if you dislike smelly things, Zero Odor is for you

And now a break to talk about a sponsor…

I have pleaded with people in the past to stop sending me bathroom-related questions (to no avail), but today I’m raising a toilet topic of my own … except that it’s related to cats.

I want to tell you about Zero Odor, because … wow. Zero Odor is a ridiculously effective, fragrance-free, non-toxic odor eliminator. It’s particularly useful against pet smells – litter boxes, accidents, etc. – but it works on all kinds of odors. I can tell you with all honesty that it’s easily the best product in this category that I’ve ever used.

Zero Odor sent me a bunch of products to try out. I’m a skeptic, but within a day, I was won over. It eliminated all traces of litter odor, even right after a cat used the litter box. We’ve had literally no litter box odor anywhere in the house as a result of this product.

It’s also completely fragrance-free (which is great for our house, because my husband has horrible reactions to most fragrances). It doesn’t cover up smells; it somehow turns odor molecules into non-odor molecules, so odors just … go away forever.

You can find out more at zZOeroodor.com and zeroodorpet.com.

To prove they’re awesome, Zero Odor has offered to give away three product sets to readers here. To win one, leave a comment below indicating which kit you’d prefer (cat lovers kit, dog lovers kit, or general introductory kit). Leave your comment by 11:59 p.m. EST Wednesday, June 25 (be sure to leave your email address in the box that asks for it; I’m the only one who will be able to see it). I’ll pick three at random and email the winners on Thursday.

Disclosure: This post and the giveaway are sponsored by Zero Odor. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. JoAnna*

    Cat lover’s kit!

    (btw, Alison, noticed a typo: “even right after a cat used the little box…” should be “litter box”) :)

      1. Celeste*

        As a toddler my girl called it the “glitter box”. Fortunately she never tried to beautify anything with its contents before I set her straight!

        1. Jen S. 2.0*

          My mother had some candlesticks with some sugared / frosted looking fake fruit on them, and one day she accused my cat of ruining them; the fake sugary plastic frosting was chipping off, and she said he was eating it. I defended him — she’s never liked him — as that would have involved him getting up on the dining room table (which he historically did not do) and chewing on the ugly candlesticks. I was downright indignant…until I noticed glittery stuff in the litter box.

          Sigh. Glitter box, indeed.

        2. OliviaNOPE*

          My kids still call it kitty glitter because my 2 yr old used to say this as well!

  2. Technical Editor*

    Cat lovers kit! I have two cats who seem to think the litter box is some sort of competition.

  3. Lance*

    Cat lover’s kit!

    I’ve been a reader for years, but it’s funny to me that even the advertisements are interesting. Keep up the great work!

  4. Tina*

    General intro kit.

    I wonder if this product works to eliminate co-worker fragrances like lotion and perfume :)

  5. Lara*

    Ok, I just checked this out on Amazon and it gets GREAT reviews. I gotta try it. Thanks Alison!

  6. EAA*

    General intro Kit.
    Always looking for a really effective odor eliminator with no residual smell of it’s own

  7. Newyorkwoman*

    Would love the cat lovers pack. I have 2 cats in a small, one b/r apartment. Thanks!

    1. Us, Too*

      I was just thinking that it is strange that so many of your readers have cats rather than dogs. But, having both cats and dogs in our household, I have to admit odor is more frequently an issue with the cats than the dogs. Dogs don’t have litter boxes, you know? Plus, cat pee STINKS compared to dog pee. I have no idea why, but there you have it. So maybe that’s why you see folks with cats self-selecting for this? It’s not so much that most of your readers are cat people as it is that cats tend to have more “odor control” needs. LOL.

    2. Kati*

      I have a cat and a dog, but in terms of the stank factor, the cat litter can’t be beat. So, cat kit!

        1. Alex*

          I would LOVE to have many, many cats in addition to my giant Newfie dog, but I am sadly quite allergic to kitties. So naturally, when I’m at a house with cats, they flock to me like I’m their favorite person. And I can’t even pet them. :(

    1. Mints*

      Hehe i thought that said “stinky pig.’ I was like “Wow, indoors??”
      I need to read more carefully

  8. Interviewer*

    Cat Lovers kit, because my cat’s poop can shut down an entire wing of the house.

