in my area of expertise; I have been working for over 12 years in the same basic type of work. Think inventory specialist in a department store, and the new job is supervising the actual makers of the clothing. There were a number of items on the job description where I did not have any direct experience, but I used your advice and translated my skills into language that matched what they were asking for. I practiced those descriptions/answers carefully, and nailed that interview. I also used your advice on the cover letter and resume, which is what landed me the first job, and presumably this new one as well!

My friends and coworkers are all telling everyone the story of their friend who managed to find a new job and get a raise during a pandemic. I’m a little embarrassed, but so relieved!

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  1. Hotdog not dog*

    I really needed to hear these stories today! I was laid off in January and have been struggling with job hunting during the pandemic. There is still hope in spite of the challenges, and these posts give me great hope!

    1. TimeTravlR*

      Good luck! Use Alison’s tips for resumes, cover letters, and interviewing! You probably know this but… she really knows what she is talking about.

  2. Joanna*

    Congrats to everyone.

    LW1, I think you gave us too much information. “I have a very specific background and skill set” Now we know you are Liam Neeson.

    1. HailRobonia*

      “One of my accomplishments during the pandemic is rescuing my daughter from kidnappers over Zoom.”

      1. Always Late to the Party*

        Thank you for this chuckle I really needed it. I will now amuse myself further by thinking of other movies if they took place in spring 2020. *Cut to Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones attempting to negotiate with aliens over Zoom**Agent K can’t figure out how to unmute**Dr. Weaver doesn’t realize J has his camera on and gives him a kiss in front of everybody*

        The possibilities are endless!

  3. I Love Llamas*

    Every single one of these stories gave me a goofy, happy grin. I am so happy for you all!

  4. MissDisplaced*

    I needed to hear this today because I was just on a call where someone who is very good at tooting their own horn basically said they did my job.

    I think they were confused… but STILL!
    Like no, that is not what you do.

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