why is it taking so long to hear back after your interview?

I get asked this question all the time, and I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to write a post about it:

Why is it taking so long to hear back after your interview?!  What the hell are they doing? Are they freezing you out? Has your interviewer died? For the love of god, why haven’t you heard anything?

Instead of going crazy waiting for the phone to ring, it helps to understand what might be going on behind the scenes. Here are six common reasons why you might not have heard back from an employer yet, despite having had a great interview:

They’re still interviewing other candidates. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything about the strength of your own candidacy. Job seekers often assume that it’s a bad sign if a company is continuing to interview other people, but often these interviews are set up well in advance, before they even met with you. Depending on all the players’ schedules, these interviews could go on for weeks after yours.

Something came up that they didn’t anticipate. A decision-maker is out of town, higher priority work came up unexpectedly, or a budget question needs to be ironed out before they can make the hire. Job seekers tend to assume that hiring can go smoothly and quickly on the employer’s side, when in reality there are often many moving pieces to juggle and other work clamoring for attention too.

They’re resolving questions about the position itself. For instance, John just announced he’s retiring, which means that Jane will move into his role, so now they’ve got to figure out if they should reconfigure Jane’s position and what that will mean for the job you interviewed for. Or they’ve just realized that they could really use someone with a financial background in addition to all the other qualifications they advertised, and now they’re thinking about reworking the position entirely.

They’ve offered the position to someone else and they’re waiting for an answer from that person before they get back to you. Sometimes this can add several weeks to the process – but if that person turns down the offer, you might be next on their list.

The company or hiring manager has trouble making decisions, or the company bureaucracy takes weeks to finalize the offer paperwork (neither of which are great signs about the work environment, but that’s a different topic).

You are indeed out of the running, and they haven’t bothered to tell you that.This is inexcusably rude and inconsiderate, but also increasingly common..

Now, all this said, a good employer will keep you updated about their timeline, especially if it changes. Not only is this a courteous thing to do, but it’s in the employer’s best interest to make sure they don’t lose great candidates to other offers – and staying in touch about the timeline is one way to know if that’s coming.

At the same time, though, job seekers are often unrealistically quick to jump to the conclusion that they’re being ignored. When you’re job searching, time feels like it moves incredibly slowly. And it moves even more slowly when you’re waiting to hear back after an interview that felt like it went well. So it’s important to remember that the employer has other priorities besides just hiring. And they might be waiting until they have something definite to report before getting back to you.

However, it’s perfectly acceptable to contact an employer and ask for a sense of their timeline for moving forward. Ideally, you’d ask about their timeline at the end of the interview itself, since then if you haven’t heard back by that date, you have a ready-made excuse for following up. But either way, if you’re going crazy wondering when you’ll hear something – and if it’s been at least 10 days since your interview – send them a quick email, reiterate your interest, and ask when they expect to be back in touch.

Meanwhile, continue interviewing! And stay patient.

I originally published this at U.S. News & World Report.

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  1. Mike C.*

    After two interviews with one particular firm they pulled a number six (no response) on me. It was no harm to me as I had a great offer at that point anyway, but it pissed me off so much. All the studying, the preparation of interview clothes, resumes, questions, the longish drive not once, but twice!

    I mean come on. If I’m not the pick after a round or two of interviews, fine – but you owe me a phone call. There is no way that you are interviewing so many people in the second round that you cannot let folks know who did and did not make it.

    Incredibly unprofessional.

    1. Brent*

      I completely agree Mike. I made it to the third round of interviews for a company that’s very difficult to even make the first round. Felt I had a stellar third interview and was even told that I could expect a call the following Monday but was never contacted. The final round of interviews only included 8 candidates. I am appalled companies can behave in such an unprofessional manner. They shouldn’t voluntarily let a prospective candidate think one thing and then do another. Seems employers these days have no respect for those they interview.

      1. anonymous*

        it depends on the day I’m having in the areas surrounding other parts of my life which will dictate how I respond in this type of situation. Some days I’m all about how others around me are doing. But the more I invest in myself, the more I expect a payoff.