    Speaking of which, is there a kit for husbands?

    1. CTO*

      Alison, how does the litter spray work? Do you spray it in the room? In the litter box? I wish they had some kind of air-freshener type item that just neutralized continuously!

      1. Ask a Manager* Post author

        There’s a litter box spray and a more general spray. The box spray you spray right in the box itself, and it’s crazy effective. My husband, who’s normally in charge of cleaning the cat box in the basement, went out of town for a week, and I (shamefully) forgot I was supposed to be cleaning that box. There was no odor when he came back. I’d sprayed it a few days before he left.

        1. CTO*

          I’m sold. If I’m not the lucky winner I’m going to go buy some of this stuff! I actually find your cat-product ads really useful sometimes. I suppose that’s the way ads should work–telling me about products I actually can use!

          1. Ask a Manager* Post author

            That’s my goal with them! I’ve also turned down sponsorships because I didn’t feel like I could wholeheartedly recommend the product. (In those cases, I’ll consider a more neutral deal — like more of an ad. But if I’m writing it and giving a personal recommendation, it’s going to be something I truly love and recommend. Which I think is good for everyone involved.)

          2. Melissa*

            I agree – I was just thinking this. I don’t have pets (yet) but generally I find the tone of the ads here far less annoying, and more useful, than ads anywhere else. (Also, when I do get a dog, I might by some of the dog kit stuff since it works so well!)

  9. Kay*

    General Introductory Kit.

    Thanks for doing this Alison! What a great way to do a sponsored post :-)

    Also finding the ratio interesting… I have cat allergies, but will love all of y’all’s cats from a distance…

  10. Alicia*

    Cat lovers kit!

    I would do pretty much anything to easily help with the cat smells. They’re lovely little creatures, but I swear those boxes can stink to high heaven even with daily cleanings.

  11. Victoria Nonprofit*

    Oh, god. Cat kit please! I have an elderly cat that just… pees everywhere. It’s the worst.

  12. Jackie*

    I have 2 cats and a dog, so I’m guessing the general intro kit would be the best bet, though I’m open to any of them. I live in a “shotgun” style apartment and I swear I can smell the cat “going” from the bedroom- which is a full four rooms back from the litter box.

  13. MM*

    Cat lover’s kit! I am trying to sell my condo and my fear is that the cats will take a smelly b.m. right before a showing and my place will stink! This sounds great!!

  14. Lore*

    Cat kit, please!

    (Maybe the ratio is partly because almost all cats have their toilet facilities inside the house, and dogs do not–at least not on purpose?)

    1. Julia*

      2 cats and 2 little dogs here. I have a dog litter box as well as a dog door (open during the day only) but they use it at will. My male cat has taken to using the dog box on occasion and it’s awful.

  15. Adam V*

    I’d try the cat lover’s kit! My bathroom could go back to smelling… well, still like a bathroom. But better than now!

  16. Jipsy's Mom*

    Any kit would be great (I have cats and dogs), but maybe the dog lover’s kit would be most helpful. In warm weather, it can smell kind of ‘doggy’ when we get home after work and the house has been closed up.

    1. Jen in Austin*

      Yep. My youngest girl cat’s efforts are exceedingly… pungent. And she refuses to cover. I think she’s bragging.

  17. Anonymous for this purpose*

    Cat lover’s kit.

    (However, quick question – have you tried any of their things on upholstery odors? Fisi had a little accident on a chair in the back of a closet, and I just found it. Lord knows how long it had been there, and nothing I’ve done yet has gotten the smell out.)

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      I haven’t — but given how impressed I’ve been with it overall, I bet it would work great. The reviews on Amazon include a lot of people raving about the success they had with it on upholstery.

    2. Diet Coke Addict*

      It’s probably not too late to try Nature’s Miracle. The cat-urine formula is especially excellent even on old stains. Soak it, blot blot blot, let it dry thoroughly, repeat if necessary. This has gotten several gross stains out after my naughty cat decided she was upset with me, even if I hadn’t found it for a bit.

  18. KitKat*

    Cat Lover Kit!

