I’m done talking about how to follow up after an interview

This is probably one of the most common questions I get: How and when do you follow up after an interview?

You can find past writings on it here:

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I intend to never write another word again on it, but there is plenty to be found with the search feature!

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  1. Anonymous*

    All right, so I subscribe to your blog because A) I think it's informative, and B) It can be funny. So, when my partner finished an interview this morning, I said I would send an article about thank-you letters and following up after an interview. I was sure I could find what I needed on your blog.

    The thing is: I can't. Using the search feature, which I believe is new and better, I found your article on US News looking at "how to follow up well." I guess I was hoping there would be information about acceptable/impressive/winning thank-you letter content. But I can't find anything about what to put in a thank-you letter that goes above or beyond just saying thank you. I guess I know the standards: thanking the interviewer for their time, reiterating interest in the position, clarifying the timeline; but is there anything more? Is there anything extra you've read in a thank-you letter that impressed you and maybe tipped the scales in an interviewee's favor or made you want to give them a second interview?

    I know you said you're done talking about this subject, but it couldn't hurt to ask, right?

  2. Jen*

    She said she was done and we need to leave it at that. Let’s be thankful someone is willing to offer us free and useful information. She has a great search feature using Lijit, so use it to find information.

    When I need something from this site, I just read through all of the archives. Sure it’s hundreds of articles to get through, but I always find what I need.

  3. Suzan*

    Good for you! I tend to get short with people who continue to ask the same question over and over when there is plenty of information posted. Please people use the search engine.
    I’m new to this site but I’d look for answers in past posts before appearing lazy and stupid by asking the same question.
    By the way, love this site.

  4. Megan*

    When I first read this post, I laughed out loud because I had just read about five of your posts–on AAM and U.S. News–regarding following up. (I like to get as much information as possible. OCD, maybe.) I could totally hear your voice (as I imagine it) saying “I’m done with this question! Use the search tool!” and thought it was brilliant. Because it took me all of four seconds to type “follow up email” into the search tool, yielding a ton of great advice available at my fingertips. Just wanted to tell you that I love your blog, and it has helped me immensely in the past couple of weeks with my job search. I am currently in the follow up stage :)

  5. Dave*

    I sent a thank you letter after a second formal interview the day after the interview. It is now 5 days I have not heard from the employer yet. Meanwhile I would like to know how their work procedures are as a mean to help me explore my potential future performance. Would it be ok if I initiate sending them an email and asking to meet one of their project managers, while they are apparently considering whether or not to give me an offer or apparently schedule a third interview. Thanks.

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      No, don’t do that. They may have already decided you’re out of the running, but either way it’s presumptuous to ask for more of their time for something like that before they’ve decided how to move forward in the process.

  6. Waiting*

    Here is my situation:
    Applied Online: Aug 4th
    HR Called: 20th Aug
    1st In person interview: Aug 28th
    2nd Phone interview: Sep 16th
    3rd in person interview: Oct 8th

    Sent a short follow up email on Oct 21st. No response received

    Should I wait for some more time or assume I haven’t got the job. They were really nice throughout the interview and all and I definitely would be one of the top 2 or 3 candidates for the position.

    Confused now what should I do, send another follow up email as I did not get a response or should I assume I did not get the job. Sending a one liner follow up would not hurt my chances like below:
    “I wanted to touch base with you about the Communications Manager position. I’m still very interested in the role. Wanted to follow up with you regarding the next steps in the hiring process?”

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