        Given a perfect storm, I could see how I’d decide the risk of such an event will cause me never to seek employment for the rest of my life and I’d be willing to deal with the consequences of having no job. This way I can guarantee that will never happen to me again. These xxxxxers win when you concede and you realize you do have to go back out there again.

        what happens is that you turn into a cynical person like them.

        that’s what happens

  2. Nethwen*

    Because not hearing anything is so common, I like to spread the word about places that do communicate. Brevard College is one of those places. Before the application closing date, they send me an email saying that they had decided not to hire for that position. It would have been so easy for them to simply not contact people who had already applied. Even more unexpected, they used my name in the salutation and signed with a real person’s name and contact info, not a generic HR account. Completely unexpected and completely appreciated!

      1. Nethwen*

        I don’t expect personalized communications. I don’t particularly care either way, as long as they communicate. But, I do notice when a company takes the extra few seconds to use mail merge.

  3. Nichole*

    I can definitely relate, something similar is driving me insane right now. I have two part time jobs and I’ve already applied for an internal position (actually two) that I really want at one, but they’re dragging their feet on hiring-even though they’ve hinted strongly that I’m likely to be hired. Now I have until Friday to decide if I want to apply for a full time job at the other job. I like both of my jobs, but I definitely have a preference (the role is similar, but Job #1 pays way better and has more opportunity to advance), and I don’t want to a) blow my chances at the job I want by quitting the part time gig or b) pass on applying for full time at Job #2 and have Job #1 take six months to even interview me. I hate hypotheticals, and that’s all I’ve got to work with right now. I’m ready to scream. Is all this bureaucracy really necessary? Really? It doesn’t help that I work in two notoriously slow to hire, bureaucracy loving industries (education and government). Grrrr! Thanks for the vent, I’m no closer to a decision, but definitely I needed that.

  4. Margaret*

    I was hired at my current job after going through #2 and #5 (bureaucracy) for months. I applied in a January, interviewed in March, by early April I heard they’d hired another candidate (from a third party, but no official word). HR didn’t give me straight answers, the hiring manager was out during the holidays, so I just assumed I was out of the running. Then out of nowhere in May I got an offer. :) It turned out they had hired an internal candidate earlier, but then got approval (after a few months) to hire me on as well which explained the delay and lack of solid answers. Although I’m sure it could have been handled better…

    I know it can be a sign of a bad employer, but I love it here!!! All that pain was worth it.

  5. Anonymous*

    This post was great, but I still don’t think I have a clear course of action. It’s been a month since my first interview, and two and half weeks since my second interview. I followed up in the timeline, then was given a new timeline as well as informed they’re still interviewing. That was a week ago. Now I’m being strongly considered by two other companies that I foresee two jobs offers by the end of this week…yet still nothing from my first choice. It would be awful if I accepted one of the two offers and next week am finally contacted by my first choice with a job offer. I have no idea how to proceed especially since the new timeline I was given (3 weeks from Sept. 14) is definitely not complete yet.

    1. fposte*

      As Alison says above, try telling them if you actually receive an offer. That won’t necessary compress three weeks into an offer from them, but maybe if you’re already out of the running there they’ll be kind enough to tell you.

      And congratulations–three strong prospects is doing very well indeed!

    2. Ask a Manager* Post author

      Yep, contact the first company and explain you’re about to get another offer but that Company #1 is your first choice. If Company #1 is very interested in you, they will expedite things. If I have a candidate I think I might want, I will move quickly at that point; I’ve even cut a vacation short in that situation in order not to lose the candidate.

      However, do be prepared for them to tell you that they can’t move up their timeline. If that happens, then you have a hard decision on your hands. Are you willing to turn down the offer you have, without any guarantee that you’d get an offer from Company 1 in the future? It’s a risky move, especially if Company 1 hasn’t shown you they’re willing to expedite things for you (which says something about their level of interest).

      1. Anon*

        Would it make sense to call company #1 before you actually have an offer in hand from company #2 or #3?

        Also, if the company #2 or #3 offers do come through, would it be reasonable to ask them for a few days or a week or more to consider their offer and make a decision?

        That extra time may be a long enough stall to allow company #1 to get their act together.

        Tough situation indeed.

        1. Ask a Manager* Post author

          Yes, it’s smart to call and say you think you’re about to get an offer, as long as it’s true. And when you do get an offer, it’s fine to ask for a few days. Depending on the job, sometimes a week — although some places will assume that you should be ready to make a decision more quickly than that, by the time things are at the offer stage.

