update from reader being lowballed by her boss

I just received a fantastic update from the reader who wrote in recently about being ridiculously lowballed on salary by her boss, despite getting glowing feedback and being told she was a model employee. She felt she didn’t have enough experience yet to get hired anywhere else, so she felt trapped at a company that was being pretty insulting to her. I and several commenters advised her to re-approach her boss and to look elsewhere if her company wouldn’t bend. (Read the original post here.)

Read what’s she’s managed to do in the 10 days that have passed since — hopefully it will make you feel as great as it did me:

I cannot thank you and your wonderful “comment-ers” enough for all the help! I read all the comments and I appreciate all the insight. I posted an updated resume on Monster.com the day before Thanksgiving. That next Monday morning, I got three companies inquiring about an interview! I had to take it down because I got paranoid that my company might see it, since we are also short-staffed!

Armed with the knowledge that there are other jobs out there, I went into the meeting with my boss. Unfortunately, the discussion proved unsuccessful. He said I should be the “best [me] that [I] can be” and not to worry about everyone else. He didn’t give me any straight answers and tossed around a whole bunch of cliches about teamwork and only competing against myself. He tried to make me feel guilty and awkward, but his condescending manner helped me make a decision. I resolved to find a better working situation.

After that terrible meeting with my boss, I took the next two days off. I went in for an interview with a company, which happens to be one of our top competitors, and it was amazing. They really liked me and offered me an even better position. The position is very similar to what I do now, but I’ll be able to use more of my skill sets. They’ve offered me a salary position that is DOUBLE what I am making right now. They assured me that the non-compete at my current job will not hold up in court because I started as an entry-level position. As long as I don’t take my clients or anything propriety with me, they have no reason to go after me. I accepted the position!! :)

I gave my two weeks notice this afternoon. My boss was shocked! I was very professional, thanked him for everything, and told him that I was pursuing other opportunities. He didn’t take it very well. He warned me not to let “company politics sour [my] promising career” and to be more patient but I’ve already made my decision. I’m worried that this is going to be the MOST AWKWARD two weeks of my life, but I at least I can see a “light at the end of the tunnel.”

Thank you so much for encouraging me to be proactive and not let this situation consume me! I cannot believe how great it all worked out! Please also thank your “comment-ers” for me! I “share” this success with you all for motivating me!

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  1. HR Wench*

    Nice! I love it. As you finish out your notice period remember it is all about getting through it with grace, even if your soon to be ex coworkers don’t have any themselves. Be sure to let us know how the new job goes! This post made my day.

  2. Anonymous*

    Oh wow, I can’t stop smiling! How fantastic. What a great, positive situation that could have been really crushing if the reader had let it. Congratulations, that is wonderful work on your part!!!

    Apart from totally making my week, this has inspired me to get off my butt and look for a new job myself!

  3. Kiersten Leigh*

    Congratulations, lady! :) I read through all these stories and advice, and this one really touched me. I'm so glad you're off to bigger and better things!

  4. Carrie*

    You know what? I’m going through almost the same thing myself and your happy ending has given me new courage to face the situation! Congratulations and I wish you the very best with your new employer!!

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