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  1. lise*


    I am a recruitment agent and i have sent 7 candidates for an interview, they have declined 6 of them and about the last one i haven’t heard anything. normally they get back to me the same day of the interview to decline but this time i have been waiting for almost 2 weeks. i tried calling and they said the will get back to me,so what should i think its positive or nagative feedback?

  2. Anonymous*


    Now you just need a formspring for people to ask very quick questions (and remain anonymous too).

  3. Sabrina*

    I was *just* thinking earlier today “I wish AAM was on Facebook” great minds think alike!! :)

  4. Sanaz*

    My question is about fake pages on facebook, somebody put my pics on her page with a fake name and fake pics too, im singer and actress too and this page is anooying me, how could you remove this fake page?

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