  6. Goofy Goober*

    I have a co-worker who had this issue. An outside company put her thru a whirlwind of 6 interviews in 2 1/2 weeks, and then communication just came to a dead stop for a month and a half. She got a haphazardly written postcard saying “thanks but we hired someone else on this date” which was the date of her 4th interview.

    1. Lynda*

      I interviewed 5 times for a job (including 2 background checks), and after 2 months was sent a form letter. They’d talked to all of my references, including a woman who was actually related to one of the interviewers. I don’t believe that reference would ever say anything bad about me, since she’s written me some awesome, complimentary letters for other potential employers. I felt like they had led me on, and I believed that if they’d interviewed me that many times, for that long, and talked to my references, there was an offer coming. I was especially hopeful because they said they had 3 positions open. AAARRRRGGG. I have a great job now, and love my work and my colleagues, so I guess everything turned out for the best. But it really sucked at the time.

  7. Anonymous*

    When I just graduated from college I was solicited for a position from a company (they found my resume on Monster and called me). I had a phone interview and at the close of the phone screen was then invited in for an interview. I interviewed with the department head I’d be working for for almost an hour and then was asked in for 2 subsequent interviews meeting with different higher-ups. After my third interview they said they were very interested and that the team thought I was a great fit, and they would call me within a week with their decision–I never heard from them again. They also did not respond to the e-mail I sent after a week had passed asking if I was still being considered for the opening. As someone fresh out of college, applying for my first “real” job, I was horrified and terrified thinking every company treated prospectives in this manner! Thankfully, I soon learned that wasn’t the case!

  8. Lesley*

    I once went through two rounds of interviews, including a three hour-long second interview that involved about eight people. A few weeks went by and I didn’t hear anything. (I did the normal follow up, etc.) I actually got an email from one of my peer-level interviewers, asking if I had heard anything! A definite no-no, but I was glad to learn that I had been considered the lead contender by the people who would have been my co-workers. About a year later, HR called me to see if I would be interested in the job since they were hiring again, and I was such a strong candidate that they were sorry the job had been cancelled last time. I had started a new job in the meantime, so I had no problem telling them how disappointing it was to not be told what happened, or given any sort of response the last time.

  9. Anonymous*

    Thank you to everyone who left a comment! For some reason I’m not getting the notifications by email when I have new comments. Oh well…anywho Alison you actually answered the question I emailed to you pertaining to this in your fast Friday post, so again thank you!

    For all who commented, I have emailed my first choice and I felt I was very sincere and honest about the two offers I now have. I hate to play games and pretend I’m not really interested when I really am. Many friends and family members have suggested I do different things, but I went with my what I’d hope someone would do if the shoe was on the other foot.

    I haven’t heard back yet, that email was yesterday. In the mean time I am waiting to receive written offers since verbal offers are just verbal…but I anticipate having them today. My hope is that both companies don’t mind allowing me until Tuesday to review the offers(which I have already stated to them) since the weekend begins tomorrow and I honestly do want to review them fully and fairly. They’re both great opportunities, but I really really want my first choice.

    And thank you fposte! It does feel good to have three strong prospects! (Ha, funny thing: my old manager asked me to use her as a reference so I have been. After given the two companies a reference, an employee under her management said they wanted to move into another position. She contacted me first to see if I’d consider having my old position back –same one I’d have with either three companies– and I felt so honored! Unfortunately, her manager thought it best to go with an internal candidate. But it’s the thought that counts!)

  10. Danielle*

    This is my situation right now! I went through a screening and then two rounds of interviews that went well at what would be my dream job. They said it was down to three people including me and they would contact me by the end of next week (that was the last week of August) and if I didn’t hear to contact them. I did, they told me there’d been a massive internet outage (okay, it was the aftermath of Irene) and if I didn’t hear anything within three days to contact the hiring manager directly. I did, and it’s been radio silence. The job itself is still posted. It’s human services nonprofit, so I know there can be snags but at this point I’d just like an email or a phone call to let me know I am out of the running or there are unforseen delays. Sigh. I’m applying for other jobs on the assumption I didn’t get this one, but it’s my dream job.

    1. Lynda*

      I interviewed twice for what I thought would be my dream job. I just talked to someone who recently left that agency. Turns out they’re closing down departments one after another, and playing fast and loose with their employees. Whew – dodged that bullet!