    Also, I gotta say I like the fact that even with sponsored posts, you make them interesting and not a chore to read. Woo!

  19. Laura*

    I’m going to say general introductory kit, because I figure my odds are better that way. (I do have cats.)

    I’m very curious, this sounds quite promising.

  20. Headachey*

    Is there a stinky cyclist kit? ‘Cause the funk from wet mountain bike shoes beats anything our two dogs can put out!

    Dog kit please :)

  21. Artemesia*

    Cat lover. We have a small condo and a cat that in her very old age is no longer litter box reliable. We deal partly by turning a large closet into a crate/cage for her at night and when we are out, but we still have rug and couch issues. And her litter box stinks regardless of how careful we are to scoop regularly. I do hope this stuff works.

    Her closet has a night light. and room for her bed, food and litter box — but even when we are here, she sometimes sneaks into the den and uses the carpet or couch.

  22. the gold digger*

    You guys, I have to know: Is cat odor that big a problem? We have two cats and scoop the box either every day or every other day. We also add baking soda. It does not stink. I am not saying this just because I live in the house – I have walked into other cat houses before and been almost knocked out with the stink. I know stinky litter boxes!

    1. Elysian*

      I have a small apartment and there’s no room for my litterbox in my bathroom, so it sits in the living room/dining room. It can be bad occasionally, especially when the litter is nearing the end of its life and I’m trying to eat dinner, or after we’ve just scooped.

    2. CTO*

      Mine isn’t usually bad, but sometimes it has an odor (or I worry that my guests can smell it even if I can’t). Our house is pretty small so even an out-of-the-way spot still isn’t that out of the way. Since I buy expensive cat litter because it seems to work the best, I like to stretch it as long as I can.

    3. Diet Coke Addict*

      We have two cats and a small apartment, and we scoop religiously, daily, and also dump baking soda when necessary. We’ve also got a Bad Air Sponge on top of the box, which helps kill the smell a bit. The only time we notice a smell is if we’re in the same room with the business-doing kitty at the time. But I can see it being a problem–a friend of mine was living with girls who kept a litter box right next to the kitchen table, which would definitely put you off your feed.

      1. the gold digger*

        OK – that all makes sense. We keep our litter box in the basement, so there is a lot of air between it and us! (PS Alison – not trying to undermine you at all – just trying to understand!)

    4. ExceptionToTheRule*

      One of my boys has pee that can defeat even the freshest of baking soda. Fortunately, they have a backyard they prefer to use, but winter time can get pretty stinky even when we scoop every day.

    5. spocklady*

      I think we just have smelly cats? Maybe because they’re big, I don’t know (two adults, one 11ish and one 12ish pounds, and not fat, just long). We take the litter out every day, and use baking soda stuff, but yikes. Yikes. They are smelly beasties.

    6. Mints*

      It might be the litter, too. We use arm & hammer double duty (doodie because I’m twelve). But if the store is out, and we get something different, I can notice the stink

    7. Kimberlee, Esq.*

      Eh, I mean, some people are stinkier poopers than others. :)

      Diet, personal chemistry, species differences… I’d imagine it’s all pretty individualized.

      1. Trixie*

        I think diet plays a huge role in this, as well as how often. More fillers in the food means it smells pretty bad, and you’re cleaning your box more often.

    8. Artemesia*

      When we had a big house and the cat ws 100%litter box reliable you could not detect the odor coming into the house. We had the litter box near the kitchen and it was fine. Our realtor didn’t even have a problem with it (the first realtor who came by to evaluate essentially said we would have to get rid of the cat and the house would take months to sell and gave us a price suggestion 45K below what we sold it for — after two days on the market with cat. Our second realtor whom we went with told us she didn’t detect an odor and it was okay to have the cat except during open house — but we sold so quickly we never had an open house.

      Now we are in a small condo. The cat is older and not 100% reliable; she pretty much destroyed a brand new very expensive guest bed/couch. I used ‘Anti Icky Poo’ product (after several that didn’t work) and it sort of did the job but not completely. I will definitely try some of this stuff.

      So it is a combination of space for the cat and the smelliness of the cat as well as general litter box hygiene.

