advice about your coworkers

Need advice about your coworkers? Here are answers to questions from dealing with a coworker who sings all day, to interrupters, to credit-stealers, and much more.

how do I write a peer review for my horrible coworker?

A reader writes: How do I give an effective peer review of a coworker who I do not like personally and professionally? We work in a busy medical clinic and our doctors see 30-60 patients a day. We fill a niche need (think specialized pharmacy, but not quite). There are three of us in this […]

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my older male colleague gives me condescending, unsolicited advice

A reader writes: I occasionally work with an older gentleman (different organizations, collaborative projects), “Bob,” who gives a lot of unsolicited advice. It’s funny because he’s … a bit prickly? And his advice is always about building relationships. For reference, I’m a woman in my 40s. He’s probably been working longer than that. I’m not […]

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