    2. Heather B*

      Hi Danielle,

      I don’t know precisely where your potential job is, but I work near VT and I know that human services agencies there have been totally swamped just trying to keep up with the amount of donations and the extent of displaced people’s needs. It may possibly be an all-hands-on-deck situation to get the very basic stuff done at that nonprofit right now. So don’t lose hope! They might have had to put hiring on the back burner.

      Of course, take this with a whole handful of salt since I don’t know where you are geographically, precisely what kind of nonprofit you’re applying to, etc. ;)

      1. Danielle*

        I am in MA, so we’re close! I have a feeling some budget things came on, since human services and the particular subsector I specialize in constantly ends up on the chopping block when it comes time for cuts. Or else they were ordered to put hiring on hold. But they can’t tell me that? SIGH.

  11. Lexia*

    Sometimes, situations within a company change. I went for an interview in November (after submitting my resume 6 weeks earlier) with a company poised in an industry that is still in a period of decline (construction and building within Australia) with no significant move upwards, and is not set to improve until later this year. As such, I knew this was going to be a waiting game. I made it to the short list of around 5 applicants. I’m in a position where I am currently making a career change and don’t desperately need a job. Given this, I applied to my first company of choice, not just any company.

    During the interview I was told that I was at the top of all applicants interviewed at that point, but they still had another two applicants to interview over the following two weeks. At that point, the company would be closing shop over the Christmas and new year period for about 3 weeks (this is the industry norm). They made it clear that they would not be making a decision until Jan/Feb, as this would be when all decision makers would be able to come together and new projects should be secured.

    I sent an email the following day, thanking them for their time and received a reply the same day, stating that my application was very strong.

    Following this, at the end of January, I sent a further email ‘touching base’ using an opening that one of the interviews had left me with. This also prompted a quick reply, again stating they were getting closer to making a decision, and that I would hear from them soon.

    Keeping in mind their statement that they would not be making a decision until Jan/Feb, I decided to wait it out.

    By yesterday I’d had enough and assumed that I had been given the run around. I sent an email stating that I felt that the position had been given to someone else and that whilst I understood I was disappointed.

    I had resigned myself to the fact that I had missed out. To my surprise, I received a response within 20 minutes, stating that the position had not been filled and they were still very interested in me. They were not interviewing any-more candidates and they apologised for not getting back to me. They told me that due to market conditions they have been unable to secure enough new projects to justify taking on a new employee at this stage, but they will be as soon as they secure the projects they need. When this happens, if I’m still available they would be very interested in me and they hope I will still be available

    I think it’s important to consider market conditions for the industries you are trying to gain employment in. I have started to put feelers out and it appears that only a handful of companies within my desired industry are hiring and unfortunately none of them are offering jobs for my desired position. Thoughts anyone? Does this sound like a run-around or simply bad market conditions?

      1. Mandy*

        I work in construction in Australia and I’ve noticed no one in my particular field are hiring as well, its a very volatile industry at the moment. However it’s poor form to not contact you to let you know what is going on, it can’t hurt to send your shortlist of people a quick email to let them know there has been delays.

  12. Anonymous*

    I have been on 5 interviews in 5 weeks with mostly the same people at a very small company. The owner said he really liked me and it was down to me and one other person. They checked most of my references and asked me for one more from a specific company I worked for (the company went out of business so I had to research and find one of the people). I sent them the name a week ago (the same day it was requested), I got a thank you email back but as of yet they have not called him. I sent an email a couple of days ago asking if they needed anything else from me and I have yet to hear back. The owner of the company seemed a little concerned that I would not be aggressive enough. I know he is really busy, would calling him at this point seem aggressive or annoying? I am not sure what to do especially knowing they have not even reached out to my reference.

      1. Anonymous*

        So, I called and the owner was out of town the week prior but the other person I have been dealing with said that he is still really interested, I am very much still in the running and he will be back in the office on Wed. and they will try and get him to make a decision. I tried calling both of them today with no response. Left a voice mail but not for the owner whose machine says he barely ever listens to his messages and prefers emails. He has not even contacted the last reference he was asking for. Should I give up?

        Thank you so much for your help.

  13. Elizabeth*

    I applied to a job and had a interview they said they would call me but haven’t so I called them a week later the manager told me that I needed to wait for him to call me it’s been another week and still no call from the manager that gave me the interview what should I do? What does it mean. He flat out told me to wait for his call.

