ways that new managers mess up

I’m quoted in this article about mistakes that new managers often make. I talked about being too chummy, not delivering difficult feedback, and being defensive because you’re insecure in your authority. You can read it here

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  1. bob*

    Interesting article, one of my old shops is going through this stuff right now with new management after a buyout that is making the place a hellhole and killing morale. It’s a shame to see people get beaten down like they are.

    Now if you could just do something about the unusable horror that is monster.com. They are a classic example of a website not doing any usability testing or just not giving a crap about it.

    1. esra*

      Their newest redesign is brutal. It was one of the most usable job sites out there, and now it is terrible.

  2. Dan Ruiz*

    Links don’t seem to be working. I keep getting to the Monster site, but I can’t see the article, I only get “There was an unexpected problem processing your request”


  3. Nate*

    This may be a bit presumptuous of me, but why don’t more companies just dedicate a webpage or two towards job listings? Most of the listings on job search engines such as Monster are for small and medium sized companies with only a few jobs to fill.

    The reason why I state that is that candidates who apply for jobs on the company website might actually have to do a little homework prior to applying – whereas in Monster it’s pretty easy to rapid-fire off resumes.

    1. esra*

      It’d be harder to reach potential employees that way. You’d just be hoping they stumble across your page.

      A compromise a lot of places seem to have is posting on Monster/Workopolis/whatever and driving the applicant back to their own web site to read about the job and apply.

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