update from the reader choosing between a job in India and an internal offer

Remember the reader trying to pick between a short-term job in India and an internal job offer? Here’s his update:

So, after weeks of thinking I was going to India, I was informed by one of the other JDs that was hired at the same time as me (and had since been slotted in as the team supervisor) that she and another co-worker were going to India. I was rather upset at the time (not outwardly of course) but as I got more information on the trip, I’m glad it worked out that way. It had been shortened, again, and was now only 6 weeks. It also turned out to be less of a paid vacation and more work. Which was not something I was looking forward to as my days there were numbered.

I also didn’t get the internal position. It went to a team member who had been there close to 10 years, so I understood. About a week or so after I found out about India, I got an email from a large investment bank regarding a position they were hiring for, which I was more than interested in. I had applied with them earlier in the year, but never heard back. Goes to show that some places really do keep your information on file. After about a month of interviews I was offered a position with them in August and immediately accepted, for an extra $5k a year. And looking back, if I HAD accepted an assignment in India, I wouldn’t have even interviewed for the new position that I eventually got. So it all worked out. I just passed my 100 days at my new job and I can say without a doubt that Ask A Manager was a helpful resource in preparing me for my interviews!

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  1. fposte*

    What’s really interesting to me about these followups is the views we get of job/career trajectory. The thing of the moment really does quickly become a thing of the past, and career paths bifurcate in ways you don’t expect.

    That doesn’t mean the decisions are insignificant, but I do think it illustrates that 1) it’ll probably matter less soon and 2) you really don’t know how things are going to play out.

  2. Harry*

    I’m not sure I would switch jobs for just $5k but that is just me. I guess it was for the potential of the new position at a ‘large investment bank’.

    1. JC*

      Hey Harry, my job was being outsourced. That’s why I was interviewing for the internal position as well.

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