  14. Gabby*

    I am a recent college grad and had an interview with a Dept of Human Services a couple of weeks ago at a nearby city and are in hopes that they call me back. Yay. I have applied to other private agencies and had a couple of other interviews as well but really prefer Human Services calls me back. So how long does it generally take to run a background check (how bad is a speeding ticket?) and how long does it usually take for a public/federal agency to get back you?

  15. Jazmin*

    I interviewed with a company twice (2nd time on 12th July) that seemed like my dream job at the time. They seemed really interested in me. However, in the weeks following I havent heard from them. I’ve called up as per their timeline and always been told that the manager is travelling and will be back Monday which results in me following-up and hearing he’s on another trip again and then I’m given another day. This has gone on for about 3 weeks. Should I just give up? I am applying to other places as well but my hopes are linked to this job!

  16. Jazmin*

    Hey just to encourage others out there. I got the call for the final interview and I got the job as well! After a month of waiting and restlessness I have gotten my dream job! I wish you all the very best of luck out there!!

  17. Cb*

    I recently interviewed for a position I really want. After the interview which took place on a Friday , she asked me to send additional info by that Monday . That was exactly one week and a day ago. I emailed her again today to follow up, yesterday was a holiday. She did not respond to my email I sent today. Should u be worried? It has only been a little over a week since my initial interview, but in the post it says they are looking to hire immidiatley. So I am not sure if I am just being anxious or is it a a bad sign?

  18. Josh*

    Is it a good sign if a hiring manager compliments you on something after the interview that has to do with the job. Example fashion job and manager compliments you on your outfit at the end of interview. Also is it. Good sign if HM emails you and always puts an exclamation point after your name…lol it sound like a crazy question to ask but I want to know!

  19. Klib*

    I have the sameness similar question about references. I just found out that top reference number phone is either off or has changed. It was a cell number ur to the fact that they no longer work at the company I worked for. So I would like to know also if all companies check references and also what happens if they can not get in touch.

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      What’s up with posting similar questions with four different names in the last 24 hours?

      In any case, this is a fairly old post that doesn’t get much traffic anymore. You can submit questions to me via email and get them in my queue that way, but please don’t repeat the same question under different names.

  20. tangerine*

    I was interviewed for a job last Thursday and manager said you will be informed early next week.Its been a week now.Their recruitment process was really long.First they had two telephone interviews and then one assessment face to face interview.The final interview manager seemed enthusiastic but u never know..i have no idea what they will respond :( ..

  21. H*

    I’m so frustrated! I currently work for a small, local nonprofit and it’s the most toxic work environment I’ve ever been in in my entire life. People are leaving left and right. I started casually looking around, and found what I thought would be my dream job, with the local chapter of a nationwide nonprofit. I sent my resume and played phone tag with the HR manager for nearly 3 weeks to schedule my initial interview, which was with the entire department I’d be joining. That interview went well, and I was called in a couple days to schedule an interview with the CEO. That interview went great. I just KNEW that I had nailed it. The CEO asked what date I could start. I warned her of my upcoming wedding and told her that there was no honeymoon planned, but I would need a couple days before and after off. She didn’t seem bothered by this at all. She told me to send my references to the HR manager when I got home that evening so they could “get the ball rolling.” That was over a month ago, and I haven’t heard a word since. I sent thank-you emails to everyone within hours of my interviews. I was told a decision would be made within two weeks. I sent a follow-up email to the HR manager when that deadline passed. Another two weeks, and I made a follow-up phone call to the HR manager (she didn’t answer, so I left a voicemail). I haven’t heard a word. None of my references were contacted. How can an interview go so well, and you’re asking me what date I could start and telling me to turn in references ASAP, AND THEN I NEVER HEAR FROM YOU AGAIN?!?!?! I’m so frustrated!

  22. Josh M.*

    The fist place i applied to was at my local Dunkin’ Donuts i sent in my applicqtion set up an interview, the interviewer seemed to like me, then asked me to wait 2 weeks for her to respond about the job, 2 weeks later i get a email stating she was going on a vacation for a month and she would respond then so i wait the next month still havent heard anything, the interview was in June, and i cant find any other job opening’s nearby and im 15 so i cant really drive so it would need to be close and for teenagers the dunkins is litteraly across the street so i was interested since all other walkable jobs nearby i would have to go across a busy intersection. So im pretty P.O.d i still havent gone to dunkins.