  23. Elysian*

    Kitteh kit! I’m also really interested in the cat-dog ratio. Maybe its because I love cats so much, but dog odors bother me a lot more.

    Do they have a product that I can use to eliminate my neighbor’s cat-related odors? I can smell that dude’s litterbox from my apartment’s hallway as I’m walking to the elevator. It’s rank. Maybe I could just spray under his door… or buy a kit and gift to him as a passive-aggressive signal.

    1. Artemesia*

      If you have a cat then you might enthusiastically give him a kit based on your experience and how you ‘know how hard it is to control cat box odors.’ You might appear slightly whacky — but not grossly rude. We rented an apartment in Paris once with a neighbor downstairs with similar cat hygiene — just walking past her landing was disgusting the odor was so strong.

  24. Elizabeth*

    Cat kit, here.

    It isn’t the urine smell (Kismet has extremely fastidious litter habits). It’s the yarky stuff. Between the decaying meat and the stomach acids and the yellow dye, it’s wretched.

  25. Sarah Says*

    Oooh, what a fun giveaway. My husband also has fragrance issues, the cat-lovers would be perfect for us!

  26. Nanc*

    General Introductory Kit!

    Random side story: for many years my mom had a cat and a dog who used the same litter box (which had to be cleaned daily!). She got them together when they were tiny, they had been born in the same house within a few days of each other and the dog never quite figured out she wasn’t a cat! She got the hang of the litter box but never quite mastered napping on the window sill.

  27. Tinker*

    Huh. I may actually just go and order that, as I’m having a bit of an odor issue with the house. They cleaned the carpets in the basement and there wasn’t all that much air circulation, so now it smells of carpet cleaner solution and dampness.

    But if I win, I guess I’ll go for the cat lover’s kit. He does have his moments…

    1. Alicia*

      every basement I’ve ever had, whether finished or not has always had need for a de-humidifier in it?

  28. CH*

    General intro kit, please. Although we have two cats, their smell is nothing to the husband’s sweaty workout clothes.

  29. Lolli*

    I would love to try the Dog Lover Kit. We adopted 2 big dogs into our small house. They are mostly indoor dogs because we live in South Texas and outdoors can be brutal in the summer.

  30. Hi*

    Personally, I’m a huge fan of the bathroom related questions. I think we need more :)

    While my CAT never has a problem with it, he LOVES eating his catgrass and as a result, few KITS are needed, but I’d be more than willing to try one out if given the opportunity. ;)

  31. MurphyB*

    Is there a Toddler-Diaper kit?


    Then general introductory, I suppose. Our dog is way less of a problem than the diaper pail!

    1. Diet Coke Addict*

      I think Alison said somewhere in the comments it’s U.S.-only, which is too bad, I’d also love them!

    2. Vancouver Reader*

      Unless you live close to the border and have a mailbox in the US, which is what I`m trying for.

  32. bassclefchick*

    Cat lovers, please! I love your blog, and I don’t mind the sponsored posts – they’re helpful and informative.

  33. Chinook*

    General kit (inspired by the fact that they are gluing carpet in the hall next to my office and I think the smell is going through the drop ceiling into my room – ooohhh – leprahcauns are now offering to help me type!).

  34. cat*

    Cat lover’s kit! I have three kitties and a dog in a very small apartment.

    Love this sponsored post – I’m going to look into trying Zero Odor even if I don’t win a kit.

  35. AT*

    Cat kit, please! If this product can make my husband stop stomping around exclaiming how gross cats are, that would be a welcome bonus. (He’s a dog person, married to a cat person. Hilarity ensues.)

  36. Mela*

    I have four boys, who absolutely have to be stinkier than any cats there ever were. (And I’ve had cats!) Anyway. I’d love the general introductory kit!

  37. Case of the Mondays*

    General introductory please. Funny you post this today. I was just trying to find a way to get a stink out of my office without using a fragrance that would bother others.

