update from the reader who found fingernail clippings at her desk

Remember the reader who found someone else’s fingernail clippings in her desk drawer and on her chair? Here’s her update:

It turns out that there was a new nightly cleaning crew that started working right before I found the fingernails. So HR assumed that they were hanging out in my cubicle because I keep my cube neat. I’ve since taken all personal items out of my desk and clean regularly. They may still be passing time in my office, but they haven’t been leaving any evidence behind.

To address some of the commenters, I was not using the nail kit at my desk. It was a wedding shower gift from my great aunt. I already had a kit at home, so I brought it into work to take care of the occasional hangnail, which I would do in the ladies’ room. In fact, the nail clipper was still wrapped in plastic before the offender used it.


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  1. ThatHRGirl*

    To me, this sounds like HR landed on a convenient explanation that wouldn’t cause them any more work or drama. There’s probably more to the story than a nightly cleaning crew “hanging out” in your cube.

  2. Julie*

    It takes a lot of nerve to use something that belongs to someone else, especially when it hasn’t even been opened yet!

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