  23. goodjack77*

    I recently interviewed with a company and then followed up with thank you letters and emails to the recruiter. I heard back from the recruiter a week after my interview and the recruiter said that the team is interested in hiring me, but that next steps are pending. Since then, I have followed up a couple of times to get more information, but the recruiter does not have any more information about next steps to share. I want to know if I followed up too much, and what I should I do from here on?

    1. goodfaith*

      goodjack77 – Although following up is a good course of action to take when you are not adviced of the timeline etc. However, I think following up a ‘couple’ of times regarding the same issue is too much. They should inform you as long as the recruiter is given more information but for the time being, you’d just have to wait. I realized during interviews, you’ve done all that you could, prepare for the interview, follow up and now wait. Best of luck

  24. Ryan*

    This is happening to me right now! I’ve already been to an interview, it went great. That’s been a week ago today, well I haven’t heard anything from the employer so I gave a quick phone call since they did not have an e-mail address. The manager said that they were very busy and hadn’t had time to further look into the hiring process. This is very frustrating I don’t know whether to keep applying to jobs or wait for a phone call? I need employment now!

  25. MoMo*

    The waiting game is such a frustrating process! I’ve made it to 2nd and 3rd round interviews for several jobs and I’ve completed 1-2 performance task projects for most of these jobs and I’ve heard nothing back! One position, I completed 2 projects for and it’s been 10 days since the last 3-hour interview I had with them. I’ve sent a follow-up email and I have not heard anything! I haven’t had to look for a job in 5 years, but it seems the process is so much more complicated now! Not sure how to proceed with these jobs, as I am currently in limbo.

  26. Ed*

    A few points/questions. When an Employer mentions that they are looking to hire ‘Immediately’, does that mean 1 week or 3 months? I have applied, 1st & 2nd interviews, references, background checks, the 44 minutes to 1.5 hour online testing along with all of the other hoops that come along. I follow up about every 2-3 weeks. I am told that they have not filled the position and I see these companies still posting. Are they really hiring or do companies use this for some type of measurement tool? I have to ask because I talk with many people who are experiencing similar job hunting.

    What is it with these online application sites like Taleo, Xaenna, Peoplesoft and others? Dang they are so frustrating!! It seems so many companies use these horrible time and life draining tools as weed killers. Then you get the auto response saying that after careful review…. What review and by whom? Even the minimum wage part time jobs make it so stressfully hard do apply.

    Then there are the ones that say to the extent that you are over qualified or that your qualifications don’t match all that the company is looking for. To the first part. The employer should be excited to have such ‘overly qualified’ people wanting to work there. Stop with the statements that ‘well, you will just leave when something better comes along.’ Really, have you been paying any attention to what is going on?! Us over qualified people are interviewing with you because we cannot acquire those jobs that we are supposedly ‘rightfully qualified for.’ If they were available, we would not be applying to your organization. As to the second part. Is it not good to employ a person that has some to most of what your checklist has and with some on the job training most of us will be able to perform the position very well. I have spoken with a couple of places where they have been looking for months, even in access of a year. Wouldn’t everyone be better served if you finally hired and trained instead of looking for theses needles in haystacks? Are we the unemployed and under employed missing something here? I suspect that many of theses companies are over whelmed with resumes and applications but remember, there are individuals and often times families attached to those. You do have the time to acknowledge us. A simple email when you have decided that we are not goin to be hired instead of us looking in the mirror and wondering.

    I hope that you the hiring personnel never have to be in these situations and wonder when you will be able to look at your spouse and children and let them know tha everything will start getting better now.

  27. Ed*

    I would also like to understand form those that hire or have been involved with hiring an answer to the following question please. Which is better? Person ‘A’ has been unemployed for several months to a year or more. Person ‘B’ has been employed with same lower paying job for a year plus due to being let go from previous profession where they did well and earned more. Person ‘C’ has bounced around 2-4 jobs in past few years taking positions that may pay below what the employee can live on but needs to work.

    Are not these people worth being hired at better jobs? Whom of the three would you hire? Would you not hire any of them? Please, I am asking a very real question that is going on every minute of everyday. Looking for more expansion on answers as well please.