  38. hildi*

    Cat kit! This might be the product I’ve been waiting for. We have been having a real problem lately with the cats peeing on things we accidentally leave on the floor (a towel, or a piece of paper). And the one cat’s been pooping downstairs. I think he’s disgruntled with being 3rd in line for our affections these days. At any rate, I walk into our house and I can smell cat and it really annoys me. No matter what I’ll be picking up this product – thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  39. DMD*

    The general intro kit would be great! Like Alison’s husband, most fragrances and I do not get along. I don’t dislike them, but when they cause sneezing and miserable headaches, it’s hard not to project. :)

  40. Jade*

    Hmm, this could be just what I need. I’d be happy to try the general introductory kit, please. Anyway, thanks for letting me/us know about this product.

  41. Melissa*

    Cat lovers kit! And I’m going to go ahead and buy this even if I don’t win, we recently cleaned an area of carpet in our office (because my cat has taken to throwing up almost daily since I had a baby and we accidentially let her in there, ugh), and it seems to have released the stink from the previous owners cats. Hoping it works on areas that were peed on years ago…otherwise we will likely just need to replace the carpet in that room.

  42. Julia*

    Cat Lover’s Kit. Many many years ago I found a spray at Linen’s and Things that eliminated odors 100% with no fragrance added. I could no longer find it. I even tried locating the distributor to no avail. I am always on the look out for something that can come close to replacing it. I will check this product out.

  43. KJR*

    I would love to try the cat kit. My sweet little rescue kitty is afraid of her own shadow so she (and her litter box!) are in my bedroom. So, for obvious reasons I would love to see if yj

  44. Clever Name*

    Cat lover kit! I swear, every time we clean the cat pan, one of the cats decides to leave behind a huge “gift” immediately after.

    And, thank you Zero Odor for making a product without added fragrance. Both my husband and I have become sensitive to many seemingly “unscented” products that actually contain fragrance. Plus, nothing smells worse than poop but poop + flowers. Ugh.

  45. DM in Management*

    Cat-lover’s kit, please. (Our cats outnumber the dogs by 4-2. We also have a toddler, so smells are coming at us from all directions, but if I can get rid of the cat box smells and accidents . . . well, this would be one happy nose!).

  46. Nichole*

    Cat or general would be delightful. My partner and I can never see eye to eye on scented products.

  47. ali*

    Dog lover’s! My boys have had accidents throughout the house and I absolutely cannot get rid of the smell. I’m trying everything possible with no luck. Embarrassed to have guests over because of the smell!

  48. ThursdaysGeek*

    It sounds like others have a greater need than I, so don’t add me to the drawings. Our pee-cat is an outdoor cat now, and my pillowcat’s litter box only smells right after she uses it. Now, if you were offering this about 20 years ago…

    We acquired a stray cat, and when he was finally tame enough to get close to, we caught him for a trip to the vet. I took him in my fairly new Saturn, and on the way back, he had one charge left of male cat odor, which was not kept in the box he was in. Our new car smell was replaced by something truly rank, and even though I cleaned it immediately (and often), it didn’t take the smell away. I renamed my car a ‘Sat-urine”, and even when the smell faded, it was a bad musty when it was wet out, for years. Now it just smells like old car, fortunately.

  49. Jennifer S.*

    The Cat Lover’s Kit. The litterbox smells like something died because my older cat refuses to cover his business.

  50. DLB*

    We have a cat that can’t seem to figure out the litter box :( Cat Lover’s kit all the way!

  51. molliekay*

    I could really use the cat lover’s kit in our tiny apartment. Thanks for having the giveaway!

  52. TRT*

    Cat lover’s kit! We just found a stray kitten on Friday night and we have a 3 year old cat. My husband was just complaining last night about the new kitten’s smelly litter box :-)

  53. Elizabeth West*

    I’d like to try the general kit. I don’t have an inside pet, but I do have a small house. Sometimes odors from one room are too close to another (every time I make Indian food LOL).

  54. AdminAnon*

    Dog Lover’s Kit, please! My 11 year old dog is starting to have occasional accidents/vomiting sprees while I’m at work and the smell lingers no matter what products I use! I’m guessing it will probably help with the rabbit’s litter box too (though rabbit pee has nothing on cat pee).

  55. Anonypants*

    I may need to get this for my apartment. I don’t have a pet, but I do have a male roommate. Same thing, right?

    I kid, mostly . . .

    His room is a bit smelly, which wouldn’t be so bad except that when he spends a day or evening at home the smell spreads to the living room. And the bathroom is not a pleasant place to be when he, uh . . . uses it.

