update from reader afraid her old boss would out her as transgender

Here’s another update from a reader. Remember the woman who was afraid that her old employer was going to out her as transgender to a new prospective employer? Here’s her update.

I’ve been pretty busy… with my new job! With the company I’ve always wanted to work for! In a city I’ve always dreamed of living in! It’s going really well.

I never said anything to HR, and nothing ever came up. I don’t know if they didn’t talk to my old team, or they did and they just don’t care. Based on a conversation with one of my references, I get the impression it’s the former — the recruiter asked pretty standard questions, and didn’t ask her to refer him to anyone else. Whatever happened, it’s all turned out fine, so the specifics don’t really matter to me.

My new team is excellent! I have a great rapport with all of them, and I really like them as people, which is definitely a new experience for me. (You’ll be pleased to hear that I like my manager a lot, too.)

And the cherry on top of all this? I’m now making twice what I used to.

So everything turned out really, really great. My only regret is waiting so long to leave my old job. Thanks for everything!

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