    Thank you

  28. going nuts*

    Wow. This is a great post and comments are so relevant to my situation.

    I started a job application at company A back in January (It’s April now). I was invited to an interview at their head office far from where i live. They appreciated my coming over for the interview, and I was interviewed by HR, then by a manager, then by a director. They must have thought they’d do it all in one go, since I was travelling far for the interview.

    Everything went well and I was told I am one of the final candidates but they are still interviewing, which is understandable since they are putting together a team. However, every time I check in on the progress (every few weeks) , i am told they are still interviewing. I mean it has been like this over two months since the interviews.

    Meanwhile, I kept on looking, and I just had a final interview at Company B (3 interviews in two weeks). Things are moving quickly with this one. I actually have a pretty good feeling about this one, too. However, company A now tells me they do not want to lose me as their finalist candidate, although they seem far from making the final decision. I am curious if they’d speed things up if I get an offer from company B.

    I know I am not going to turn down company B without a concrete offer from company A. But I am rather keen on company A.

  29. Hate the waiting game!*

    Excellent post!
    I was contacted by a recruiter at a IT/telecom saying they had seen my CV on Monster and/or LinkedIn and had a position which might interest me. It did, so I officially sent in my CV to them (no personal letter though). I had the phone interview, and then I went through 2 stages of final interviews in about a time span of 3 week. (This was around March). I mailed the recruiter a day after my last interview and thanked for the opportunity etc, and he explained to me slightly the process, that they would be collecting feedback from the managers I met etc etc, and that he would get back to me within a week. She did, and said they were having some other final stage interview that week and the coming week, and that we would catch up in about two weeks time. I heard nothing from her the week she said we would catch up, so I mailed her, and got a reply that they were still very positive about me as a candidate for the position, but that they were going to have a meeting later that week to decide next steps, and she would get back to me by the end of the week. This was now almost 3 weeks ago, and I mailed her last week to ask kindly where they are in the process as of now, but I hear nothing!! Driving me insane, and I am quite sure I am out of the loop since they are not even answering my emails anymore….Anybody else have the same experience? And can someone enlighten me if I should just give up since they are not even replying to my emails, which i find strange since they said they were still positive about me for the job?

    1. wasim*

      Hello Friends… am so much under confusion..plz guide me to decide….
      I had been interviewed for position of training coordinator through skype…I passed 1,2 round interviews ..After 2nd round they told me to do an assignment..and gave me 7 days to complete it !!!
      I completed assignment & submitted it.,they also liked it very much..After that they tolde me can you able to relocate and get along with different people from various countries.. i said yes to all their questions…
      After that 1 day later they told me you have been put on hold..,we are interviewing other candidates for this one position..
      In 2-3 weeks if we dont select anyone we WILL GIVE YOU THE OFFER !!!!

      So.,Friends what does it mean ????
      Is it positive sign ???
      plz advice……….

  30. Michael*

    I had a job interview on Wednesday. This is my third interview. When should I receive a response back? I am so nervous right now because I want this job so badly. After three rounds of interviews I believe I am the ideal candidate for the position. I’m already applying for more jobs in the long . Overall when should I received a response back?

  31. L*

    Happening to me right now. Was referred for a Director position by a colleague who is close with the hiring person (there is no HR). Immediately sent cover letter and resume and was scheduled for interview. Have had two interviews and much email correspondence. During final interview was told I was a final contender….one of three. Hiring manager actually told me about the other two during first interview. Was told it would be one week hopefully, but possibly 8-9 days for me to hear something. I waited and on the 6th night sent a follow up email offering further research findings for said position. This was at the recommendation of colleague who referred me. I received reply from hiring person one minute later thanking me for the input and that this person “would like to have the process finished by Friday.” The email also stated to “hang with me…..” As if to ask for patience. Well today is The following Monday and my nerves are shot. I have jumped to the conclusion that the job is going to someone else, which is the reason for the delay in contact from the hiring manager. I am looking for other jobs as I know I should be. What is the appropriate time frame for a follow up email? I

  32. kazim*

    I have been experiencing the same situation. I had been given an interview and test they told me it was good and advise me to provide them all academic and experience documents. The same were provided shortly. Now, more than 1 and half month I did not hear from them however I called HR but the call was not attended. Finally I have dropped an email and asking their feedback. Could please guide what is the right time to follow up?