    So yeah, general introductory kit wouldn’t be a bad idea for us.

  56. Phoebe*

    General introductory kit. I don’t have pets but my downstairs neighbor does and OUR apartment smells.

    1. Wakeen's Teapots Ltd.*

      p.s., seriously though, I’m going to buy this regardless. I have some stuff that works okay but I am always in the market for btter and I’m going to try it.

      I mostly entered just so I could show off the only dog I’ve ever had who will wear costumes!

        1. Evil Elf Cat*

          The flash caught it’s eyes just purrfectly and they reflected exactly back into the camera with that alien green. As you already guessed it wanted to get rid of that outfit in the worst way and showed its displeasure with that I will kill you if you post this on AAM’s website look on it’s face.

          1. Wakeen's Teapots Ltd.*

            OTOH, Casey *loves* costumes. Never had a dog that would wear one even long enough to get a picture.

            This one, he loves his costumes. He was also a turkey for thanksgiving. He’s quite overweight so after a bit I have to take them off for fear he’ll overheat but it’s the damndest thing seeing how proud he is of himself.

            The hat was a bit iffy. That only lasted an hour.

            (Hope he lives another year because I forgot to get a bunny costume for easter, dammit. )

            1. Evil Elf Cat*

              My Evil Elf Cat is normally really sweet, if you are human. All other animals are subject to termination, and we have the many carcasses to prove just what an efficient murderess she is.

  57. GrumpyBoss*

    Hard to choose because I have both, but I think that the felines win the stink competition.

    Cat kit!

  58. Katie*

    Cat lover’s kit for sure! My minion has turned bathroom time into a fun game of “let’s pee on the dirty laundry pile while you’re not looking for two seconds”! And litter box smell lingers FOREVER!

  59. Kiddie Litter*

    The dog goes outside. No smell.

    The cat goes outside. No smell.

    The rest of the family…oh wow.

    Must Have General Introductory Kit.

  60. Jen in Austin*

    It’s a long shot, but cat lover’s kit!

    My husband is sensitive to most fragrances too, plus I’m sure the cats aren’t appreciative of heavily perfumed products either.

  61. Bee*

    Oh gosh, Cat Lover’s Kit please. I was just thinking I needed to do something about that.

  62. M. in Austin!*

    Dog Lovers kit!

    Seriously though, how did my CLEAN dog stink up my new car? Ugh.

  63. Debs3*

    Cat lovers kit for the world’s meanest cat! (If there were a kit for toddlers, that would be great too!)

  64. Shanna*

    I’d love a general introductory kit. I inherited many smelly things from my hoarder parents’ house…

  65. Caligirl*

    Cat lover’s please! I just started fostering kittens for the season and forgot how – ahem – special a litter box could be. (Especially with such tiny users!)

    Thanks – love AAM

  66. Nicole*

    I keep small animals and the room they are in can get stinky so I’d love to try this out. General introductory kit for me, please.

  67. Barney Stinson*

    General introductory kit, but if they have a Teenaged Boys kit, I’d take that. Thanks!

  68. Autumn*

    General introductory kit please!

    I wish I needed a cat lover’s kit, but sadly renting an apt that doesn’t allow pets

  69. Loose Seal*

    Cat lovers please!!!

    It would make my husband so happy for us to win this. He has a super-sniffer sort of nose and, I swear, he can smell the clean litter box even before the cats have a chance to go in it.

  70. Stryker*

    Dog lover or general introductory kit! My dog has decided the guest bed is his personal dog bed and I’m mortified by the comfy-dog smell whenever someone uses it. Nothing I have seems to work!

    (It’s also a dark comforter, which means I have dog hair seasoning on all the bedding, but I don’t think odor-free products will help here.)

  71. SubwayFan*

    Cat lovers kit, please, for the love of god. I have two elderly cats that have entered a phase where every day is “I forgot where the litter box is” day.

  72. periwinkle*

    Kitty kit! I have 4, all of the same rare breed (my retired show cat and three breed rescues). A common behavior trait in this breed is that they don’t bother to cover their, er, solid residue. I’m always on the lookout for odor killers…

  73. Jessica the Researcher*

    Cat lover’s kit, please! I just moved to a studio and it seems like smells/odor control is all I think about these days.

