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should companies offer bonuses instead of raises?

A reader writes: My workplace wants to start giving out annual profit share bonuses in lieu of salary raises. Basically, the base bonus (which is based on how well the company does that year) would be multiplied by the number of years someone is there (so for the sake of simple math, if the base […]

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how honest can I be with recruiters that money is the only reason I want to leave my current job?

A reader writes: Recently I’ve been approached by quite a few recruiters. Generally I brush them off as I truly enjoy my job and my coworkers, and even my manager isn’t half bad. Last year the company offered its traditional low raise despite high inflation, constant emails about new C-suite executives and positions created, and […]

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my company will only give me a raise if I quit first

A reader writes: I work for a small company within a very niche field. The owner has been running it for decades and is an expert at this craft, and is in very high demand. The service the company offers is so specialized that the job takes about six months to a year of training, […]

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a real-life salary negotiation, with emails

A reader writes: I wanted to share my success story with negotiating a higher salary for a job offer I received. I work in the social services/addiction/mental health field. I’ve worked in this field for 11 years. I was working as a front-line supervisor for a program for adults who had major mental illnesses when […]

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should employees be paid differently based on where they live?

It’s the Thursday “ask the readers” question. A reader writes: I’m curious about your thoughts on a question some of the smartest people I know fundamentally cannot agree on: should a salary be based on the value of the labor, or the subsistence of the laborer? For context, I recently left my last job after […]

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should you always ask for the top of the salary range?

A reader writes: I work in an expensive city with a thriving job market, and I am in the middle of a job search/hiring process, leaving a pretty severely underpaid job. Luckily, this potential new position has a salary range posted in the job listing. The range is about $10,000. My current job salary is […]

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