  33. Still Waiting*

    Don’t rule out a job position if the manager is slow to respond. Even after I was told I was selected for a second interview it was over a month before I received the interview invite. Now I’m waiting for the manager to choose between myself and another candidate. The whole process has taken over three months now. Companies must think an employee will wait forever, and has other ways to pay bills while waiting for their decision.

  34. Everyone Loses*

    Employers lose excellent candidates while they stall out for the “perfect match” employee. And how about the person who gets the job because the “perfect match” gave up waiting and took another offer? I have worked with employees who were told they were NOT the first choice, but more like whoever was left. It destroyed their morals. Nothing like starting off in a new company feeling like a reject.

  35. GM*

    I used a former colleague to get my resume to the “right” people for a job In my home city. After a strong 1st phone interview with the corporate recruiter, I was contacted by who I believe would be the hiring Mgr. We spoke on the phone for 2 hours which lead him to set up a 3rd interview. This time was a panel interview with him and two other regional leaders. Two days after that interview I get a call and an email from the corporate recruiter and they want to fly me up to the home office to meet with the VP of the dept and several other VP for what would be my fourth and final round. So I am thing WOW. This is really moved fast. The friday before I fly up I speak with the mgr in atlanta and he confides in me now that I am not only a very strong candidate , but the only really candidate they have. Other than 1 internal candidate that doesn’t have all of the qualifications. So I figure I am in. I interview from 10am to 4 pm with a lunch interview with who would be my VP and 2 hours of verbal and math reasoning skill tests. I feel I did well on the interviews and testing. At the end of the
    Day the corporate recruiter recaps with me and I ask when should I be hearing something. She says this week or could run into next with the Labor day holiday on Monday but said I will hear something either way. So this monday will be two weeks since the last round of interview and I am dying to know something. So I emailed the corporate recruiter today asking if she could provide any updates for me. I am hoping the case is they need to complete the interview process on the internal candidate before they can offer me the job. I am hope thats true, because I figure enough time has passed to have sent me a thanks but no thanks call/email by now. I guess I will know more if I do or don’t get a reply back from the recruiter.

  36. Jess*

    I applied for a sales position in September and had two phone interviews with HR and hiring manager. Came in for a 3 hours panel interview last week (which I was told would be an hour to 1 1/2) anyway it went well and I was happy to be there and answered all their questions. I felt that I aced the interview and my interviewers were impressed with my experience and confident. Left the interview and was told to think about the position and get back to them as soon as possible as they are at the point where they’d like to move forward. All seemed promising with the hiring manager said that to expect to hear from HR by Monday and call her if I have questions or concerns. I know it’s only my second day waiting but am I just anxious or impatient!? Not sure what to think but I definitely not loving the waiting game.
    Any advice or feedback, please share your thoughts.

  37. Jan*

    I had an interview on Thursday last week (oct 31) at 3:30 pm. Friday morning (nov 1) the hospital called to have me send over my references. They are hiring 3 permanent and 1 contract. I have experience with 10 out of the 12 things they asked. This is a top hospital so there’s a lot of competition. The job post started on October 7th and the job closing data for the permanent is Nov 4 and 7th for contract which is just this week so they are still getting resumes. The team lead said they will be giving results mid november which is next week. I don’t know if asking for my references mean anything. 3-4 years ago I had an interview for the same position but at my current hospital. These 3 years I have been studying part-time and moving from one contract job to another to get the experiences I need to meet the job that’s why I have 10 things. I would be disappointed if I don’t get the job. I am studying master of health administration part-time so these 3-4 yrs I have been putting money, time, and effort to get this job.

  38. unknownuser101*

    I attended an interview with an employer on fri 29th of nov, one that the employer appeared to be impressed with because they told me I had done really well. I was told I would receive a reply on tuesday 3rd dec, but hadn’t. They contacted me on the Wednesday informing me there’s been a bit of a delay but they will get back to me by the end of the week. They did not get back to me by the end of the week so I called the following Monday to check up on my status, to which they replied they will get back to me by the end of the day. Fast forwarding to Friday and I still haven’t heard anything. I believe it’s poor practice, and not sure whether or not I should withdrawal my application because when i checked my status online it still says ‘application under review.’ any advice? Thanks

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