  74. Lisa Marino*

    Cat Lover’s Kit! I’ll try anything, and this sounds worth a try! Nothing ever seems to work as well as they say it will… even the stuff from the vet. So frustrating!

  75. Sister Surprise*

    Cat Lover’s Kit please! Even if I’m not selected, this likely goes straight to my shopping list – will be selling my house soon, and my fur beasts need to be…mitigated

  76. A Bug!*

    This sounds great and I’d love to give it a whirl! If I win I’d like a cat lover’s kit. (Although I’m Canadian I have a US mailing address available.)

  77. Rebecca*

    Cat lover’s kit!

    This sounds great, I will check out the litter box spray for sure.

  78. Helka*

    Cat lover’s kit! We’ve got three in a small apartment and they are stinkers one and all!

  79. V*

    Cat lover’s kit please! We’ve got 3 cats, and they all prefer the litterbox next to our bedroom.

  80. Kerry (Like the County In Ireland)*

    Cat lover’s kit, please!

    BTW, I switched my girl cat to Sheba and we’ve had great results. The other cat (who steals her food sometimes) likes it too (of course) and I’ve noticed a decrease in cat barf incidents from him. I’m really pleased, and thank you and Sheba for the tip.

  81. Laura*

    Cat kit please! Just moved into a tiny place and now I’m paranoid that all my stuff will smell like the litter box, though I clean it religiously.
    Can’t wait to try this product.

  82. TheSnarkyB*

    WHOA these comments look really weird with no replies/long subthreads.
    Is the dog lover’s kit for general dog smell or actual dog mess? (Since they don’t have litter boxes)

  83. Elle*

    Dog lovers kit please! I volunteer at a shelter and nothing really gets the smell of unwashed shelter dog out of a winter coat.

  84. Jamie*

    Don’t put my name in the drawing, but I sent a link to my husband and he’s ordering today.

    He is always on the hunt to find something to eliminate me whining about how I can’t sleep because of the smell in the bathroom from the cat, even after he got rid of the…evidence…but I can still smell it.

    Yeah, he’s ordering today.

    1. Cass*

      Same here. Even when we clean and clean and clean, the smell is always still there. I love those furballs, but I can’t fathom how they can make such terrible smells.

  85. New Here*

    Delurking to request general kit!

    When I had a cat, I tried that pine litter and it was disgusting. Switched to buckwheat, which clumps like regular letter, and that was so much better. The litter box was also in the bathroom and cleaned daily so there’s that….

  86. louise*

    Dog lovers, please! The world’s sweetest boxer (TM) is a wreck. Medication is not helping her incontinence. We started using diapers last week and she is Not Pleased. Then, her butt is skinny enough that yesterday she walked out right of the diaper…and promptly peed on the freshly shampooed carpet. Our home smells like a nursing home.

  87. hnl123*

    General Please. I have a super sensitive nose, and there are SO many places at home I will use this!

  88. Emmalyne*

    Oh my stars! My fiancé and I are currently living in his parents’ basement with our three cats and no matter what I do, his mother complains endlessly about the odor. I want to appease her so if I could win one of the cat odor kits I would be so grateful! …And so would my future mother-in-law!

  89. Teresa Robeson*

    General Intro Kit, please! Thank you!!

    p.s. you’re my sister’s favorite site. It’s always “AAM said this” and “AAM said that.” She’s in Canada and can’t enter this, so she told me to. :)

  90. Hello Vino*

    Cat lover’s kit, please! I work from home, so it’s really important for me to keep the smells under control.

  91. CubeKitteh*

    Cat lover’s kit! We have a kitty who has accidents outside the litter box. We clean and clean but something to help with the smell would be nice.

  92. meetoo*

    ohhh, cat lovers please!

    My cat thinks the bathmat is a great place to pee and also any clothes that might fall on the bathroom floor. I go though a lot of natures miracle and it just doesn’t always do the trick.

  93. Cass*

    Even if I don’t win (cat lover’s kit, please!), I’m still probably going to get some because my cats drop the biggest stinkies ever.

  94. TAD*

    Dog lovers kit! I do Australian Shepherd rescue and regularly get foster dogs in that need to be house trained. My house has seen many accidents.

  95. Parfait*

    Cat Lover’s Kit, please!

    God I am embarrassed to say that my house really needs this :(

  96. Programmer 01*

    Cat lover’s kit and oh man do I need something like this that works, my partner keeps using febreeze and I haaaate the smell of it!

  97. Andrea*

    So is this like what febreeze used to be, before they added fragrances? I miss original formula febreeze so much.

  98. darqmommy*

    Oh, I would love to try the Dog Lover’s kit. I am hanging onto my old, smelly, worn-out hall carpet and gritting my teeth the whole time.

  99. Mary in Texas*

    Dog lovers kit, please! I have 6 dogs…all rescues. And I do foster work for a local rescue group, so I have random puppies in my house who aren’t potty trained. So I could REALLY use this and would buy A LOT if it really works. Thanks Alison!!

  100. Gwen*

    I’d love either the cat lovers kit or the general intro kit. Thanks for the giveaway and the heads up about the product. I’m always on the lookout for fragrance free household products.

  101. Margaret*

    Cat kit for me! We just moved across the country and downsized, and one of my sweet kitties hasn’t forgiven us for the extended car ride as of yet.

  102. Laura J*

    General Intro kit! Not sure if we’ll be adopting a cat or a dog once we move this fall.

  103. Alex*

    Ooh, Cat Lover’s, please! I’m always looking for new products to try, because our kitties are getting old and not always making it to their boxes in time :(

  104. Sally*

    The Cat Lover’s Kit please!!!

    Altho in all honesty I’ll be buying the introductory kit anyways.
    thank you!

  105. teclatwig*

    Hooray, an odorless odor killer. I don’t have time to read through all the comments, so apologies if this had been mentioned countless times above, but did you know that Febreze was originally odorless? But focus group studies showed that a “fresh scent” had to be added back in to cue people? I was so frustrated when I heard that, because I, too, am sensitive to perfumes and just want a true odor-killer.

  106. Rebecca W*

    I’d love to have a chance to get a Cat Lover’s kit! I’m all for anything that will destroy stealth-kitty-death-bomb presents without just covering it up with a flower smell. (Ugh.)

  107. Victoria*

    hmmmm, 3 cats, one dog, two kids… I’m going with door #3: General Introductory Kit. Thank you.

  108. Meg Murry*

    General kit for me please! Would be great for cleaning mystery smells in out rental properties

  109. Catlady*

    Ugh, I didn’t see this email until today and didn’t even finish reading your endorsement before clicking on the link and ordering the cat lovers kit myself, so I totally missed the contest. I’m really hoping this product will solve our problem: we have 3 cats and 1 of them has an aversion to pooping in the litter box. She goes on the carpet in our computer room or in my shower. I could never get rid of her, but it’s putting a huge strain on the family as we just got our house renovated!!

  110. Tiffany*

    Any idea if this would work in a chicken coop? Without harming the chickens or their eggs, of course. :)

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      I checked with my contact at Zero Odor. It turns out she owns chickens herself! She says she wouldn’t use it there because:

      “1. Birds are notoriously sensitive to things most other creatures are not (avocados and Teflon spring to mind.) While it seems unlikely that ZO would hurt chickens at all, we couldn’t guarantee it.

      2. ZO can only eliminate existing odors, not prevent future ones. Given that chickens, um, don’t stop pooping, I’m not sure how much good it would do unless you were soaking their litter constantly.

      She might look into using deep litter rather than constantly cleaning it – we’ve found that actually makes for a less smelly coop, believe it or not. She probably is aware of this resource, but just in case – Backyard Chickens is fantastic for all kinds of chicken-related info: backyardchickens.com”

  111. Desiree Forbes*

    Cat lovers kit, please for the love of me moving in with my fiance. We recently got engaged and his neighbor has 18 kitty cats. His neighbor whom I’ve known since before high school is a sweet heart & a great young lady however, she just has way too many kitty cats. The smell is ungodly and makes me deathly sick. This could really make or break me getting married and moving in with him.

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